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Is is recommended to have a colonic irrigation while battling with diverticulitis?

I am a disabled senior and just recently began experiencing sharp pain in my lower left quadrant and found that I have diverticulitis (as did my mother). I have gone through 2 flareups, taken antibiotics and changed my entire diet (seems to help a great deal with bm's), but am wondering if I should cleanout the entire system of buildup. I surely don't want to opt for surgery if irrigation(s) will help and aren't precluded by having diverticulitis. I surely don't want to aggravate these pouches and chance rupturing them.
Anyone having any experience with either diverticulitis and its recommended diet, and/or colonic irrigations (high colonics), please advise and thank you all.
I'm waiting on test results of colonoscopy.

With a flare you need bowel rest. An irrigation could cause the flare to be worse. Continue with your dietary changes. If you are unsure about the diet or it doesn't seem to be working ask your doctor for a dietary referral.  (+ info)

Why do Colonic Centers need a credit card to hold your appointment?

I want to get a colonic, but most of the colonic centers in New York City want a credit card number to hold my appointment. I don't like giving that personal information out. Is this true for all colonic centers or just the ones who are scams?

It's possible that some people chicken out and cancel their appointments and they want to ensure that they get paid for holding an appointment whether you come or don't. I know that it's common practice for some fringe medical places like chiropractors to require a 24 hr.-plus notice for cancellations and if you fail to do that, they make you pay. On "Seinfeld", George ran into that situation with a physical therapist. He was miffed that he had to pay.  (+ info)

How much weight can you lose from doing colonic irrigations sessions?

I am planning on doing 5 colonic irriagations in the next two weeks and i was wondering how much weight can a person usaully lose or what some of you have lost after doing this procedure?

Does that weight come back on easily or is it off for good as long as you exercise and eat healthy?

is it painful? any tips????

The weight you lose depends on the amount of crud in your bowels. That is determined by the amount of unprocessed food and other stuff you have consumed. Some people can lose 30lbs where as other people lose little to no weight. In lieu of the irrigation you can take a good fiber supplement like psyllium husks and drink a warm lemon water cayenne pepper drink in the morning and night over a period of a month you will clean out your system and promote some regularity as well.

If you have a lot of crud in there and it comes out with irrigation, chances are you have a poor diet. If you continue with the same habits the same weight will come back.

There are a lot of toxins in there and the release of them can cause moodiness and headaches. Pain can be subject to the user but don't shove anything huge up the rectum and that will aid in that pain.
Good Luck  (+ info)

Colonic irrigation. Does one session work or do you have to go back for a follow up?

I have a herd of dead cattle aching to rampage out of my intestines and a friend said that colonic irrigation is great, but I can only deal with doing it once. Any advice?

more fiber and acidophilus (can be found in yogurt or take supplements) acidophilus replaces "friendly bacteria" in your intestines, helps keep you clean and regular.........  (+ info)

What is the best alternitive medicine for a touch of diverticulitis?

What is the best alternitive medicine for a touch of diverticulitis with out using any doctor prescribed crap?

It's something to take seriously. For now, do as your doctor says, take the antibiotics if he/she recommends them. After this episode passes, look toward your log-term health; change your diet, slowly increase the amount of fiber, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. Your colon will thank you!

For more info:
http://www.emedicine.com/radio/topic183.htm  (+ info)

How are diverticulitis and and aspartame linked?

I have diverticulitis and have a sensitivity to aspartame (I get severe abdominal pain after ingesting it). I was surfing through some anti-aspartame sites and saw that there is link between the two things. I am just wondering where I can find more information, or if someone out there can answer the question for me.

Your body is sensitive to a lot of things....you probably would agree.

I think you need to do a colon detox. You need to clean out the pockets in your gut. Dr. Schultze has some remedies. Just do some research.

I don't think they are linked. I just know aspartame is pure poison. Your body is trying to tell you something. Diverticulitis is from years of eating junk and low fiber foods.  (+ info)

Is it normal to bleed after a colonic hydrotheraphy session?

I just had my first colonic a few hours ago and when I went to the bathroom afterwards, blood came out on it's own. Is this normal? If not, why is this happening?

  (+ info)

What food should you not eat to avoid getting diverticulitis after you have allready had it?

My mom has had diverticulitis and the doctor told her that it's always inside of her its never really goes away so she has had it twice now and she wants to know what foods she can't eat to avoid getting it again.

Anything with seeds nooo goood. it will get stuck in the pockets of her colon.

1) All the junk food such as burgers, pizzas, fried food and spicy food should be avoided.

2) Refined foods like white flour, white rice etc.

3) All the processed foods.

4) Corn and corn products.

5) Nuts

6) Sesame seeds

7) Pumpkin  (+ info)

Where can I get a colonic cleansing in Chicago or surrounding area?

Where is the best place to get a colonic cleansing in Chicago or surrounding area. Preferably on the southside of Chicago. How much does it cost???

Marcee, there is several places in the Chicago area to get this done, just look in your yellow pages under Colonic Irrigation, as for the cost, I don't know but here in Ca it's about $75. You can get similar results of a colonic by taking a series of enemas at home using different positions.  (+ info)

Could there be a connection between my current head cold and suspected diverticulitis last week?

I was at my doctor showing symptoms of diverticulitis - now I have a terrible head cold, blocked, runny, sneezey nose, chesty cough and sore left ear.

Sore ribs from coughing so much too.

Nope, no connection whatsoever. A cold is caused by a virus whereas diverticulitis isn't. Unless you stuck your head up your ass.........  (+ info)

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