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What is the Difference Between Lyme and Ehrlichiosis Infections?

Both tick related. Is the difference the type of tick?

The same tick can transmit both infections at the same time.  (+ info)

I was diagnosed with rocky mountain spotted fever or ehrlichiosis nearly a month ago. Now I have changed?

I had a relatively mild case (no hospitilization) but now my sense of taste has changed, some of my favorite foods disgust me now, such as french fries. has anyone else experenced this? is it permenant? I also have joint pain particularly in my hips and espically in my hands, how long will this last?

Joint pain can be a common effect of this disease. I couldn't tell you how long it might last.

Also your changes in taste, sometimes called chemosensory disorder are very common after an injury or illness. What may have once been pleasant to you, now disgust you.

That will resolve itself eventually.  (+ info)

can lyme disease or Ehrlichiosis effect the liver?

effect the liver as in cause or contribute to focal nodular hyperplasia? (nodule of the liver)

If you have to explain what focal nodular hyperplasia is, you probably don't want that person to answer. As to your question, while Lyme dz and Erlichiosis affect the liver and cause mild abnormalities with elevated enzymes, they don't cause nodes. This is a common hepatic tumor (second most common) caused by a congenital AV defect.  (+ info)

how long do symptoms last for ehrlichiosis after the first day of antibiotics?

My friend has something. She went to the doctor and gave blood for tests. She received a negative for Lymes disease but they have not been certain for ehrlichiosis. She has not felt like eating anything but she still has enough food to get her through the day. This morning she got up and started to feel nauseated. She went to the bathroom to throwup (1st time in all of this) and she threw up alot of blood so we went to the doctor right away. She went to the local clinic and her blood pressure was way down so they sent her to the E.R. at a bigger hospital. She was told that she was bleeding internally. I was wondering if anyone knew of ANYTHING that they could to give me a little insight as to her problem? Could it be an ulcer from the antibiotic? She does not exercise much but her diet is good. She drinks alot of soda also to give her caffeinated energy. She is in her late 50's and has no history of stomach problems.

One dose of an antibiotic would not cause her to vomit blood. I would guess she might have an ulcer, gastritis or something in that line that caused the problem. Taking lots of ibuprofen or aspirin, being on a blood thinner could also contribute to this problem. She has now gotten appropriate treatment and her physician should be able to determine what might be causing her problem.  (+ info)

Help diagnose 55yr old male?

Fever, sweats, generalized weakness, anorexia, disoriented, polyuria, platelet count of 29, wbc of 2.5, elevated liver enzymes, decreased kidney function. All this came on sudden, within the last week. The doctors thought it could be Ehrlichiosis but ruled it out. Now they are testing for West Nile Virus. Before this he was a healthy person, so it's a real mystery. Any help would be appreciated.
He's in the hospital now being treated with antibiotics, but it's not helping.
Let me make myself a little more clear about the anorexia, it means lack of appetite.

  (+ info)

how high a temp is to high for an adult?

im being treated for ehrlichiosis and lyme disease.mainly for the 1st one though because blood test leaned towards it.well im not taking any subscribed pain medicine.for some reason doc wont.but ive hit a body temp of 103.1.so far since ive had this the temp has slowely done this,gone up everyday.when my temp spiked that high,i went outside for fresh air and drank some cold water.after awhile temp dropped to 102.5.so when is a temp getting dangerous,im 36yrs old.

105 is where you really need to be worried in the emergent sense. However, I would think that greater efforts need to be made to keep you afebrile.
I really suggest you get a second opinion and also have your treatment explained to you more throughly.  (+ info)

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