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my daughter and grand daughter have Ectodermal DYSPLASIA .We need a Dentist in the Torrance Ca,90503 area .?

One that's knows about ED.

Yep... 1-800-dentist... their ONLINE website can help, too.

Have a healthy day.  (+ info)

Will doctors extend time off of work with surgery for severe dysplasia?

i know my work won't mind me being out for a week as long as i have a note from my doctor. i have been having a ruff year and i wanted to know, do you think the doctor will extend my time off if i ask? i will be out for just a removal of severe dysplasia, i'm not sure what type of surgery i'm going in for but if it's something that i can be up and going by 1 or 2 days, can i ask for extra time so i can just relax and try to recoup?

Most doctors don't give you more time off than you need plus most employers know what length of time is required for just about every kind of surgery. I wouldn't push my luck. Employers are not very sympathetic for falsification of medical conditions/time off. Sorry for your rough year but we all have them. It just part of having problems and working.  (+ info)


Back in July my normal family doctor did a Pap and it came back abnormal. She did a few biopsys and it came back that I have Mild Dysplasia. I got pregnant 1 month later, so I started going to an OB for the baby. I had all my files transfered from my one doctor to the OB doctor. She was aware of the CIN 1 and told me back in November she would do a repeat Pap. Well here it is December and she KEEPS forgetting to check. I feel weird to keep reminding her. Maybe it's just not that inportant to have it monitored while pregnant? What should I do?

It is very important that this be followed up on. It can change fairly quickly. Of course, you cannot have the procedure to rid yourself of the abnormal cells until after the child is born. You should not have to remind your doctor about this. You may want to consider seeing another. The usual protocol for CIN 1 is to recheck every 3-6 months. CIN 1 can clear on its own - if it advances then treatment is necessary. I have had to deal with this in between two of my pregnancies.  (+ info)

Does anyone know if cervcal dysplasia can prevent conception?

We have been trying for 21/2 years, 1/06 my annual was normal, in 1/07 apparently I had advanced dysplasia. I know the reason I wasn't getting pg before the normal exam, but I had to have started developing abnormal cells immediately afterwards, so this past year, could the cells have been preventing conception?

im not sure, i suppose its possible. i got severe dysplasia after i had my first daughter. i had to have a procedure called a "leep", that cut out the bad section of my cervix. a few months later i was able to get pregnant with my second daughter. talk to your doctor, he/she should have more info. for you! good luck!  (+ info)

i have cin1 cervical dysplasia caused by hpv.can i same how cure my cin 1?

My doctor gave me interferon alfa,7 shots every other night.and told me to wait and see.But i want to know what else can i do ti improve my health?i have hpv high risk type 31.have any one has some expirience or knows something more??

I have had CIN III that was treated with surgery. There are some things you an do to help, but there are no guarantees. You can eat foods rich in antioxidants, take a multivitamin, no smoking (big no-no) and lower your stress level. Your immune system plays a vital role in HPV and cervical dysplasia. Most people can fight off HPV and cause it to go dormant, if it is not active it won't cause you any problems. However, if your immune system is weakened at all it can come out and cause havoc. So take care of yourself and try to boost your immune system. The good thing is CIN I is mild and many times can regress on its own, but you need to keep your appts. and listen to your doc. Good luck!  (+ info)

what is mild dysplasia grade 1 and how do you get it.?

A history of HPV infection is believed to be a prerequisite for the development of cervical cancer; according to the American Cancer Society, women with no history of the virus do not develop this type of cancer. However, most HPV infections do not progress to cervical cancer. Because the process of transforming normal cervical cells into cancerous ones is slow, cancer occurs in people who have been infected with HPV for a long time, usually over a decade (Greenblatt, 2005; Sinal and Woods, 2005).

High-risk HPV types 16 and 18 are together responsible for over 70% of cervical cancer cases (Baseman and Koutsky, 2005; Cohen, 2005). Type 16 causes 41 to 54% of cervical cancers (Noel et al., 2001; Baseman and Koutsky, 2005) and is also the usual cause of VIN (Edwards et al., 2005) and oropharyngeal cancers (Bolt et al., 2005).

If a woman has cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, or abnormal (possibly precancerous) cervical cells, a Pap smear can detect them. It is particularly important for women who have abnormal cervical cells to undergo colposcopy so that precancerous and cancerous lesions can be detected and treated early.


The condition of mild dysplasia or an ascus pap smear result will usually indicte the presence of the high risk strains of HPV genital wart viruses. When diagnosed with this condition it is recommended to have Pap smears and colposcopy every 4-6 months. Treatment is seldom recommended, because the progress to advanced stages usually takes several years and can easily be detected. The disease is linked to the sexually transmitted Human papilloma virus, which causes abnormal cells development. The condition of mild dysplasia or an ascus pap smear result will usually indicte the presence of the high risk strains of HPV genital wart viruses.  (+ info)


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Can a women get pregnant and have dysplasia?

Pregnancy and pre cancerous cells-can they happen at tthe same time? Ive had crypsurgery for this same reason years ago after the birth of my son and im now pregnant and im worried that god forbid this happen to me again, but that it did. Is this possible? My 1st prenatal visit isnt for a coulple of weeks but i was just wondering if this is something that can happen.

Pregnancy can actually aggravate cervical cells this is normal because the increase stress on the uterus due to pregnancy. Even though you have had cryo in the past that procedure only treated the current abnormal cells (or pre -cancerous). I would be more concerned about what is the usual cause of these abnormal cells and that is something called Hpv. I would request an Hpv test just to see if it is active at this time.. If it is there is a good chance that your pap could come back abnormal.. If that is the case the md will probably monitor you during your pregnancy through a service called colposcopy just to make sure everything is going okay. They will not do any biopies or any cryo till you deliver  (+ info)

What happens when the cervical dysplasia is gone but the high risk hpv is still present?

I was diagnosed with low-grade cervical dysplasia a while ago and following my most recent test I was told that I no longer had the dysplasia but the high-risk hpv that caused it was still there... Does this mean that cervical dysplasia could come back? And is it possible that the hpv could ever go away?

Yes, if you still have HPV present, then you could have a recurrence of cervical dysplasia. This mean you need to have regular Pap smears to monitor your progress.

Most women clear their infection eventually. But some women's infections persist indefinitely. I don't know which category you're in, but you will have to take a wait-and-see approach. In the mean time, you should take good care of yourself. Don't smoke (smoking is linked to greater risk of dysplasias), eat healthy and exercise so your otherall health and immune system are working well.  (+ info)

What is the difference between hyperplasia and dysplasia- and can anyone give me a reference for it?

I can't seem to find a book or journal article that specifically defines the difference between dysplasia and hyperplasia- any help would be much appreciated!

Hyperplasia is a general term referring to the proliferation of cells within an organ or tissue beyond that which is ordinarily seen

Dysplasia is a term used in pathology to refer to an abnormality of development.

Hyperplasia = excessive normal cells which are benign.
Dysplasia = excessive abnormal cells which can become malignant.  (+ info)

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