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How do I eliminate the smell of enuresis and encopreses?

My 12 year old son has these two conditions, which results in the soiling of his clothes. What can I do to eliminate the odor from his clothes? The odor remains even after extended laundering.

A cup of vinegar in the rinse water will really help. Color safe bleach might help. Even some ammonia can work...Just do NOT use it with bleach or detergent. Do a seperate rinse after the reg. cycle. Use non-suds. ammonia.  (+ info)

Can anyone explain the treatment methods of the Enuresis Treatment Center for preteen bedwetting?

After trying medicine, fluid restriction, waking my daughter, nothing is working. I am thinking of trying this center, but does anyone have any info on its effectiveness?

I do not have an answer for your specific question but I'd like to make a suggestion. My mother used Hyland bedwetting tablets after stopping all fluids by 6 and having me empty my bladder at 9. Good luck and I'm sure this is very frustrating for you and your daughter.  (+ info)

How do I go from being diurnal to nocturnal?

Ugh, the dreaded nightshift is coming!
It'll be from 7 at night to 7 in the morning!
Now, i got to sleep during the day, and be awake at night!

Do you have any hints on how to help change my sleeping schedule?

Ok, first use tin foil to black out the windows in your bed room and make SURE that when the doors are closed the room is completely dark.

The best way to move to a nocturnal is to stay up an extra hour every few days until you are sleeping during the day, if you have to do it quicker then move an hour a day or two hours a day, once you go to bed turn off phones, tv, everything disconnect the door bell if you can, sleep at least 8 hours.  (+ info)

Can a human change from a predominantly diurnal sleep pattern to a more nocturnal one?

Can I in any way train myself to do something like this?

Oh yes.
Even if humans are predominantly diurnal, one can become nocturnal over time.
It's a lot like how books detail how to change a hamster from nocturnal to diurnal. (NO I'M NOT SAYING PEOPLE ARE HAMSTERS)
You simply change the times at which you recieve light gradually. Make it about ten minutes later each night, and your body will start to shift with it.

However, I warn you that you will not lead a normal life.
You will lose contact with others.
Being asleep while everyone is awake will separate you from 90% of the human population in your area. (I say 'your area' as I don't want a dumbass saying 'OHHH but what about in Australia or China?!?!?')
You can still do grocery shopping, but movie theaters, malls, libraries, many stores, schools, most careers, and the majority of places will no longer be an option at all.  (+ info)

What should a young boy with enuresis wear to bed?

depends on his age, My daughter had it and prefered a nappy over a pull up. She hated pull ups, said they were uncomfortable. Until she used the mat and bell technique at 6.5 she used a nappy.  (+ info)

My natural diurnal rhythms seem to be genetically set for 36 hours. How can I get in sync with a 24 hour day?

Try light therapy, it's used for seasonal depression in the Pacific Northwest with great success. It helps keep your internal clock consistent.   (+ info)

Has anyone heard of Pacific Internation dealing with enuresis?

Wondering if anyone had some information or expirences dealing with them. Thank You.

Have not dealt with them personally, but have run into others who have online and have heard mainly negative things. Specifically, they use a very high pressure sales tactic (preying on emotions of guilt for not wanting to do enough to help the kid stop wetting the bed) and use this method to convince you to pay around $2000 for a service that is essentially the same as you can find elsewhere for $500 or even less. They supposedly "guarantee" results but if you don't get results it seems they will accuse you of not complying with the program.  (+ info)

What causes your diurnal rhythm to be messed up?

I stay awake all night and sleep all day. The only cure is rigid discipline, like taking eight o'clock classes or having a job. Right now I am not working, and I can't control it. A female friend has the same problem so I guess it is not sex-linked, as I am a male.

So you know the remedy as well.  (+ info)

are there any documented studies that connect enuresis to bladder cancer?

I get the Nursing magazines and have never seen any articles that the two are connected. Other than that, I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe someone else has heard of it, but as of yet, I have not. Be blessed  (+ info)

what is the best Way to extinguish enuresis?

If you are older than four years then you require medical help. Excellent drugs are available to cure enuresis. Good hygiene and clean undies help. But medical consultation is a must, preferably with an urologist.
Anxiety and stressful situations may also cause enuresis in older children. This needs to be resolved by good counselling and may be some psychotherapy, if available.
The good news is it almost always gets cured with treatment. Other invasive treatment is available like dilatation of bladder under anesthaesia and some surgical procedures for extreme cases of enuresis. This is required for a very small percentage of patients. 90% will be ok with conservative treatment.
I hope this answers your question.  (+ info)

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