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What are the cause of ECLAMPSIA and how to prevent it?

I don't know what exactly eclampsia is. When I got pregnant few years ago, I had this problem that I associated with eclampsia, but I'm not sure if it really is. I have pains in my bones, I can't walk straight and I am weak especially during the last 2 months!

The best thing to do is to monitor blood pressure and protein in the urine late in pregnancy. (Starting sometime in the third trimester.) If the blood pressure is too high or there is excess protein in the urine, you are usually sent for further testing to see if you have pre-eclampsia. If so, usually it is necessary to deliver the baby quickly.  (+ info)

How long should we wait before ttc 3rd after pre eclampsia and 2nd c section?

I have just recently had my 2nd child (8 weeks ago) and suffered with pre eclampsia again, the same as with my first. So both children were delivered by c section. I was diagnosed with PCOS while ttc my 2nd and so it took clomid and a year and a half to conceive him. With all this in mind, i was just wondering how long before we can start ttc again.

You REALLY need to wait a year before ttc. My friend had GD and it took them over a year to conceive, yet 3 months into the deal BAM!! And she has been scared her whole pregnancy because of it. Just wait hun. It is NOT worth the risk, plus I'm sure your children would love some one on one time with their mommy. :)  (+ info)

At what point in pregnancy would a woman generally start developing pre-eclampsia?

If a woman is going to develop pre-eclampsia, at what point do symptoms generally start appearing?

It can develop as early as 22 weeks. Most women get it in the third trimester.  (+ info)

Can previous heavy drinking before pregnancy make you more likely to have pre-eclampsia?

Can previous heavy drinking before pregnancy make you more likely to have pre-eclampsia?
I'm just curious.. They both have to do with liver functions. If you drink more than you should and perhaps harm your liver, without knowing. Would that show up maybe in pregnancy as a higher tendency towards pre-eclampsia?

I wouldn't think so. I drank heavily before I got pregnant, and I didn't get pre-eclampsia.  (+ info)

What's the name of the blood test they run to check for pre eclampsia?

My dr. did a blood test yesterday to see if I was developing pre eclampsia, never heard of them doing a blood test for that I just know of the urine tests. I was going to look it up online here but I don't know the name of the test. Has anyone ever had this done?

It was to test your kidney and liver function - to make sure that your blood has a normal number of platelets - the cells that help blood clot.

http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/preeclampsia/DS00583/DSECTION=tests-and-diagnosis  (+ info)

How can i prevent Pre Eclampsia at home?

Ok I am just seven months pregnant and lost all my medical benefits so i cant afford to see a doctor, but i think i may have Pre Eclampsia. what can i do at home? i cant afford to go to the doctor right now and i am scared. i dont know what to do can someone offer me some good advice?

You need to see a Doctor! Not only are you risking your baby you are risking your life as well. When your blood pressure get into toxic levels you could suffer a stroke that could endanger your life and the babies life. If you are 28 weeks gestation or later your baby has a very good chance of not being very sick, but still you need to see your doctor and have this checked out. if you are ok the cost will be minimal compared to the bill you will get if you have a stroke.

You have not told us why you think you have pre eclampsia, so I am not sure that you have it, but when something that serious is in question it is better to be safe then sorry.  (+ info)

is it possible to get pre eclampsia in my second pregnancy?

about two weeks ago i had and emergency c-section because i was diagnosed with pre eclampsia.i was only 35 weeks.is it possible to get pre eclampsia if i got pregnant later on in the future.

Preeclampsia is most often seen in first-time pregnancies and in pregnant teens and women over 40. Other risk factors include:

* A history of high blood pressure prior to pregnancy.
* Previous history of preeclampsia.
* A history of preeclampsia in mother or sisters.
* Obesity prior to pregnancy.
* Carrying more than one baby.
* History of diabetes, kidney disease, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis.  (+ info)

Is it possible to develop pre eclampsia with your second child and not the first?

This is my second pregnancy and I asked a question a few minutes ago about rapid weight gain in a two week period and migraines and some of the answers included pre eclampsia so I was wondering if you can develop it in your second pregnancy or if its something that you have every pregnancy because I did not have it with my first. I may not have it now, but I just wanted to do some research. Thanks guys and I wont ask anymore questions for awhile lol

Yep, sure is. Each pregnancy is different and can come with a different set of symptoms/diagnosis. Your doctor will let you know if you are at risk for developing preeclampsia (sp?). The first give away is blood pressure and protein in your urine. I'm currently seeing a specialist and being watched for it myself due to having had high blood pressure earlier in pregnancy.  (+ info)

How dangerous is pre-eclampsia if developed at 37 weeks?

I have had pretty severe swelling in my hands and feet for well over a month now and the doctor has been monitoring my blood pressure closely to make sure I'm O.K. - Today at my 37 week check-up my blood pressure had gone up a lot so he said I should get blood work done right away to make sure everything is O.K. and that I need to come back in 2 days to check in with him and re-test my blood pressure. He said at that point we could discuss options for speeding the delivery process along if I do indeed have pre-eclampsia....he said the fact that the baby is already considered "full term" is good and that I shouldn't worry too much. Anyone else go through something like this? It's kind of hard not to worry.

As far as the baby goes, they can quickly induce or deliver via c-section if necessary and will do just fine because you are technically full-term.

However in terms of your health, being 37 weeks has no bearing on how serious your pre-eclampsia could be now or could potentially become. It's certainly nothing to mess around with. If your labs are off, if you're putting out a lot of protein in your urine and you're pressures are high, it can easily and quickly turn into full-blown eclampsia, which involves seizures, some degree of liver failure, and possibly blood clotting disorders. This is rare.

The vast majority of the time severe cases of pre-eclampsia are controlled and is prevented from progressing to eclampsia by a magnesium sulfate IV drip and by delivering the baby. But you are still at risk for at least a week after delivery and will need to be watched closely before discharge.

Until your next visit, be mindful of symptoms of worsening pre-eclampsia - floaty spots in your field of vision, increase in headaches and swelling, decrease in urine output despite good hydration, or a pain in the upper-right area of your stomach that feels similar to severe heartburn. Call your doctor's office or hospital at any time if these things happen or worsen.

Good luck!  (+ info)

how likely is it to have a full term baby while having pre eclampsia?

any if anyone has any storys about pre eclampsia please feel free to share.

I had pre eclampsia, so did my sister with 2 of her 3, and had all full term babies, none before 38 weeks. I think that you if you have it should be careful to lower your bp if you can, drink teas, take baths, it will calm you down, and take walks. Put your feet up. Eat protein and healthy foods. Lots of fruits and veggies. This makes the symptoms lessen, and milk and dairy is very good too if you have it. I am not sure what it does, but it does work. Are you on a good prenatal?
I have this pregnancy, been off yeast, corn and corn dirrivatives (ie. cornstarch and corn syrup ect.), and lessened my intake of sugar and wheat, and have been AWESOME healthy!! Good luck, Sweety. Preeclamsia sucks.  (+ info)

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