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How likely is it that ill get a dry socket?

Im getting my 2 bottom wisdom teeth cut out tomarrow and one pulled on top. What are the odds that ill get a dry socket and what can i do to help ensure that it wont happen?

I had all 4 of mine cut out at the same time so I feel for you. Mine were completely under the gum so I had holes left after they were taken out. The top was fine and never gave me any problem. The bottom right also was fine, but the left ended up being a dry socket. It was so painful I had to sleep on a heating pad and take pain meds for weeks. Things they told me to avoid were things that you make a sucking motion to do, like smoking or drinking through a straw. Don't ask me why, but that's what they said. I didn't do any of those things and I still got a dry socket. I think a lot of it is just our individual body and it's healing ability and maybe the position of the tooth. Still to this day and I've had my teeth out for 15 years on the left my gum is lower than the right in the very back. I think they also told me not to disturb the clot that forms in the hole. I may have sabotaged myself because they also gave me an empty syringe with like a little plastic tube on the end about a inch long for cleaning food out of the holes. But if you are washing food out of the holes it makes sense to me it will also wash away the clot? Write down all the questions u can think of and take them with you. That way you don't get nervous and forget what to ask your oral surgeon.  (+ info)

How long do I have to worry about dry socket?

I got my wisdom teeth out almost 3 weeks ago, do I still need to worry about getting dry socket?

I'm a dentist.

Dry socket typically develops between four to six days post-operatively.

Since you are three weeks post-op, you have no chance of getting dry-socket. In fact, if you look back at the extraction sites, you may not even be able to tell that you had teeth taken out--assuming that your teeth were impacted. Inside the mouth, most things heal completely within three weeks.  (+ info)

How long does pain from dry socket last?

I had 4 wisdom teeth out Wednesday, and I think I developed dry socket. The pain is still bad, even with the medication, and there is a terrible taste. I've been rinsing out with saline rinse, etc. as directed, but it hasn't gotten any better. The worst pain simply alternates between one side of my mouth and the other. How long will this last? It's been 4 days now, and I'm tired of being in pain. Especially when I have to go back to school tomorrow.

The pain will continue till you get it fixed at your DDS. He will pack it with an antiseptic/analgesic and you should feel better immediately.  (+ info)

How do I know if the socket in my mouth has gotten dry?

I just had tooth pulled out 3 days ago. I still have pain. I was reading something that said if the socket becomes dry it can cause extreme pain. Is this maybe why i'm still in pain. How do I know if the socket becomes dry? And what does it mean?
Does dry sockets occur from not drinking enough liquids?

It would hurt like hell... thats how you would know. lol.  (+ info)

How many days after wisdom teeth pulling are you at less of a risk for getting dry socket?

When can I be less scared that I will get a dry socket? I wash with mouthwash and I have been trying more food (it's been at least 72 hours since my extraction). How many days until am I out of high risk for getting one?

Dry sockets usually start hurting right around 72 hours after the extraction. (The people with higher risk are smokers and women on birth control meds.) If you're not feeling pain getting worse at this point you're probably just about out of the risk time for developing a dry socket. But be careful not to rinse too hard, and definitely avoid eating anything with nuts, seeds, popcorn, or anything that can get stuck in the socket and not dissolve!!  (+ info)

What are the chances of dry socket after 3 days (not a wisdom tooth)?

I had a premolar taken out on Monday morning and it's Wednesday night now. The tooth came out really easy but the gauze is rubbing against my gums and it hurts. There's only a little bit of blood left, I can't taste it but there's a tiny bit of pink when I take the gauze out. How likely is to still get dry socket after 3 days for a tooth that's not even a wisdom tooth?

Well even with your molar you have a chance with getting a dry socket the same with wisdom teeth extraction. if you are still having that gauze in your mouth and its been 3 days you will be more in pain. i would stop keeping the gauze in and let the healing take place cause if you keep that in its going to be hard for your jaw to heal.

wish me luck and good luck too lol  (+ info)

How soon should I contact my dentist about a dry socket?

I just had my wisdom teeth removed, Tuesday, the 23rd and I noticed there is still a gap where my wisdom teeth were removed. How soon should I be contacting my dentist about having a dry socket? I figured if things weren't beginning to close by the end of the month then I would schedule an appointment but I'm not sure if that is too long to wait and if I should see the dentist sooner about it.

Just because there is a gap that you can see doesn't mean it's going to be a dry socket. If you had a dry socket you would be in a lot of pain. If you're not in pain, don't contact him. If you are in a lot of pain you need to contact him today :)  (+ info)

How long after I get my tooth pulled (not wisdom) should I wait to smoke to avoid dry socket?

I had a tooth removed over a little over 72 hours ago. Is it safe for me to smoke without getting dry socket?

To be almost totally safe, you hold wait another 24 - 48 hours before smoking.  (+ info)

Does your gums turn a different color when you have dry socket?

I had 3 teeth removed a week ago, today. The pain has not eased up any. If anything, it's worse. My gum appears to be black and yellow. Just trying to find out if I have dry socket or not.

I would definately consult your dentist as soon as possible and go in to have him take a look. A dry socket occurs when the clot gets disrupted or dislodged after an extraction. This is why patients are advised not to smoke, drink through a straw, suck on hard candies or fiddle with the area with the tongue as any of these actions could cause disrpution of the clot.  (+ info)

Can you still get dry socket even if you have stitches?

I just got my wisdom teeth removed, and they are all stitched up, so can I still get dry socket? And how do I know, for sure, if I have dry socket?

Yes you can.
Believe me, you'll know if you have it. Cause you'll be in so much pain you'll end up going back to the Oral Surgeon or dentist.  (+ info)

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