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Is it true that coma due to encephalitis can be reversible, meaning patients can wake up after some time?

My grandpa has been in a coma due to encephalitis for more than 5 months now, the doctors couldn't figure out the virus that is causing it and recently, he got transferred back to home but still remain unconscious.His eyes move a bit whenever we talk to him but thats about it.Is that any chances that he can wake up someday?

  (+ info)

How old do you have to be to drink non-alcoholic beer in California?

What age do you have to be to drink and buy non-alcoholic beer in the state of California?

non alcoholic beers can be drank by anyone is any state at any age. is has lose to no alcohol, thus no reason for an age limit.

In the US non-alcoholic beer can be sold to under 21's providing there is less than 1/2 of 1 percent alcohol by volume in the product.
It's worth mentioning that a business may decide not to sell the product to under 21's by it's own policy and can legally do this because non-alcoholic beer is not regulated by the liquor control board.  (+ info)

What is on the McCain International California chicken Pizza?

I'm trying to make this pizza at home...but I can't remember what the sauce is called! This is for the california Chicken pizza, not the Texas Chicken one.
To the first responder: Unfortunatly, they list only the ingredients...not what the sauce is, heh. But thank you anyways!

Go to www.mcCain.ca and select pizzas. The ingredients are all listed for all pizza they produce..  (+ info)

How would I be able to find an alcohol rehabilitation program in Sacramento, California?

My husband has always turned to alcohol whenever he has problems. Lately, though, it has become a habit. Fortunately, he has seen what he has done to himself, and now admits that his alcohol-drinking has gotten out of hand. He's willing to get treatment now. We live in Sacramento, California. I just want to know how I could find an alcohol rehabilitation program for him.

You could try calling help hotlines. They will have counselors ready to talk to you about your husband's addiction to alcohol. They will also help you find the right alcohol rehabilitation center in your area where you can bring your husband to. Try dialing 800-559-9503.

Best of luck to you and your husband!  (+ info)

What are good places to sell back your Jewelry in Hanford or Lemoore California?

I have a jade elephant necklace that I have absolutely no use for and wish to get rid of it, so I was wondering if anyone knew of jewelry places that will buy back this necklace in Hanford or Lemoore California. Preferably if they will give you cash for it and not store credit.

You would get more money for it on Craig's List.  (+ info)

What do i have to have to start a hash bar in southern california?

I live in san bernardino california and am interested in starting a hash bar for those with medical liscenses for medical marijuana. Any clues as to what i need to do to get started?

Have money, location and enough marijuana plants.  (+ info)

How to get your cosmetology liscence in california?

I went to cosmetology school in arizona and I just graduated. I am no going to be moving back to california and will be taking my state board over there. If any one could let me know what's on their state board I would really appreciate it . Thanks.

Not sure if this will help you or not, But here's a link to a Practice test for the California State board. http://www.stateboardquiz.com/quiz_info.php?quiz_id=2  (+ info)

How much does Hernia Operation cost in California without any insurance?

My father needs to have surgery because he has Hernia, We were going to plan to go to el salvador but it cost to much and might not even be a good job. How much would it cost in California without any insurance?

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - healthquotes.awardspace.info  (+ info)

Do I really have to go all the way to California to get weed?

I live in Oklahoma and need marijuana for medical reasons.
If I can find a sympathetic Doctor in Oklahoma to prescribe it, could I just mail that to California and get the prescription filled, or do I really have to fly all the way to California?
I should mention , I'm not sure I could find a Doctor here in Oklahoma to write such a prescription.

You would have to have it filled in person, and take it while in California.  (+ info)

What makeup school has the best reputation in the high fashion industry in southern California?

I want to be a makeup artist for the high fashion industry and was thinking of attending MUD in Burbank or MKC Academy in L.A. but don't know which one is better or if there is a better school in southern California.

I'm more familiar with MUD in Burbank than MKC, and plus MUD has a wider variety of makeup styles. Not only fashion and beauty makeup, but special effects makeup. Plus it looks like it's a little cheaper. Good luck!  (+ info)

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