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How much does it cost to adopt a kid in California?

How much does it cost to adopt a kid in California from a public agency? How much does it cost after all the fees and stuff and what kind of fees are there? Also what is the process like--how long, what do you go through etc?

Depends on the agency. You can expect a background check, references checked, home inspection, lots of training, medical exams, lots of paperwork. From start to finish---1-2 yrs.  (+ info)

What is the licensure requirement for mental health counseling in the state of california?

I am really interested in becoming a Mental Health Counselor but I live the state of California. From my understanding, California is the last state to pass this law for licensure the these type of counselors. I wanted to know what are the requirements besides a masters degree? ex. practium hours, internship, what accrediation does the school has to have in order to be able to sit for licensure, what type of classes are needed, thanks! I truly appreciate it-Jessica

Try calling the Mental Health Association. I'm sure they would know the answer or at least be able to tell you who to get in touch with.

Have you tried stopping by a mental health clinic and speaking to one of their therapists.  (+ info)

What kind of bikini should I wear for vacation in California?

I have not been to California but I like the people I meet from there. Where is best to go how to look?
Thank you Kate. My frend Jeff lives in San Diego so I will go there first or last. But he is geek only a friend.
Thank you all but do you have anything provocative but not too over the top.



Something like this would be good. Provocative, but not over the top.  (+ info)

What are some profession high quality tattoo parlors in southern california?

I've decided to get my 1st tattoo, ive been wanting one for years and finally gonna do it. So I'm doing research in finding the best place to get it, i'm looking for a really professional, safe, quality & clean enviroment. Preferrably in southern california..Any suggestions?

Hardball Ink in Orange
All american Tattoo in fullerton
Mr. Lucky's Fine Tattoo in fullerton
Future tattoo and body piercing in fullerton

Those are a few of the best. email me if you want any more info  (+ info)

When is the best time to visit Wine country in California?

I'm in the early stages of planning a honeymoon for June of 2008 and was wondering if June was a good time to visit Napa and Sonoma Counties in California.

June is a BEAUTIFUL month to visit. The temperature is moderate and the tourist season is not yet in full swing.
Here are a couple of suggestions for wineries you may want to visit: Mondavi, Beringer, Sterling, Clos Pegasse just to name a few. Each are different, so you can get good perspectives of the industry. (These are in Napa County) Also you may visit the Wine Center in Downtown Napa Ist or 2d St. off the Silverado Trail. My favorite restaurant is Mustards, a casual roadside diner. Two romantic hotels are Meadowwood and Auberge de Soleil. Stroll downtown Calistoga and St Helena. Cute shops. Calistoga is also famous for their mud baths..very relaxing! If you want more adventure then you should schedule a balloon ride over the Valley, or even a glider ride! I could go on and on, no, I'm not in the Chamber of Commerce!
Sonoma is a charming town, built around the town square. Again, lots of shops. And, of course, good restaurants and lots of wineries.
Pick up a guide from AAA and buy a copy of Sunset magazine, which always has lots of ads for Napa and Sonoma. Also buy a Zagat guide for restaurants.  (+ info)

Is it possible to have a VERY MILD case of Encephalitis or Meningitis in the past, and not know it?

Is it possible to have a VERY MILD case of Encephalitis or Meningitis in the past, and not know it? If so, will it show up in some bloodwork later in life, or once its gone, is there a way to see if you had it in the past?
I know both are extremely dangerous and can make you terribly ill or they can even be fatal, but is it possible to have had a very mild case of either, and not know what it was?
I hope I explained this good enough. Thank you in advance.

I do not believe that it is possible to tell after the illness has passed. In Meningitis, the way to tell if there is an active infection is with a spinal tap to look for the presence of the bacteria or virus in the spinal fluid. With illnesses like chicken pox, there is a test that can be performed that looks for specific antibodies -- that's how you can tell if you've had it in the past. Meningitis is not one of those 'get it once' type of illnesses. Although less than 2% of those ever infected get it again, it's a luck of the draw. I know; I've had it twice.  (+ info)

Is there a California Law that prohibits returning unopened infant formula to retailers?

I wanted to return some baby formula I purchased from Walmart, but they lady there told me that I could not and there was a California law. What law? I'm pretty sure I've returned formula to Costco before.

u cant in arizona its because you could have poke it with a needle thats what i was told but i think because people purchase it with WIC or food stamps and then try to return it for cash or gift card. i had 9 cans of formula from WIC and then the doctor changed her to soy and the store would not exchange them so gave them back to WIC but didnt get new vouchers or anything until a month or two later.  (+ info)

What is with the warning label saying a product contains chemicals known to California to cause cancer etc?

Why is California the only state mentioned?

This warning was on a can of artificial snow I recently purchased.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

California has higher regulations than what the Federal guidelines call for, particularly with lead.

If the product is being sold in California, it is required to have the label on the packaging. Since most items available there are sold nationwide, the rest of us benefit from it.

Once the other states get with the program, or the Feds catch on, you'll see the label updated.  (+ info)

How do you get a license to grow medical marijuana in California?

I have a license to buy it but I'd like to learn how to grow it. Anyone know how you do that in California? Where do dispensaries get their product?

There is Oksterdam University they have a couple campuses in california...  (+ info)

How do you apply for get medicaid for pregnant women in California?

I heard that there was a medicaid or medi-cal for pregnant women, how do you apply for medi-cal or medicaid for pregnant women in California? The more info the better, step by step would be great!

you need to go to your local social services building.
you can find this by googleing "social services (your zip code)"

after you find the closest one to you, you need to just go in and apply.
i would recommend going around 12 or 1 pm.
just because there is a huuuuge line in the morning.

you should take your proof of income, residence, your ID, proof of pregnancy from your doctor, bank statements from all your accounts, tax forms...
anything you think you may need, really.
it took me a few days to apply because i had to keep coming back the next day with different papers.

remember to bring a good book lol
i had to wait 3 or 4 hours a day just for them to tell me that they needed another proof of something before they could accept me.
=/  (+ info)

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