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Can you have tuberculous for only 3 weeks?

not a chance it's highly contagious, you need to get checked out by the doctor, and anyone who's had immediate contact with you,  (+ info)

I want to ask about tuberculous, who know, please help me..?

My son 4 years old. He has tuberculous, his eye is weaken 5 diot, if he use medicine to treat tuberculous, his eye will be clearer?
where can I find out effectively information of this disease? please help me.

I was diagnosed with TB three years ago at the age of 16, I only had inactive TB but I worked very closely with my local health department and was treated and cured after taking INH for 9 months. If I were you I would try to contact your local health department and also check out the AMerican Lung Associations website because they havee alot of good information on it. I hope that all goes well for you and that your son makes it through, I know how you are feeling not knowing how or why. Another important aspect is to figure out where he contracted it so that you can contact others who your son may have come in contact with to have them tested. I contracted it at a job and would have never known about it if I hadnt left that job and started one at a facility that tested for TB, if not it could have come back and started 20 years done the road. GOD BE WITH YOU  (+ info)

How Contagious is TUBERCULOUS (T.B.)?

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (Excerpt)
"On average, people have a 50 percent chance of becoming infected with TB if they spend eight hours a day for six months or 24 hours a day for two months working or living with someone with active TB, researchers have estimated."  (+ info)

Medicine for Tuberculous meningitis & Hydrocephalus“?

Could you please let me know the medicine details for Medicine for Tuberculous meningitis & Hydrocephalus?
Is this a long treatment if yes how much approx it will take? Any guess? Any details at this moment will be highly appreciated?

Thanks , ~Nitesh
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  (+ info)

what are the early systoms of Tuberculous?

TB mainly affects your lungs (pulmonary tuberculosis), and coughing is often the only indication of infection initially. Signs and symptoms of active pulmonary TB include:

A cough lasting three or more weeks that may produce discolored or bloody sputum
Unintended weight loss
Slight fever
Night sweats
Loss of appetite
Pain with breathing or coughing (pleurisy)  (+ info)

what is ,explain,Tuberculous myoradiculitis, Thanks?

Do you mean "Tuberculous myeloradiculitis"?
Radicular pain, or radiculitis, is pain "radiated" along the dermatome (sensory distribution) of a nerve due to inflammation or other irritation of the nerve root (radiculopathy) at its connection to the spinal column. Myo- means muscle. Tuberculous means infected with TB.
Although “myelo” refers to spinal cord and “radiculo” refers to the nerve roots, infection of one generally results in pathology of the other. Presentation may be acute or chronic.  (+ info)

Cause of “Tuberculous meningitis & Hydrocephalus“?


Anyone please tell me the reason or Cause of “Tuberculous meningitis & Hydrocephalus“

Thanks, ~Nitesh
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Fever and headache are the cardinal features. Confusion is a late feature and coma bears a poor prognosis. Meningism is absent in a fifth of patients with TB meningitis. Patients may also have focal neurological deficits.

Diagnosis of TB meningitis is made by analysing CSF collected by lumbar puncture. When collecting CSF for suspected TB meningitis, a minimum of 1ml of fluid should be taken (preferably 5 to 10ml).The CSF usually has a high protein, low glucose and a raised number of lymphocytes. Acid-fast bacilli are sometimes seen on a CSF smear, but more commonly, M. tuberculosis is grown in culture. A spiderweb clot in the collected CSF is characteristic of TB meningitis, but is a rare finding.
The treatment of TB meningitis is isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide and ethambutol for two months, followed by isoniazid and rifampicin alone for a further ten months. Steroids are always used in the first six weeks of treatment  (+ info)

what is a tuberculous waver? A parent was signing one of these at my daughter's school. Should I be concerned?

There are many reasons why this waver is used. One reason is if a child is adopted from another country..tuberculosis is becoming more prevalent as immigration increases. So if the family are immigrants this is why they would need to sign a waver. If you search the web by just writing tuberculosis waver you will find loads more information. This is law in the US though not sure if it applies to any other country. Good luck and I'm sure you have nothing to be worried about..Hope this helps  (+ info)

what is tuberculous?

What are the names of the treatments/ pills? What happens in your body? How long does it take to get out of your system?

Tuberculosis is the deadliest disease in human history, killing more people than even than Black Death. However, nowadays, most strains of tuberculosis can be easily cured with antibiotics. Tuberculosis is very uncommon in the developed but can be seen among those who live at the fringes of the society (the homeless, or drug addicts) or among the immunocompromised (AIDS patients). The classic symptoms of TB are coughing, coughing up blood, and chest pain. TB bacteria is most often found in the lungs, but can spread to other parts of the body. It inflicts damage by destroying tissue. The course of treatment for TB is generally very long compared to other bacterial infections, about 6-12 months. During this time, it is absolutely essential to take the course of antibiotics, even if symptoms subside, because the disease can flare up again. Because TB is common among people living at the fringes of society, it is often not taken care of adequately in those individuals, who may stop taking the medication when symptoms subside. Because the bacteria aren't completely dead, this has given rise to multi drug resistant strains of TB, which could prove dangerous if they get out among the general public  (+ info)

what is the difference between an asylum and a sanatorium?

Is there even a difference? Or are they just different names for them? I am well aware that sanatorium's were used to rehabilitate tuberculous patients, but other ones were also established. If you could help me out that would be wonderful.
Are sanatorium's just a worse place to be than a mental institution(if they still exist)?

Traditionally, sanatoriums were places where tuberculosis patients were housed and asylums were where the insane were housed. When the use of sanatoriums went out of fashion (thanks to the development of antibiotics), the word's meaning gradually evolved so that today it is pretty much synonymous with asylum.

This answer may be different if you're outside the United States - I don't know much of anything about the evolution of other languages.  (+ info)

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