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They think my daughter has samonella or another parasite what do i do?

My 6 yr old has been complaining about a stomach ache for a while. I brushed it off because she has been known to want attention. The complaining has become worse to the point she screams of pain for a few minutes then it goes away. I have asked a few times on here what it could be because i felt helpless when it came to her.
Today we went to the pediatrician and he believes she has salmonella or another parasite. she has been known as a infant to have duodenitis. Is this just a flair? She hasn't ate any peanut butter lately. where else could she have gotten salmonella or a parasite? What could or will happen? Im fearful because she has been sickly her whole life, is this a combo of all that or something new, Please help. sorry if i seem like a pest. I just don't want her in pain.
I think the prior complaining was just for attention, but i figured i would put it out there. **This incident started monday, she screams in pain for a few minutes then it is gone. night time is very hard on her she was up for 5 hours on and off screaming about the pain. She is running a 100.2 temp right now, she had diarrhea yesterday.
I honestly dont mean to be a pest or overly worried, i just am. The doctors didnt think she would live to be 2 yrs old because of all the health problems she had. I dont ever believe that the problems just disappeard i worry i am sorry.

U need to change her diet. look for the food online that can help get that parasite out of her body. It is not easy but it is not impossible. Just take care of her. I have had parasites before and believe me it hurts a lot. Depends on her age the doctor needs to give her medication that can get rid of her. The diet is a plus but it helps a lot. I changed my diet completely when I found out that I had parasites.
Best of Luck!... Here is the info that I pulled from internet

Cleanliness is a key to prevention. Hand washing with soap and water, especially after handling eggs, poultry, and raw meat is likely to reduce the chance for infections. Chlorine-treated drinking water, washed produce, and not ingesting undercooked foods such as eggs can also reduce the chance of exposure to Salmonella. Avoiding direct contact with animal carriers of Salmonella (for example, turtles, snakes, pigs) also prevents the disease. Public-health authorities that enforce restaurant cleanliness and employee hand washing have helped in general prevention. Human carriers of Salmonella should never work in the food-handling service industry and ideally should undergo gallbladder removal and antibiotic therapy for an attempt for a cure of the carrier state. Although some Salmonella vaccines are available for poultry and animals, human vaccines are still under development.

EDIT: It is completely fine that you worry. Parasites are very disgusting organisms. They tend to reproduce 100 and 1000s a day. But if you focus on her diet she will be fine.  (+ info)

Has anyone gone too work and been told they have recieved a final warning for being off ill with a sicknote?

Where do i start with this i was off ill for 3 mths and covered with a genuine sicknote and speciallist reports, i went back to work on monday and i was took to an office and interviewed like they should do.
Tuesday morning i went in too work and on my desk was a final written warning and also a box of chocolates (which i thought was a nice touch). I had wednesday off too seek legal advice and went back in on thursday and recieved emails off my bosses about why i had wednesday off and started to get funny. Today friday i went in i was stuck in a traffic jam and phoned in and told my other manager i would be five minutes late he said this was unacceptable. I came home and saw my doc who said the stress of the warning and other things has caused my duodenitis to start up again.

My solictor says that any company can give you a final written warning but they have to follow all of the company procedures so if your going through this check them as on Wednesday next week i have my appeal due to the company breaching my contract. How should i deal with all this in your opinion's and if you have any questions ask and i will try to answer?
If your going through this get in touch i will see if i can help because i do understand what your going through

did you call unemployment office and ask them for legal advice? maybe they will have to give you unemployment or continue on disability? if your job is so stressful then ii would seek other employment and then bail ? try the medical field they are always looking for help ?   (+ info)


PLEASE SOMEONE AWNSER IM SCARED..inflamed duodenum...?
i just got an endoscopy done from stomache issues i was haveing and they diagnoised me with duodenitis (inflamed duodenum/small bowel) and spasms of valve on bottom of stomache. and i also have my period right now it has been 5 days well i got it done wenseday morning and it is now almost monday morning. i also ate alot of food today beacause of easter and some im not to sure are to good for me to eat with my acid reflux but just today i started haveing a full bloated feeling and like pains once in a while..i keep calling my doctor but he does nuttin. he just says take pepto but the problem is i dont have enough stomache acid in my stomache to digest my food so it is sitting and rotten in my stomache i dont know what to do maybe try a diff hospital?..everyone i know said they should of did something bout the food getting stuck in there like that but they didnt.im also very scared of vomiting they have just found out what was wrong with me and there not doing anything about it im miserable i dont go any where i cant go on car rides no more and im only 17 years old it horriable there not doing anything. please help anyone else with problems like this or can tell me whats up?

Iv'e sent you an e-mail.  (+ info)

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