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Im haunted by memories of my near drowning. How can i get past this?

Last summer i passed out and fell into a pool
I breathed in 800 mL of water
when i regained conciousness i began to puke blood and water. It hurt so bad i just prayed for death. After that i began to see ghosts and demons everywhere, forcing me to relive this memory. I have been in a mental health clinic twice and am on 6 different medications. What should i do?

I am so sorry that happened to you. I understand what you are going through on both a personal and professional level.

Our minds deal with things in funny ways. When something traumatic happens we tend to replay the images/memories in our mind until we can make sense of them. It sucks, I know. I also know that mental health professionals don't always understand.

I would suggest writing. The best form is called stream of consciousness. (You might have been told to do this before. You should have anyway.) When doing this you need to let your mind wander and just write whatever comes to your mind without dwelling on it. It is like you are writing without thinking. This lets your mind process the events without having to consciously relive that day.

Therapy is always something that is to be considered. You said you went to a clinic twice. Was it the same one? Different clinics have different approaches to treatment. Some take a purely scientific, medical treatment angle while others incorporate spirituality and religion into their treatment programs.

Another thing to look at with your doctor is the medications you are on. Sometimes medications can actually make depression and memory trauma worse for some people. It may be helpful to change a few of those around.

On a personal note, I was haunted by the memories of my almost death and the death of my unborn child. It was very hard and I know how reliving the most horrible moment of your life makes it very difficult to want to wake up in the morning. It does get better. I promise. One day you will wake up and not have had a nightmare. There may not be a day when you don't remember the incident, but there will be a day when it doesn't paralyze you with fear and hurt and anger and sadness.

Good luck with everything. I hope things work out.  (+ info)

how do they know drowning is a peaceful way to die?

aparently, drowning is one of the most peaceful ways to die (something about feeling euphoria just before you die)

my question is, how the hell do living people know this??

When I was 7, I drowned.
I came back.
It was NOT peaceful.

For years I was terrified of the water and it happening again.
Eventually I did get back in the water and ended up becoming a Life Guard. But one thing struck me in the course. The fact that our bodies natural response in a life and death situation is to fight to survive.
When we are drowning, our bodies both unconsciously and consciously fight to not drown.
You fight to keep your head. Your face. Your nose above water. To suck in every breath you can.
Your legs are kicking like crazy.
Your arms are pushing down water to keep your face above the water.
The pain in your head. In your chest as you can not take a breath in is torturous and painful. It feels like an eternity in time between those quick, tiny gasps of air. Before your brain tells your oxygen deprived lungs to take a breath. Not 'thinking' your under water and we are not fish!
Once that happens, then it is peaceful.
But that can take anywhere from 3 minutes upwards.  (+ info)

what are the four stages a drowning victim go through?

im taking lifeguard course and i know that there is active and passive drowning but what are the other two? if you could just name all of them that would be great!

Thank you!

5 stages

Most drowning victims don't yell or wave their arms to alert someone that they are in trouble. They are in a state of shock, and are often silent.

There are typically five stages to a drowning:

In this stage, the victim recognizes danger and becomes afraid. The victim assumes a near-vertical position in the water, with little or no leg movement. The arms will be at or near the water's surface, making random grasping or flipping motions. The head will be tilted back with the face turned up. Victims rarely make any sounds; they are struggling just to breath.

Involuntary Breath Holding
The victim has now dropped below the static water line and the body, in an attempt to protect itself, initiates involuntary breath holding. This occurs because water has entered the mouth and causes the epiglottis to close over the airway. Though a victim may continue to struggle, he/she will not usually make any sounds as he/she cannot breathe. Without oxygen, the victim will lose consciousness.

Because the victim has been without oxygen, the body shuts itself down as unconsciousness results. In this stage, the victim will be motionless. Because breathing has stopped, he/she is in respiratory arrest. There is no chest movement or breathing sounds. At this point, the victim sinks to the bottom of the water, either slowly or rapidly, depending on factors such as the amount of air trapped in the lungs, body weight, and muscle mass. The victim will remain unconscious (and die) unless breathing is reestablished.

