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Can you still have a vaginal birth after being diagnosed with a cervical ectropion?

Last week I was diagnosed with a cervical ectropian, and bled a lot. I had to stay in hopsital as I am 30 weeks pregnant. Will I still be able to have a vaginal birth? Everything seems to make it bleed including heavy lifting and vaginal examinations.

Obviously I am not privy to your obstetric history but cervical ectropian can occur during pregnancy and usually resolves itself after delivery. The friable endocervical epithelium bleeds easily when touched. In most cases there is no real reason why you can't have a normal vaginal delivery based on this alone.

Have a chat with the Obstetrician and he will tell you if there is any reason why you cannot give birth vaginally.  (+ info)

Does cervicitis caused by cervical ectropion during pregnancy cause preterm labor?

  (+ info)

What is a cervical ectropion? How is it caused and can it be cured? How?

Am not sure but its something to do with mucous type discharge around the cervix.. wherein this layers supposed to be around tissue called "epithelium" are getting generated more or in some problematic way...

Sorry maybe you could consult a real Doc on this one or perhaps use Online resources or Google..

I however, could just confirm that Pap Smear etc are needed for initial investigation & possibly further treatment..

But nothing is as serious as to keep worrying about..

Especially not this atleast, its all been getting treated..
So de-stress n relax.. infact these look cool=>
http://webanatomy.net/histology/epithelium/epithelial_index.htm  (+ info)

anybody know anything aboiut cervical ectropion?

iv been diagnosed but would it cause bleeding between periods?

Cervical ectropion

When the nurse was taking a smear test, she told me that I had ‘abrasion to the neck of the womb’ and asked whether intercourse is painful. (It isn’t.) She advised me to see the doctor in a few months’ time and, if it hasn’t cleared up, I may need to get it cauterized. Can this abrasion cause any long-term damage or infertility? I’m 29.

From what the nurse said, you are probably imagining that the cervix (neck of the womb, at the top of the vagina) has somehow been scratched or scraped during sex, and that it needs to heal up. I don’t think this is the case at all. I think the nurse was probably seeing what gynaecologists call ‘ectropion’ of the cervix. This used to be called ‘erosion’ or ‘abrasion’, but gynaecologists don’t use these terms any more, because they suggest the cervix is damaged, which is untrue.

Normally, the cervix looks pink and shiny. It has a hole in the middle, where the menstrual blood passes out from the uterus (womb) into the vagina. In some women, the area round the hole looks red and velvety instead of pink and shiny. This is ectropion.

If you looked at a pink and shiny cervix under the microscope, you would see that it is covered with flat cells. The cells in an area of ectropion are different. They are taller – known as columnar (because each one looks like a tiny column) – and more transparent. Because they are transparent, blood shows through, which gives the red appearance.

The columnar cells of ectropion are perfectly normal. They are not cancerous or pre-cancerous. In fact, they line the inside of the cervical hole in all women. So an ectropion simply means that the columnar cells are around the outside of the hole as well as inside it.

It seems that cells on the cervix become columnar when there is a lot of the hormone oestrogen around. Therefore ectropion is most common in women on the contraceptive pill and during pregnancy.

So ectropion is perfectly normal, and nothing to worry about. It does not affect fertility, and does not become cancerous. However, the columnar cells are more fragile than the flat cells, so an ectropion may bleed after intercourse. If this is troublesome, it can be treated by heat cautery or by freezing. After treatment, flat cells grow over to heal the area. Treatment is not always successful, because columnar cells may grow again, especially if the woman is still on the pill. Of course, any woman who has bleeding after intercourse should see her doctor, to check that it is ectropion and not something more serious.

The nurse mentioned painful intercourse. As far as I know, cervical ectropion is not painful. For more information about painful intercourse, look at our section on pain during sex.  (+ info)

does prisms in glasses cure double vision. i have double vision in one eye caused from ectropion surgery.?

