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Chronic Pain, Ultram ER Mystery Symptom?

First, I've told a Dr. about it, but I am searching for more Info. Maybe someone else dealing with similar chronic pain/pain meds, etc. Any info is appreciate.

So, I have been taking Ultram ER for about 6 months. Recently My dosage was upped to 200 mg/daily by my pain mgmt doctor. Also I take Ultracet (tramadol) 37.5 mg (as needed every 4 hours).

I recently noticed, that I have had a strange phenomenon happening that I believe could be a possible side effect?

When I told my Dr's they ran some tests but did not find anything really.

The symptom is hard to explain, but basically a couple hours after I fall asleep I am in a sort of awake dream. My whole body feels completely numb, I can't move or snap out of it. Tingly everywhere. When I finally do awake, I still feel tingly, although the symptoms are subsiding significantly, and I stand up very dizzy to the point where I fall down almost. It was pretty scary and doesnt happen every night but more like once or twice every couple weeks.

Here's some backgound on me and my coniditions as I realize there may be other causes. 24, male, fit, athletic, non-smoker, no recreational drug use. 2 years ago, my lung spontaneously collapsed. ER, placed a small chest tube to reinflate my lung. The tube failed. A second tube was placed in my chest. The tube reinflated my lung. As I was to be released, I fell very very Ill. After a week in the hospital running tests, a week in ICU, loss of 25% body weight (near death), another chest tube (3) they finally found I had a staph infection in an empyema on my chest wall/lung. They did an emergency thoracotomy (scraping the infection out of my lung, removing small piece of my lung, and scraping my chest wall). Released after 4 weeks hospitalized. 4 more weeks IV antibiotics as outpatient. Severe chronic pain following. 4 radiofrequency ablation treatments on intercostal nerves to remove (some) pain. Chiropractor, Physical Therapy, Post Op Pain Meds (Oxy Codone, Percocet, Lyrica, Celebrex, Ultram ER, Ultracet). 2 Years moderate-severe Post Thoracotomy Chronic Pain Syndrome. Well thats the basics.

I told my doctor as well and got a similiar response, I have a whole team of pain doctors too. The ran MRI's other tests, seemed concerend but couoldn't figure it out and didn't seem to think it was the meds. Also I started on a l ower dose, but it's been raised over time. I dont know. Glad I actually got a a response though. Thanks.

Wow- That's a lot of tramadol.. I am on Ultram it's just the regular 50mg tabs, I take around 4 a day. Anyhow, w/ Ultracet being Ultram as well, just a lower dose, still being taken on top of Ultram I would imagine will put you at higher risks for seizures.. I'm not sure if you are have small ones.. I CAN tell you this tho, I have taken my dose close to bedtime and experienced something similar, and have always wondered what it is/was.. So it MUST be the meds... I have spoken to my doc, and he kinda looked at me odd.  (+ info)

Do I eat healthily and what to do about skinny fat?

I eat all organic. Everything i eat is organic and I don't eat real butter I eat a vegan substitute. I eat a lot of veggies cause my mom has tuberculous and we eat pretty well. It has been years since I've had a burger. I rarely eat meat eat a lot of fish. We eat broccoli and kale and tons of spinach. However I do have occasional desserts like ice cream and snacks like popcorn but organic low sodium and such. I haven't actually gone and added exact calories but after a basic addition I know I eat a little less than 1200 calories a day. Is this a healthy diet? I am a skinny fat person- I'm skinny with deposits of fat around my abdominals. What do I need to do to combat this fat

probably just exercise--walking or cardio and weights.  (+ info)

How will my this birthday go on 6th nov ? My date of birth is 1978?

I want good health for my parents especially for my father who is a heart patient, gastric patient and got tuberculous infection on his right ankle and eye infection as well and anxiety problem also. He has sleepless nights.

May god bless u, every thing will be fine,kiss ur parent on ur birhtday, may god give them health and joy "Aamin"  (+ info)

Cause of “Tuberculous meningitis & Hydrocephalus“?


Anyone please tell me the reason or Cause of “Tuberculous meningitis & Hydrocephalus“

Thanks, ~Nitesh
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Font SizeA A A Definition of Tuberculous meningitis

Tuberculous meningitis: Meningitis due to tuberculosis. Tuberculous meningitis is the most severe form of tuberculosis. It causes severe neurologic deficits or death in more than half of cases.

The pattern of tuberculous meningitis in the population is different in different areas of the world. In areas with much tuberculosis, tuberculous meningitis usually affects young children. It develops typically 3 to 6 months after the primary tuberculosis infection. By contrast, in areas with less tuberculosis, tuberculous meningitis tends to strike adults. It may follow a primary infection but, more frequently, is due to reactivation of an old focus of tuberculosis that had been dormant, sometimes for many years.

Tuberculois meningitis begins insidiously with a gradual fluctuating fever, fatigue, weight loss, behavior changes, headache, and vomiting. This early phase is followed by neurologic deficits, loss of consciousness, or convulsions. A dense gelatinous exudate (outpouring) forms and envelops the brain arteries and cranial nerves. It creates a bottleneck in the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, which leads to hydrocephalus. The development of arteritis and infarctions of the brain can cause hemiplegia or quadriplegia.

A high index of suspicion is essential to diagnose the disease because early diagnosis is the key to a satisfactory outcome. If tuberculous meningitis is seriously suspected, treatment should start immediately. Treatment involves chemotherapy to control and eradicate the infection, management of hydrocephalus and elevated intracranial pressure, and immunomodulation with corticosteroids (cortisone-like drugs such as prednisone).

Hydrocephalus is a term derived from the Greek words "hydro" meaning water, and "cephalus" meaning head, and this condition is sometimes known as "water on the brain". People with this condition have abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the ventricles, or cavities, of the brain. This may cause increased intracranial pressure inside the skull and progressive enlargement of the head, convulsion, and mental disability.

Hydrocephalus is usually due to blockage of CSF outflow in the ventricles or in the subarachnoid space over the brain. In a normal healthy person, CSF continuously circulates through the brain and its ventricles and the spinal cord and is continuously drained away into the circulatory system. In a hydrocephalic situation, the fluid accumulates in the ventricles, and the skull may become enlarged because of the great volume of fluid pressing against the brain and skull. Alternatively, the condition may result from an overproduction of the CSF fluid, from a congenital malformation blocking normal drainage of the fluid, or from complications of head injuries or infections.

Infants and young children with hydrocephalus typically have abnormally large heads, because the pressure of the fluid causes the individual skull bones — which have yet to fuse — to bulge outward at their juncture points. Compression of the brain by the accumulating fluid eventually may cause convulsions and mental retardation. Hydrocephalus occurs in about one out of every 500 live birthsand was routinely fatal until surgical techniques for shunting the excess fluid out of the central nervous system and into the blood or abdomen were developed.

Usually, hydrocephalus need not cause any intellectual impairment if recognized and properly treated. A massive degree of hydrocephalus rarely exists in normally functioning people, though such a rarity may occur if onset is gradual rather than sudden.  (+ info)

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