Hypoxic Convulsions
Due to the lack of oxygen in the brain, the victim may look as if he/she is having a convulsion, which is why this stage is called the hypoxic convulsion stage. The victim's skin turns blue, especially in the lips and fingernail beds, and the body may appear rigid. There may be violent jerking of the body and frothing at the mouth.

Clinical Death
The final stage in the drowning process is death. Clinical death occurs when both breathing and circulation stop. The victim is in cardiac arrest. The heart stops pumping blood. The vital organs are no longer receiving oxygen rich blood. The lack of oxygen causes the skin to turn blue.

The earlier a lifesaver begins cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) after the victim's heart stops and provides defibrillation (if needed), the better the victim's chance of surviving the incident. The longer the victim is submerged, the greater the chance of permanent brain damage or death. After four minutes without oxygen, brain cells begin to die, and irreversible brain damage occurs. This is called biological death.

http://www.poseidon.fr/us/patho.html  (+ info)

Is drowning a peaceful way to die?

Is drowning a peaceful way to die and is it painless? cause I read alot of articals about drowning being the most peaceful way to die. And I'm not gonna do it I'm just wondering...also they say freezing is peaceful too and it's painless too....how do they know drowning and freezing to death is peaceful and painless? Thanks! Also I put this question in this carorgory cause I have Jo idea where else to put it in.

Well that's not true. Can you imagine the panic a person feels when they are drowning to death? Trying desperately to find air, knowing they are running out of time, and then finally having no choice but breath in the water that they know will end their life. Painless, possibly. Peaceful, I doubt it.

As for freezing to death, that may be peaceful and painless at times but it can also be extremely painful depending on how long it takes it to happens. As your extremities start to lose warmth from your blood, which takes it's time protecting your vital organs, they become frostbitten. The stages of frostbite can be excruciatingly painful, just ask anyone who has lost a limb after being stranded in the freezing cold for any long period of time. Also knowing that you are probably going to die, constantly shivering, and feeling yourself go numb is probably not a situation that is peaceful. I'm sure it's very scarey to know that you are waiting for your body to shut down from the cold.

The most peaceful and painless way to die would probably be drifting off to sleep and never waking up. Of course, I have never died so I can't be absolutely positive of this.  (+ info)

Looking for actual statistics on drowning in toilet?

Not just yes, it happens, I need data, statistics on children or infants drowning by ACCIDENT in toilets. I know people warn about it & some have murdered babies this way :-( , but can't seem to find any factual data on it.
based on one answer & link, it appears 1/10th of 1%. I wonder how many of those happened outside home where toilet was unlocked & child was very very curious, since its a "mystery place" hidden & locked at home. hmmmmm?

Interesting. I always think about that too. The drowning statistics occurring in the toilet. Every time I use it because my 16 month old son always follows me everywhere...even to the Toilet. Most of my friends have Child Safety Latches on them. I see their Kids always flocking to the toilet and trying to put their hands in the water or stick their heads in there...trying to figure out where that water is coming from. I always tell my son what I'm doing on the Toilet and how it's used to Go Pee Pee and Poo Poo and Yuck! Don't touch!!! Nasty!!! Pee Pee! Poo! Poo! (Sorrie...kinda gross) It works. He just stares at what is being flushed and always walks away. Never touches. I taught him it's dirty to touch it...but he's in there with me every time I go so he's not curious to see what it's for anymore.

Anyway...Here's a site that mite help you with your studies...

...Why would I get a Thumbs Down for teaching my son not to Drown in the Toilet?...  (+ info)

How do you make healthy french fries without drowning them in fat while there cooking?

Cook them in the oven! The oil in them cooks out so they are even healthier!  (+ info)

When people are drowning they can be resuscitated. Is the same true for people who have been suffocated?

