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How do I find a good opthalmologist in Southern California? How about California?

I wore contact lens for couple of years back in around 2001. After that when I sleep, sometimes I wake up due to pain in my eye, when my eye ball move(probably from rem sleep) and feels like inside of my eye lid is stuck to my eye ball. I immediately get lots of discharge from my eye. After a while(maybe 10 minutes), pain goes away and discharge stops and feel normal and I go back to sleep. I haven't worn contact lens for about 4 years because of it but seems this symptom persists. I only have this problem when I sleep. Sometimes my eyes are very sensative to light as well. How do I find a good opthalmologist to treat this symptom? Anywhere in Southern California(LA, OC, riverside, Sanbernardino). Thanks.

here i am  (+ info)

In California is it still legal to grow your own marijuana for medical purposes?

I'm doing research on marijuana so the people from California need your help with this.

Yes it is legal and no county permit is needed. California Suprema Court just recently ruled that putting limits on how many plants a patient can grow can not be limited to 6 flowering and 12 vegetative plants cause it violate Prop 215. Prop 215 states that one can have up to 99 plants. Cause not every plant will produce several pounds of dried flower, but they vary from a plant being 2 inches tall and having only half a gram of dried flower, to a 6 footer with a few pounds of dried bud. But all must be for personal use.  (+ info)

What is the price of shipping to California from Forever 21 warehouses?

I am purchasing about 9 items from Forever 21. I am wondering what is the shipping price to get it to California. If it makes a difference, I am purchasing about $55 worth of items.

Thank you!
I am not looking for answers such as "idk" or "try this store"

I have what I want lined up, but I am wondering the shipping.

http://www.nikesea.com is good , i buy 12 items for there.for shipping fee $12 in total.and get my pakage within 5 days, and i am happy about it, they seem to be pretty good on customer service.  (+ info)

Where in california can i buy various dried nuts for fruitcake commercial production.?

Looking for stores in california selling unflavored almonds, pecan nuts, hazel nuts, walnuts sold by the kilo or by the bag.

You might try Diamond Sunsweet (although i think it's Sun-Diamond now) or Blue Diamond. Both are in the Central Valley of CA (from Stockton to Fresno), In Modesto there are two Blue Diamond outlet-type stores selling to consumers, but it sounds like you need wholesale, which they also do. You might also try "googling" for those companies that are in your general area.  (+ info)

What is the best winery in paso robles california?

I love the wineries in this area of california and I was wondering what the best winery down there is? Or atleast what people like down there.

tobin james is good as well as adeliaida cellers man i live here in paso its all good!!!!  (+ info)

How do I start a at home daycare in California?

I am an expecting mother. My boyfriends sister and I are thinking about starting a at home daycare how would I begin doing do? I know its sorta a long process so where would I begin. I am in California. Thanks

grab a bunch of kids off the street bring em' home lock your door.. then when there parents come lookin foir them tell them they must pay you for looking after your kids...

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In what ways does Tex-Mex food differ from California Mexican food, indeed if it is different at all?

What about Arizona and New Mexico while we're at it? I know real Mexican food is a lot different from its American hybrid, but in what ways do American regional varieties differ from one another? For example, in Texas, Mexican food is prepared in such a way while in California, it is done in another way. Thanks!

Different styles and different ingredients depending on where the early (and majority) of the immigrants are from.

Tex, Colorado, & New Mex areas are pretty similar. Green anaheim chiles, smothered burritos and the stew that we call green chili are very important. Refried pinto beans, "spanish" rice.

California is Mission style - fish tacos, rice and beans included in a handheld burrito, whole black beans.

In the Pacific North West (where I am now), "green chili" is a thinner, tomatillo based sauce, food is milder, more Americanized, *except* in the ever increasing number of "taco trucks" in parking lots. Real, honest, authentic Mexican tacos! Soft corn tortillas, cotija cheese, radishes and limes on the side. Yeehaa!  (+ info)

What are some great clothing stores for teens in California?

I live in California down by Orange County. I would like to buy some clothes (obviously) for my best friend and is turning 15. So I was thinking I can get her some fashionable clothes and some really cute ones. But didnt really no what clothing store to go to... Any Ideas?! HELP!

try it http://www.nike2nike.com/Brand-Clothing-c-1590.html  (+ info)

How old do you have to be to adopt a child in California?

My co-worker wants to adopt a child and she 22 years-old but she sooo old she never really gose out or do anything at all!!! She interesting in adopting. But California has all these laws so you cant be sure in California?

It depends on the agency. I think through the foster care system, you have to be 21. She might want to consider fostering before she jumps into adoption. There are lots of kids who need foster homes.  (+ info)

Can I get Dungeness crab shipped from Canada to California?

A friend of mine lives right on the water in British Columbia. She wants to ship live/just caught in her own crab traps to me in California. What/how does she go about accomplishing this, so I can enjoy them? Shipping restrictions, packing/packaging and any Canadian laws she has to adhere to?

yes you can  (+ info)

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