The key here is that you are having monocular diplopia. That means seeing double out of one eye. This is caused by an abnormality in the transparent media such as the cornea or lens. If it is a result of ectropion correction, it should improve over time as the cornea resumes its normal shape. If not, a gas permeable contact lens may correct it.
Prism glasses reduce binocular diplopia. This is the double vision caused when one eye is looking at a different place than the other.
Bottom line: prism glasses will not help you.  (+ info)

Could it Be Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

I have pain in my pelvic area and also recently told by my dr that I have cervial ectropion which was causing me to bleed before/after periods and after sex. She tested for chlamydia but it was clear and has basically told me not to worry but I have been reading up and some of my symptoms seems like PID. I know it can affect fertility and this worries me. Can u get PID without an STI?

Chlamydia normally leads to PID if left untreated. Your pain is probably occurring because of your problem with your cervix. I shouldn't worry if you are clear of chlamydia. However, should you still be concerned it is worth going back to speak to your doctor or practice nurse. Try not to worry!  (+ info)

in age populations, decreased vision functioning is most commonly caused by?

its either 1 of 4 things..please help!!!!
3-retinitis pigmentosa

cataracts does impair a lot of people however it is correctable by surgery normally. Under the umbrella of Retinitis Pigmentosa is ARMD age related Macular disorder. This accounts for approx 1 in 5 people over the age of 65 being legally blind.  (+ info)

What is your favourite method of birth control and what is the best pill with least side effects?

I have been on birth control pills for 15 yrs. I'm in a committed mutually monogamous relationship. I developed bleeding due to an ectropion cervix (soft skin from the uterous emerges into the vagina causing bleeding). My concern is only pregnancy. I stopped all hormonal contraceptives & have switched to condoms & spermacide. I still get bleeding between periods and after sex, and so I'm thinking of going back on the pill. Which was the best pill you tried, with the least side effects? Which was the worst? and why? I'm not interested in the IUD as women in family all had problems with it. If you've experienced issues with an ectropion cervix, tell me if it healed naturally after stopping the pill? Thank you, ladies!

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Too young for a smear test?....................?

I am 21 years old and had a smear test a week ago, the minimum age is normally 25. I had an ectropion on my cervix producing a discharge (just getting to this process alone took aorund 9-10months...after numerous sexual infection tests and other tests and GP's and nurse not knowing wot was causing it)

The nurse at my GP's said she couldnt do a smear test because Im not old enough and the lab would just send my test back and not look at it...is this true? I was referred for the 2nd time to a womens clinic who did the smear and tests for infections AGAIN!).......when bein examined she found a growth which she sed could be a polyp but wasnt 100%sure...cud it be cancer? there is history in the family of polyps and ectropians

There is no absolute minimum age. When I was first training smears were virtually compulsory for all women wanting the pill, even if they were only 15 years old, provided they were already sexually active! Though it is by no means a rigid rule, smears are now usually started at age 20 years, again provided that sexual intercourse has already taken place.  (+ info)

can this be tattooed?

i have ectropion a condition that causes the eyelid to turn outward. i have had surgeries to correct it as much as possible but still doesnt look normal. i usually apllie eyeliner to cover the redness but it is very difficult and doesnt stay on for more thena couple of hours so i wanted to see if i could get eyeliner tattooed instead. the area is between the eyelashes and eye ball not where most would use eyeliner here is a link to a pic of an eye similar to mine. i mainly want the redness covered.
my eye looks like the middle pic of the blue eye thanks for your help

The wet tissue area that normally is present has often been tattooed but I am not one who agrees with this procedure at all. I don't think anything closer to the eye than the eyelash areas should be tattooed.

That ridge area does not tattoo well...it always looks milky and faded and going beyond that, where you have conjunctival tissue, is not going to tattoo well at all (especially a vascular area) and in fact, may cause the ink to migrate to other areas, cause infection, etc.  (+ info)

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