I would appreciate answers from medical professionals. My basic point is - at what point is someone totally dead?

  (+ info)

how do you peel onions underwater without drowning?

peeling onions always makes me cry but a friend suggested peeling them underwater, trouble is I couldn't hold my breath long enough to do this, and my mascara also ran

There are certain Japanese women who are specially trained from infancy in the fine art of underwater onion peeling. It is only after a long apprenticeship that one should undertake peeling an onion underwater. You will just have to cry with the rest of us, so you'll still need to go easy on the mascara.  (+ info)

Is drowning a painful way to go?

Asking 'cause one of my friends died this way, they jumped into the river Tyne in Newcastle from the bridge while drunk. I'm just hoping their last couple of minutes wasn't horrible.
But wouln't being mortal drunk dampen the terrifyiness (however it's spelt)?

You're in luck, I lived through it. I was thrown out of a raft while whitewater rafting and got stuck in a hydraulic for about three minutes undewater. The event was videotaped and I went under and then emerged three minutes later. It's kind of like getting stuck in a washing machine.
At first, I realized I was in trouble and tried to remain calm and figure a way out of the danger. Then my breath was about to burst and I started to panick. Then my body just exhaled and inhaled a big gulp of water and I didn't choke but was full of water. When I realized it was the end, I became very calm and wondered what my friends and family would say. Then, I was thrown up to the surface and just floated there in my life jacket. The sun was very bright but there were these dark spots that began clouding my vision and I still couldn't breath. I was drowning even though I was on the surface. My friends in the raft were calling out to me to swim to the raft but I couldn't move my body. Even though they were screaming from about 15 feet away I could barely hear them. I was pulled onto the boat and layed on the rib of the raft was across my stomach and a lot of water gushed out of me and I started choking and coughing it all up, and lived.
I hope that helped, the only thing I felt was calm, numbness and exhaustion. My thoughts were of those I love. Your friend's last minutes were probably something like that.  (+ info)

I have really limp hair but love making soft curls how do i make them stay without drowning them in hairspray?

I love the soft waves/curls look, but i have such limp hair that they never stay! even if i sleep in tight sponge rollers by then end of the day they will be straight! I dont want to have to put in 50 mouses or gells so recommend mists and sprays unless the products work really good. also shampoo and conditioner recommendations would be awsome. peace and love.

I know exactly what you mean about the curls thing; I can never get my hair to stay. I have, however, found one method that works every single time, and the curls stay in FOREVER. It's a two-day process, though, so you have to start it the day before.

1. Take a shower in the morning. Once you're out of the shower, squeeze out the excess water and towel dry very lightly.
2. Pull the hair in a low/medium-low ponytail. On the last time pulling the hair through the ponytail holder, do not pull it all the way through. You should now have a loop at the back of your head.
3. Take one hand and smoosh the loop up against your head (Do this in a way so the ends of the loopy ponytail are underneath the rest of the hair). Move it around a bit so it is relatively flat against your head.
4. Now, still holding your hair to your head with one hand, take the other and bobbypin your hair like there's no tomorrow. It doesn't have to be perfect, just attack your hair. If you have thicker hair you won't need as many bobbypins.
5. Looking at your hair in the mirror, readjust anything if you need to. It should be fairly secure without being too tight.
6. Wear it up like this all day, and sleep in it at night (don't worry, it won't be uncomfortable.

(This on its own is by far my favorite updo. It works on thin and thick hair, and is exceedingly simple. As a matter of fact, ittakes less than two minutes to do, yet every time I wear it people ask me "wow, who does your hair?" and "how long did it take you to get it like that?")

The day after wearing the hairstyle described above, simply let your hair down and it will be beautifully curled. Because your hair was in a messy bun all day, and was most likely damp the entire time, your hair will not be as dirty as if you wore it down or in a simple ponytail. This look is very sexy, and I find it more becoming than natural curls. The best part? Absolutely no products needed!  (+ info)

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