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What are the potential causes of edema in lower leg muscles?

I had an MRI done on my lower leg (between knee and ankle) to look for the source of pain that’s lasted for more than 10 months. Nothing showed up to explain this pain, but the MRI of both legs showed large white specks that the MD diagnosed as edema. What does this mean, and what might cause it? How can I reverse the damage?

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What causes stage 4 pitted edema and how is it treated?

This is the second bout of edema for me. My doctor suggested support hose and gave me script for relieving water retention. This pitted edema is itchy and I can actually scale off skin on my calves. I am 74 and in not terrible state of health for my age, but this has me curious about its cause and treatment.
Anyone out there with a modicum of nursing background, please jump right in.
Thanks to one and all and may you have MANY BLESSINGS.

It is most likely from congestive heart failure (CHF) given your age i would agree with the above poster it could be your kidneys, but its most likely your heart.

I would recommend walking, and buying the hose (make sure you buy a pair that properly fit). The water pill is the only thing that is going to help this. you will need to diurese (pee) off that extra fluid.

The other thing that you may need is an echocardiogram of your heart to see if it is pumping correctly, and a simple EKG to see if all the muscles in the heart are working in in good order. there are conditions with your heart valves, or the number of times your heart contracts that could be causing your edema.

Please stick with the meds, i know it is not fun to have to go to the bathroom all the time.  (+ info)

What are the treatment options for pitting edema in the lower extremities?

I have tried elevating the legs but this isn't always possible especially at work. Have a stent in the left coronary artery; on blood pressure medicine and aspirin regimen. Also bipolar disorder recently diagnosed. Taking Lithium and Risperdal. Also taking famotidine for stomach pain. Just worried that the edema is cardiac related and worry about Congestive Heart Failure. Heart problems are very predominant in family history.

have you been tested for liver or kidney disease? you mention you have mental disease...if these organs are malfunctioning, it can send all sorts of toxins into the brain, thus in turn causing mental illness and edema. if your having stomache pain could it be upper right quadrant pain (liver?)

i'd get tested for liver and kidney disease and then go from there....wish i could be more help.  (+ info)

What is small cell carcinoma, and why is edema in the upper body a serious complication.?

A family member has small cell carcinoma being treated with chemotherapy in the lung/thoracic area, and recently has developed edema in the arms and chest (not sure specifics of where in the chest the edema is). What is this type of cancer and what is the concern with the edema when it develops secondary to the cancer? Thank You.

oedema of the upper body is due to blockage (partial) of the superior vena cava (the main vein which drains the part of the body above the level of the heart). this is due to infiltration of the vein by the malignant tumour. its a bad prognostic factor.

as for small cell carcinoma, it is a highly malignant tumour of the lungs, and spreads rapidly. it also produces certain hormones that mimic hormonal imbalance states (paraneoplastic syndrome).

u can type in "small cell carcinoma" on wikiepedia and check the other details for urself.  (+ info)

What does plus 1 mean when talking about weight and edema?

I was at the Dr and she was looking at my Weight/Edema on my legs and she said that I am at plus 1 already. I am thinking it has to do with my edema but maybe not. I gained 27 pounds and I am 36 weeks pregnant.

This has to do with how much swelling on your legs. 1+ edema means that when she presses on your leg where swelling occurs, it takes 1 second for the skin to bounce back, or become even so that there is no indention left on the skin. The number is just how many seconds it takes to recoil. 1+ is not too bad. Keeping your feet up especially above the level of your heart and decreasing salty foods can help with swelling. Also drink plenty of water, dehydration causes more swelling because your body actually will hold on to fluid which will cause more swelling in the legs.Hope this helps. Good Luck!  (+ info)

How important is it for my mother to wear her tight socks for her edema in her feet and ankles?

My elderly mother has edema--pooling of fluids in her ankles and feet. Her doctor has recommended she wear tight fitting, thigh high stockings to keep the fluids out of her lower extremities. But the stockings are very hard for me as caregiver to put on and take off. She hates the whole process, as do I. The swelling is moderate. What bad things might happen if she doesn't wear the stockings and control the fluid in her ankles and feet?

Without her support hose, her legs will swell and become uncomfortable. Continuing to allow them to swell will stretch out her lymphatic system, allowing more swelling. Lymphatic fluid is the "garbage men" of the body, taking waste away that the blood can't handle. So swollen ankles can make her more susceptible to infection.

To aid in putting on the socks, get a "butler" - it's a heavy wire contraption that stretches out the sock so she can slide her foot into it. Then use rubber gloves (like the cleaning ones) to ease the stocking up her leg.

The socks should start out inside out (except the foot) and basically roll up her leg. Yes, they're a major pain to put on, but they really will keep her legs healthier.  (+ info)

How to get rid of feet and ankle swelling from edema?

My uncle has been suffering from edema for about over a year. His feet and ankles are swelled up and it is very hard for him to move around. He has tried everything from trying to limit salt intake to even wearing compression stockings. Is there anything he can do to get rid of this extra fluid in his feet and ankles?

Many times a doctor will give a diuretic for that. It's a medication that makes you pee. Has he tried that?

Does he have heart or kidney problems?  (+ info)

Is there an allergy to cold weather causing edema or swelling?

Hello. I'm just wondering about cold urticaria. I've read it shows symptoms of skin irritation and breathing difficulty. What about edema induced by cold temperatures? Is there such an allergy? What's it called?

I am putting in a reference to different type of hives. Cold urticaria is one of them. I had hives for 10 years and finally got rid of them by going on a gluten free diet following a diagnosis of celiac disease which is an intolerance to the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. You can get tested with blood work and possibly an endoscopy. If those tests are negative, you might try one or two months on a gluten free diet to see if it helps.

Good luck, Hives are a pain.  (+ info)

Does anyone know what I can do about pitted edema in my legs?

I currently have no health insurance, hopefully that will change soon. I have swelling in my legs, through some research I've discovered I have pitted edema. Is there anything I can do to treat myself at home until I get insurance. What happens if it goes untreated?

Dont self diagnose!!! The only thing that that will accomplish is scaring yourself!!! Go to a free clinic by your house and have it diagnosed there.... hopefully they can give you some tips on how to treat it and take care of it. Good luck!  (+ info)

what's the difference between apoplexy and cerebral edema?

i know apoplexy means sudden death but i want the clear explanation of both.is apoplexy similar to cerebral edema?Bruce lee died because of cerebral edema or apoplexy?

Apoplexy is due to sudden rupture of intracranial artery that cause severe brain hemorrhage while cerebral edema is due to swelling of brain tissue by fluid due to many causes  (+ info)

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