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Do you think that eating disorders are environmental or biological? why?

I'm writin a paper for school and I just need some info.

I think eating disorders are environmental because of our society's obssession with extreme thinness and with the change in eating habits of the last couple of generations. Fifty years ago there wasn't much choice in terms of fast food and junk food! They are also an unhealthy way of coping with life's stresses and problems.

Check out the website I've listed for you. There's loads of information linked to that one, and many more sites to browse.

I hope this helps.  (+ info)

What are the social, ethical, environmental and economic issues surrounding Seasonal affectivity disorder?

For example, an ethical issue of HIV screening is that insurance companies will be biased against those with HIV.
Are there any issues similar or not similar to that surrounding Seasonal affectivity disorder? Would be so thankful for answers!
Btw, i have done loads of research and i've seen both those sites already, im just having difficulty finding any ethical problems. for example antidepressants taken to help SAD can increase suicide risk etc. but i dont think that counts as any. so i'm not leaching off you, i'm just really struggling. sorry to sound moody but i am working really hard.

In my humble opinion there are none.

HIV and AIDS are a totally different kettle of fish.

Hope that helps

Peace of mind is yours by right.  (+ info)

What is the origin of Dementia AND Alzheimer's?

They are both separate. I know that dementia is more a symptom, and not just a disorder, they are two different things, and I am wondering what is the origin of both terms? And when they were first used, and who they came from?

We get the word "senile" from a latin word "senex" that means old man.
Dementia is also from the latin word for mind " mensa".

There are many different forms of dementia not associated with Alzheimer's disease which is a progressive organic disease of the brain.

For instance, an elderly person who exhibits dementia may not necessarily have Alzheimer's disease. If he is a lifetime alcoholic, he may have Wernicke -Korsakoff Syndrome resulting in brain damage.  (+ info)

How can societal and environmental factors contribute to the emergence of an eating disorder in adolescents?

100% yes. Models in magazines, actors/actresses on tv, friends, etc. all influence to concern over weight and can lead to eating disorders.  (+ info)

What do you think is causing so many health and mental "disorders" these days?

Fibromyalgia, CFS, OCD, ADD, ... 100 years ago no one heard of all that stuff. What do you think has caused all these ailments - food additives, environmental toxins, TV, hot dogs, bad parents, lack or responsibility, laziness or what?

Just because we have finally named them does not mean that they where not there to begin with. Doctors are coming up with names for things all the time. And when something does not seem to fit they make a new name of add levels to something. Is it not enough to have PTSD? Now you can have multiple level PTSD. Frankly I think it is a way to make money. People have not really changed in the last 100 years other then they eat better, live better and live longer. So now that life is easier, what do we do with our time? I know lets go talk to someone about our problems. Also remember that Psychology is not that old. It is relatively new compared to some other sciences.  (+ info)

Do you think that eating disorders are hereditary?

meaning if your parent had a disorder that you are more prone to have one? If so, do you think it is more environmental or genetics that cause this

  (+ info)

What is the origin of Chicken Pox?

Just want to know out of curiosity. What is the earliest known case of chicken pox ever recorded? Is CP a mutation or relative of another diesase or disorder? Is it related to small pox, by chance?

don't know the answers to your questions but Chickenpox is caused by a virus called varicella. I don't think it is a mutation of another disease, it is a disease all its own. It is similar to small pox but caused by a different form of the virus. Smallpox is deadly, i think killing 30% of those contracting it. We used to vacinate against smallpox before the early 70's but we don't routinely anymore but we have been vacinating against chickenpox for about 10 years, now.  (+ info)

Is Post traumatic stress disorder hereditary or environmental?

Post traumatic stress disorder is triggered by a traumatic event in someones life so i guess that means it's environmental.  (+ info)

Is the environmental change between Miami and Puerto Rico a risk for my 3 month old?

Would it be safe to travel from Miami to Puerto Rico with my 3 month old? In Miami I have central air conditioning, windows are closed etc and in Puerto Rico there is no a/c and windows are open constantly, and higher risk of getting bitten by mosquitos. Could this drastic environmental change be too much too soon for my baby?

I doubt it.  (+ info)

How do environmental factors affect memory and how does loud music interfere with memory?

How do environmental factors affect memory and how does loud music interfere with memory?

I've never heard of loud music interfering with memory, but environmental factors like pollution and poisons, like lead and mercury can affect memory and brain function. It's especially important where young children may be exposed because it affects them most of all.  (+ info)

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