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What is the best treatment for an eye ulcer on a dog?

My dog has had an eye ulcer for 4 months. It healed and now has come back. He has been blind in this eye since it first appeared.I have been giving him drops, serum, and ointment every 2-4 hours. My vet says I should take him to a specialist for surgery to graft the eye. I am wondering if he will regain his vision if he has the surgery or if I should have the eye removed to stop the pain and discomfort if there is no chance he will see out of this eye again. Any suggestions?

The best thing to do would be to talk to the specialist that your vet recommends. He or she may be able to tell you how likely (or unlikely) your dog would be to regain his vision.  (+ info)

What is an ulcer and is it life threatening?

I just found out that my grandfather is going into surgery because he has an ulcer, what is it please?

There are so many kinds of ulcers. You can have an ulcer in the stomach, esophagus even on the skin. An ulcer can be cancerous
but not always. Some ulcers for instance on the esophagus also known as Barretts Disease can be fatal if not treated with a proton pump inhibitor such as Nexium, prevacid, prilosec or any other acid reducing medication. It's basically an erosion due to acid build up.  (+ info)

what is the best drug for treating h pylori related ulcer in a 6 yr old child?

A 6 yr old child was detected with a chronic duodenal ulcer last year and was attributed to h pylori.

Go to a doctor! As much as I think this site is great -- you don't want to be messing with bacterial-related duodenal ulcer treatment on Y! Answers.  (+ info)

What can I take to relieve my pain caused by a stomach ulcer?

I feel like certain pain killers might contribute to the problem.

The stomach ulcer was caused by a prescription pain killer called Naproxen. I've had the ulcer for a few days, it hurts sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I'm taking Prilosec OTC for 14 days to treat it, is this a good idea? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Several natural medicine possibilities:
Acidophilus (yoghurt or capsules)
Aloe vera juice
arcenicum album
gentian root
licorice root
nux vomica
protein enzymes and
Quite a lot to choose from, your pharmacist should br able to advise dosage or refer to source material  (+ info)

What are some causes of my ulcer and stomach sores?

I had an endoscopy and they found and ulcer in my esophagus and tons of tiny red sores in my stomach. I tested negative for H.pylori. The doctor ruled out acid as being the main cause. What could be causing the ulcer and sores besides acid?
I have very high anxiety/stress. I am not bulimic and have not thrown up at all in a long time.

  (+ info)

What is the best natural cure for a stomach ulcer?

I have a perpetual pain in my stomach and I know it is an ulcer as it is consistant of one. I have been to the doctors and it is priscriptions after priscriptions. How best can I cure this myself?

Well, DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice) is very beneficial for helping with ulcers and helping to soothe the esophagus, stomach, and intestinal tract. Obviously, checking with a doctor would be your best bet, but there are a lot of people that get a lot of benefits from that. Good luck!  (+ info)

What's the difference between corneal abrasion and ulcer?

What's the difference between a corneal abrasion and a corneal ulcer?

also, if I use eye drops and my eye becomes super red, is it because the eye drops have become infected with something?

A corneal abrasion is exactly what it says it is. It occurs when something (a finger nail, a pencil, a stick) mechanically scratches the cornea and removes some of the epithelium that covers the surface. It is not an infection.

A corneal ulcer is an isolated (can be large or small though) area of inflammation related to an infection of the cornea by a pathogen. The most common cause of a corneal ulcer is bacteria, although ulcers can occur associated with other pathogens such a viruses or fungi. These are active infections and should be treated agressively by either antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungals.

As to your last question it depends upon what type eye drop you are talking about. It is possible that you may be allergic to an ingredient in the eye drop. Only way to know for sure what is happening is to go in and let a doc take a look.  (+ info)

What does an ulcer in the stomach feel like?

How would I know if I have an ulcer? Can force vommiting cause ulcers? What else can cause ulcers? Thanks.

some symptoms are pain in the 'bread basket' or mid epigastic area. Some times the pain is lower, but usually in the mid area. Sometimes the pain is worse when the stomach is empty. Some times ulcers can cause vomiting. Severe vomiting can cause problems in the esophagus, you can actualy cause a tear in it enough to cause massive bleeding (Mallory-Weiss tear). An ulcer can be caused by H pylori, a bacteria that's treated with antibiotics. Stress can cause it too. Also black BM can be a sign of bleeding higher, like in the stomach. Red BM can be a sign of bleeding lower.Hope all this helps  (+ info)

What are your best remedies to relieve or get rid of a stress induced ulcer?

I would love to know any home remedies, concoctions, exercises, meditations...anything creative you may have to ease the pain of a stress induced ulcer and ultimately eliminate it. Like everyone I hate stress, but even worse is when you get an ulcer from it!

Sorry about your ulcer.
Here are some good ideas:

1.Do something that gets your heart rate up a bit like, walking, running, biking, and swimming.
2.Eat Whole, Organic foods like: Broccoli, Cabbage, Organic Brown Rice, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Apples, and other fruits and vegetables in their Natural State.
3.Avoid eating corn, white bread, white rice, candy, sodas, chips, and anything else that you already know you shouldn’t be eating.
4.Drink clean water as your beverage of choice. Avoid Fruit drinks and fruit juices (unless YOU juice them yourself)
5.Stop smoking, drinking beer & wine, and drinking coffee.
6.Get 8 hours of sleep each night.
7.Hang out with people who want to be healthy.

Tone up the muscles:
1.Join a gym and get a trainer.
2.If you’re short on cash, start a light stretching & yoga regimen.
3.Do push-ups, and light dumbbell curls for the upper body.
4.As I said above, walk, run, swim, and or bike.
5.Take an aerobics class, a yoga class, or some other fitness class.
6.Join the local YMCA..

Mental Health:
1.Get a friend to talk to each day about your feelings.
2.If you have some money or insurance, get a counselor to talk to.
3.Learn how to meditate.
4.Join a support group for the issue you’re dealing with.
5.Ask your Higher Self (or God) for guidance.
6.Start keeping a diary or journal about your feelings & thoughts.
7.Write a ‘gratitude’ list every night.  (+ info)

Does anybody have any good low acid recipes for somebody who has a peptic ulcer?

I have an ulcer, and I'm having a hard time finding good recipes that I can have. Is there anyone here who has or has had an ulcer who knows of a good recipe that won't aggravate my stomach? Thanks!
Thanks, but I know what I need to do for them. I just need recipes for meals.

Maybe these food lists will help:
http://heartburn.about.com/od/pepticulcers/a/ulcer_diet_plan.htm  (+ info)

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