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How long does it take a dry socket to heal?

I got all for wisdom teeth removed on Fri. and ended up with one dry socket last night. Based on everyones experience, how long does it take for the dry socket to heal up?

Hmm my gums stopped bleeding by the end of the day and stopped hurting by the next day.  (+ info)

How long will dry socket take to set in if I lose my blood clot?

I think I may have lost my blood clot from a recent tooth extraction. How long will it take for the symptoms (pain) of dry socket to set in?

Dry socket does not occur just because you lose the clot. You need to lose the clot and get an infection inside the hole. The clot helps to stop the infection. If you lose the clot, the length of time can vary between a day or so and a week. Generally, you don't lose all the clot, and enough stays to see you through. Try and and rest and do nothing. Salt water - get warm water and dissolve lots of salt in the water will help you a lot. Don't swish it violently around to disturb the clot but it keeps the wound clean and free from infection, and helps promote the clot. Chances are you will be fine.  (+ info)

How long does it take for dry socket to heal?

I've got the dissolving paste in now, been in for 4 days. It doesn't hurt anymore, only slightly every now and then. Whats the average time time dry socket takes to heal?

If the intense pain is gone, then the dry socket has healed. it will take a couple more weeks before the gum tissue is grown over the socket and a few months until bone has all filled in. Glad your feeling better.  (+ info)

How to know if you have a dry socket after wisdom teeth removal?

I had my wisdom teeth removed a week ago, and for the past few days have been getting this dull throbbing pain on one side. It seems to go all the way up to my ear. I had a post-op check today, and they didn't say anything, but I didn't tell them about this either. The pain goes away after Tylenol kicks in. Is this a dry socket?

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What food can i eat after having dry socket packed?

I am going to dentist today, i am sure i have dry socket, what can i eat after being packed. Also can i smoke if i have the packing in?

First couple days after being packed, do not drink from straws, do not smoke the suction caused in the mouth by doing either will cause problems with the dry socket healing propperly and can cause infections. Rinse with Listerine or warm saltwater to take any swelling down, and eat things that are soups, soft foods and nothing crunchy. Give your jaw time to rest and adapt to the new conditions for a few days. After that you sould be ok switching to regular foods, just take smaller bites and be very careful which side your chewing on so you don't aggrivate the side with the dry socket.
Good Luck!  (+ info)

How long does a dry socket last?

I had an absess tooth removed last Thursday and now I have a dry socket. I keep going back to the dentist to get it packed with the medication, but within an hour the medicated gause falls out! I can't keep going back to the dentist, how long will the dry socket last?? It is the most painful thing that I've ever went through.
Someone I just spoke with that had a dry socket said that it lasted 5 weeks!!! Arrrgghhh~!

Bout 2 or 3 wks!! Doc W  (+ info)

How long does the dry socket medicine take to heal and dissolve? There is white foamy stuff too whats that?

I have dry socket. It's being treated with Aloe Vera packing.. I had it packed on Thursday and then again on Friday. I notice the hole closing slowly and it looks like it is healing nicely. He told me when it pops out to start using a syringe to clean it. Also I keep getting slight bleeding.

have you looked up dry socket on Web MD? I've never heard of it - what caused it? If it's bleeding or foaming, you should ask your dr... I wish I could be more helpful - good luck...!  (+ info)

How long does a dry socket take to form?

I had four wisdom teeth cut out Monday, and I'm wondering how long it takes to form a dry socket. The wisdom teeth were under my 2nd (12 year) molars, and pushing them out - if that matters. There's no holes, it's at stitched up.

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How long does it take for a dry socket to heal if you have the socket treated with the antibiotic pad applied?

I got my wisdom teeth out tuesday and its not the following wednesday. I have a dry socket in the lower left socket and it is extreemly painful. I got it treated with the antibiotic pad that the dentist offers for this kind of pain. It has helped the pain but I don't want this in my mouth forever. How long does it take for these kinds of things to heal if they are treated with the pads?

I had that happen after a tooth extraction and the pad they put in for about 4 days and it started to heal just fine after that, but everyone is different.  (+ info)

Can a dry socket be prevented at this point?

My bf had his wisdom teeth pulled today. It had stopped bleeding, but a few minutes ago he forgot he wasn't supposed to spit and it is bleeding again. Is there anything he can do at this point to prevent a dry socket?

He'll be fine. When it doesn't bleed, then you can worry.

Dry socket is when the clot is dislodged from the extraction site. Your body knows there is/was a clot there and will not form a new clot. This leaves the bone open to infection and the are becomes very sore.

Just be careful with the area. No smoking, no drinking through a straw and no rinsing for the next day or so. Sure it will be a little manky, but just take of it.
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