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What might be source of tuberculous sinus with cold abcess in suprasternal notch?

My friend is having chronic pus discharging sinus in the midline of neck in suprasternal notch. which is most probabaly of of tuberculous origin, but source of this abcess is still obscure.

You haven't told us why TB is the leading diagnosis, but I'll assume that it's been proven when I answer. TB can affect any part of your body and often ends up in lymphnodes. Once there, it grows and invades nearby tissues and can even make it's way to skin - that's how a sinus forms. If your friend has a sinus that errupted in the suprasternal noch, the location of the abscess is most likely in the tissues deep to that. My bet would be either the hilar or tracheal lymphnodes (which are around the first branch of the lungs and the trachea, respectively). The TB likely would have gotten there from first getting into the lungs and spreading to the nodes.

The only way to find out is to do a CT or an MRI of the chest. Fortunately, almost all forms of TB can be cured with medications now and surgery is a thing of the past.

Hope this helps!  (+ info)

Anyone know what is empyema or bronchitis ?

What are the symptoms and is empyema like pneumonia?

bron·chi·tis (brŏn-kī'tĭs, brŏng-)
1. Chronic or acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes.
2. A disease marked by this inflammation.
bron·chit'ic (-kĭt'ĭk) adj.

–noun Pathology. a collection of pus in a body cavity, esp. the pleural cavity.

Also called pyothorax.


1605–15; < LL < Gk empýēma abscess, equiv. to em- em- 2 + pyē- (var. s. of pyeîn to suppurate, akin to pýon, pýos pus) + -ma n. suffix denoting result of action  (+ info)

How do I remove my chest spot from my lungs(It appear on X-ray),which appear after I suffered from tuberculous?

I had been suffer from tuberculous 4 years ago and I had also suffered from pneumonia at my child age.

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is tuberculous epididymitis a sexually transmitted disease?

I am having tuberculous epididymitis ( found and treated within 15 days ). Is it sexually transmitted?


Venereal acquisition of male genital tuberculosis is unlikely, although cases of male-to-female transmission of genital tuberculosis have been reported.
Male genital tuberculosis usually is a manifestation of the usual pulmonary acquisition of tuberculosis.  (+ info)

Is a tuberculous test really necessary for ten month olds?

My first daughter never had to be tested for TB but I took my second daughter to her ten month check up and they told me TB testing is standardize testing for children this age. Is it really necessary? Did your children get tested? And what is TB, anyone know?

oh god.. I'm not going to explain that... i don't have the time... look it up on WEBMD or something....

my kids just got the shots for it.... but it's not a bad idea to test them... especially since the immigrants are bringing in the disease.. mostly asian not mexican.. (for once)

they don't do health screenings on immigrants anymore like they used to so that's why TB is on the rise... you have cases of mumps and polio and all kinds of stuff lately...  (+ info)

My grandfather had tuberculous, we had to take pills for years. why do I still test postive?

I was 5 of 6 at the time he had tuberculous, now I am 44. What does that mean. My brother and sisters were effected as well.
We spend a lot of time at my grandparents.

you are prob a carrier.....  (+ info)

at what earliest age tuberculous meningitis is known to occur?

i dont think theres an age limit - but they do have the shot for it now so make sure you get it.  (+ info)

how to differentiate tuberculous bone lesion in spine from metastatic ones on Tc 99m MDP bone scan?

In our setting large number of active bone lesions on MDP bone scan are wrongly labeled as metastatic. Can we improve the specificity of tuberculous bone lesion on radioisotope bone scan?

That is difficult, but i know in our clinic, mets is usually called when a lesion is found else where in the skeleton as well as the spine or skull. If there is a couple of lesions in the ribcage area and nowhwere wlse, our docs take the time to research the patient history and call it from there. And, if still unsure, then they will recommend a follow up.  (+ info)

What are the early systoms of Tuberculous?

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What is tuberculous and is it curable?

Tuberculosis is a contagious disease that is spread through airbourne particles -- if you are near somebody who has active tuberculosis -- you are exposed, and are at risk for developing tuberculosis.

Most frequently, it's seen as a respiratory illness -- it makes breathing less than easy. It is, however, able to be isolated in certain wounds of individuals who have been exposed.

Tuberculosis is diagnosed first by a mantoux. It's an intradermal injection . . . (just below the skin) typically on the fore-arm. It doesn't really hurt, or anything. The injection is then "read" 48-72 hours later. The test is either positive or negative.

A positive test doesn't mean that you have active tuberculosis -- rather that you have, at one point or another, been exposed to tuberculosis (or, have a sensitivity to the injection).

If the test is positive, a chest x-ray is necessary to determine if tuberculosis is active. If, in fact, the tuberculosis is active in your body -- then treatment is indicated. It is a very treatable illness. While once called consumption because of the wasting effects it had upon the body, it isn't common to die of tuberculosis in the industrialized nations -- because treatment is readily available.  (+ info)

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