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How does the Varicella-zoster virus interact with the body to cause the symptoms of chickenpox?

What you're asking is what is the pathophysiology of the disease, right? The virus enters the respiratory tract and quickly replicates. VZV is an enveloped, double-stranded DNA virus. It attaches to the wall of the cell it invades and then enters the cell. The virus uncoats and is transported to the nucleus where the viral DNA replicates creating new virions that are eventually released from the cell to infect other cells. Since there's gas exchange in the respiratory tract, the virus is certainly small enough to enter the blood and then is carried through the bloodstream to the skin where it causes a rash. While the virus is in the bloodstream (before the rash begins) it causes typical viral symptoms like fever, fatigue, joint pains, headache, and swollen glands. These are immune responses. Kinda fundamental.

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Can anyone interpret varicella zoster lab results?

I got this test done among other tests to identify any fertility problems. My value was 2.86, but I have no clue what this means. Anyone knows how to interpret this? Thanks!!

This is exactly what it said:

Your Result

That means that you had previous chicken pox infection. Your antibody (IgG) will never turn negative. Varicella belongs to the herpes virus family. Once you have it....you will have it for life! Beware.....you might get shingles in the future.  (+ info)

What kingdom does the virus Varicella-Zoster Virus(VZV) belong to?

alsooo i need what phylum it is in too.

Virus do not belong to the 5 kingdom of life classification. Viruses are not defined as a living organism therefore they do not belong to a kingdom or phylum.  (+ info)

Has anyone heard of varicella zoster virus?

My daughter has something going on with all the same symptoms. She has been to doctor & they have no idea. She's going to doc in a week & going to show him what we found. Just wondering if anyone else knows anything about this & how to deal with it? All help appreciated.
My daughter is 23 years old & had chicken pox when she was about 4 years old.
She also had mono at age 5 years old.

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Chicken Pox and Varicella Zoster Virus ?

i know that chicken pox is caused by Varicella Zoster Virus. But how does the Varicella Zoster Virus make your skin have red spots? I have been searching on google for the past hour!!


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Does the pathogen Varicella Zoster Virus affect other animals other than humans?

No. Humans are the only source of infection for this highly contagious virus.

Varicella zoster, the causative agent for chicken pox, is a member of the herpesvirus family. There are different herpesviruses that cause disease in other mammals.  (+ info)

how does varicella zoster virus cause the disruption of human health?

Interested in the answers. I would guess a virus in the body would cause various disruptions. Might mask other health problems. Compromise your immune system. False readings of white blood cells. Tagger  (+ info)

Can you have Herpes Zoster if you have never had varicella?

Herpes Zoster is a type 1 herpes virus...caused by a virus in your body.
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Is the virus that causes chicken pox (Varicella Zoster) aerobic or anaerobic?

I can't locate this ANYWHERE online. I'm trying to figure out that and its motility...no such luck :(

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PLEASE HELP ME!!!! does the varicella zoster virus (chicken pox and shingles) have DNA or RNA?

I NEED TO KNOW BY TOMORO!!! does the varicella zoster virus have DNA or RNA??? i need to know. so if u could please find out and tell me or if u already know please answer. thank youu!!!

It is a DNA virus. The only RNA virus that i know of is Hepatitis A. as compare to other heps that all are DNA.  (+ info)

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