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What does a blood clot from dry socket look like if it comes out?

I had a tooth extracted 8 days ago. I just swished hard with water on accident and dislodged a yellow substance. I've felt something back there since day 3. It smells horrible but it looks like it could just be food of some sort that got stuck back there. I'm assuming a blood clot would be red or black, is that correct? I don't even know if I'm still in the window for dry socket. Any info is Greatly Appreciated!

Dry socket (alveolar osteitis) window is usually 3-4 days after surgery. After 8 days, enough healing has probably occurred that if you lose the clot, you are relatively safe.

How do you know if you have a dry socket? Pain. If you begin having significant, major pain, see your oral surgeon or dentist. The surgeon can pack the empty socket with medicated gauze. The gauze tastes horrible and must be changed every few days, but it helps.

I had wisdom teeth extraction and had 4 dry sockets.  (+ info)

How long should a dressing for dry socket stay in?

I had two wisdom teeth removed on Monday. The lower one was a very traumatic extraction and I got a dry socket. On wednesday I went to the dentist and they stuck some dressing in the hole. The dressing is starting to fall out. Is this normal and is it going to hurt when the dressing does come out?

I had a dry socket 2 months ago.

I can't believe the dentist didn't tell you what to do.

No it doesn't hurt when the dressing comes out... the med is absorbed from the dressing, and will numb the sight. the dentist should be the one to take it out but if it falls out on its own it should be ok.

If it starts to hurt again I would go back to the dentist and get another one put in.

Good luck. Hope This Helps  (+ info)

What are my chances of getting dry socket?

If I follow all the rules what are my chances of still getting a dry socket after having only my bottom two wisdom teeth pulled?

Furthermore, I am a smoker and I have not had a cigarette yet and it has been 24 hours since my operation. When is it safe to smoke a cigarette again because I am having a very hard time not smoking. The cravings are almost unbearable. Can I possibly smoke now if i do not suck in very hard?

Wait atleast 2-3 days before smoking. If you lose that blood clot you will be in great pain.  (+ info)

Can you get dry socket if the blood clot still remains?

I just got all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth extracted yesterday afternoon. I bled a lot last night but softly bit down on two tea bags and it went away. The only problem I'm having today is the soreness in my jaws from them being open throughout the procedure. My question is can you get dry socket if the blood clot remains in the empty holes? Also, can you get it from rinsing out your mouth too much? The whole idea of dry socket freaks me out so I'm just curious. . .

you would get a dry sockets within the first 24-48 hours of having extractions.
The healing blood clot over the extraction site is/was lost amd BARE BONE is open in the mouth without a covering. This is excruciatingly PAINFUL.  (+ info)

How long does the pain of a dry socket usually last?

My dry socket started a week ago tonight. I've had it packed 4 times now. Just wondering if any one else has had to deal with this. It hurts like crazy once the pain meds goes away. I'm pretty much living on Tylenol, and I'm not big on taking medicine. I was also wondering if since it has been a week if there could be something else going on? If so what, and what should i look for?

As long as it takes for the exposed bone to heal, the reason a dry socket hurts is since there is no clot there to cover the bone that is exposed from the extraction, exposed bone hurts...... it could take 2 weeks it just depends on how fast things heal. Sorry.....they are miserable I had one myself. There could be infection but if you have been seeing a dentist to have it packed, he would have been able to tell if there was something else going on.  (+ info)

What can the bad taste from a dry socket be described as?

My wisdom teeth were removed on July 2nd. I researched the signs and symptoms of a dry socket and I have pain in my ear, pain in my lower jaw (where one of the wisdom teeth were removed) and a bad taste in my mouth. My dad says I shouldn't worry about it but I want to know for sure! Idk if the bad taste is from the dry socket, or I have food stuck back there. (I have been brushing my teeth daily)

In addition to brushing, I would gently rinse with salt water.

I'm sorry I can't completely answer your question, but I would try the salt water before going to the dentist for a possible dry socket (as long as there's no excruciating pain).  (+ info)

What do dentists do to fix an exposed root in a dry socket?

I recently had a tooth pulled (#30), aside from dry socket I can see the exposed root of the next tooth! Is this fixable by a dentist and what will they do to fix it? I'm very afraid.

To help the dry socket, the dentist will place a pack in the socket made up of a sterile gauze and a thick gel, which will lubricate and ease the pain in the socket. Once the pain of the dry socket has subsided and the pack has been removed, your bone from the edge of the socket will grow in to the socket and fill the hole. Then your mucosa (gum skin) will cover this. The bone and mucosa will most likely completely cover the root of the tooth next door without any further treatment.  (+ info)

What are the side effect of the medication used to treat dry socket?

I just went to the dentist not an hour ago with a wicked case of dry socket. I got medication applied and went home. the dentist didnt tell me any side effects and now my tongue is swollen, the inside of my ears are burning, so is my throat and my tongue has swollen.

is this an allergice reaction or is it normal? i called the dentist but he's busy with other patients. oh, also, when i swollow, i start to gag. not good. please help and thanks fr any answers!

It seems that you are definitely having an allergic reaction to the medication. This is NOT a side effect! If your tongue and throat are swollen you should go to the emergency room because if it gets worse it can block your airway and you won't be able to breathe. You may even get a rash on your body once the medication gets through your system. Make note of this medication and make sure you never use it again. You need medication to control the allergic reaction that only a doctor can give you. This is an emergency. Please go to the hospital.  (+ info)

How long does it take to fix a dry socket?

How long about does it take for a dry socket to heal?

You go to dentist and he/she can fix it in minutes. It's a pressure build up and they can puncture something and it is over.
I learned this the hardway! I had it for days and then found out the dentist can fix it! good luck to you.  (+ info)

If I were to get dry socket, how much would it cost for the dentist to do what was needed?

I had all four wisdom teeth out four days ago at a free event here in Iowa for anyone who needed dental care. Obviously, there's no follow-up. If I were to get dry-socket, how much would it cost for me to go to a dentist and have them pack it, or whatever?

This is not a common thing to happen to wisdom teeth patients.

I just had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted on 9/25 and by Sunday, I believed I was suffering from dry socket. I went to the dentist first thing Monday morning and he told me that it wasn't dry socket. He checked out my healing for a few minutes and prescribed me 800mg Ibuprofen. There was no charge...Most dentists won't charge for a follow-up, especially if there is pain.  (+ info)

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