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What are some good Middle Eastern foods?

My brother and I want to make an exotic, delicious Middle Eastern food. So does anyone have any good recipes??
A rice dish would be pretty good.

Shawermas they rock  (+ info)

Do Indians and Middle-Eastern people have different skin undertones?

I know that Indians and Middle-Eastern people have different skin tones. I have read that Indians have a yellow skin undertone, but what do middle-eastern people have.

Or what about some of those Indians who have different backgrounds an are fair-skinned and get pink easily? Are their undertones pink like other light-sinned people?
i know indians are more brown, i'm asking about undertones!

indians have yellow undertones

so mddle-eastern peole have?

Indians tend to have darker brown skin while middle-eastern people are tan skinned but lighter.  (+ info)

Can I be a polite vegetarian in Eastern Europe?

I am going to be spending a month in Eastern Europe. I am a vegetarian, which my host family understands, but I will also be visiting other families, etc. How can I politely tell people that I can't eat the dish they have spent so much time on? How do I deal with people trying to convince me to eat meat? How can I help people understand what EXACTLY I don't eat? And what do I do if I find out that a dish that I thought was vegetarian has meat? I want to be respectful of the time and energy they have put into hosting and feeding me, but I DON'T want to compromise my beliefs.
I have talked to my host family about it and they are fine with it. The Polish woman who helps arrange the trip is vegetarian as well! I repeat, I am NOT TRYING to be rude. I will do my best to NOT be rude. I am fine with other people eating meat, I just choose not to. What I am asking for is tips on being polite about this. I am NOT asking for a debate on whether or not I should be a vegetarian! I'm sorry, I really don't mean to be rude, but I'm sure there are other places where you could share your oppinions on that. Anyway, sorry about that little tangent!

I’m not from Europe, nor have I ever had the pleasure of visiting, so my opinion comes solely from how I would personally approach the situation.

First of all, if I had already broached the subject with the host family, I would go a step further and ask their opinions on how to handle the situation when eating elsewhere. That’s a biggie.

Beyond that, I would handle it just as I do here pretty much, although I would be a bit meeker in my questions and explanation out of respect to their culture.
At a meal, if there was a question about what was in a certain dish, I would probably avoid any dishes that weren’t obvious. (Now, if it turned out to be a very relaxed type of situation, I might ask the cook before the meal which items didn’t contain meat.)
If I was questioned as to why I was passing on certain things, I would simply explain that I was a vegetarian and don’t eat any meat, seafood, or meat products. (of course here you would add what you do not eat specifically as there are different types of vegetarians and different degrees)
If they seem offended, you can politely tell them it’s simply a personal belief of yours, but that you respect their beliefs on the matter and have no issue with it.
If anyone pushes it further and tries to get you to eat the meat, you can explain to them that since your body is not accustomed to eating meat, it is likely to make you quite ill if you were to eat it. (which is true for many people, including myself) That should hopefully end the matter, without having to get into any heavy discussion where you have to defend your beliefs. If they go beyond that point they are the ones being rude and if it were me, I would stick with a persistent and repeated “no thank you” or “it’s simply how I feel”. (and know inside that you are right to stick to your guns and they are being disrespectful!)

It’s possible they may be more curious than anything, and from there I would say feel free to explain (without specifics as you don’t want to make the meal unenjoyable for the others) a bit about why you choose to be vegetarian if they want to know.

I realize it’s a different culture, but seeing as being a vegetarian is not so unheard of it places like England, they should be alright with it I would think.

I hope some of this is helpful, and that you have an AWESOME trip!!!  (+ info)

Which Eastern European country would you recommend adopting from?

We have decided to adopt internationally for a second time. We will adopt a girl in the same age range as our two daughters (6-10 years-old). Which Eastern European country would you recommend adopting from?
We are hesitating between Ukraine and Russia.

How about you move to where you bought your daughter from, become a citizen there & then foster there? Why should another child lose everything (family, country, language, heritage, culture, etc) because you want to parent?  (+ info)

How can i do my makeup so that i look more Middle eastern?

Im half Armenian(Middle eastern) but i guess i got my moms look, which is latin. I want to look more middle eastern tho, soo how can i? is there a way i can do my makeup differently? eyebrows? use details pleasse lol.
btw i have dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and light skin.

First use a neutral base then in the crease of your lid use a brown eye shadow and then use black eye shadow as an eyeliner (which means that it will look softer and a thicker line). I am half American and half Afghan and this is how I do my makeup.  (+ info)

What is the Eastern Medicine term for a procedure using median lines?

There is a term my anthropology professor used to describe an eastern medicine technique which created vacuum pressure along the median lines of your body to suck out the air. Basically you wrap a penny in a small piece of paper, light the paper with a match, place it on the skin along a median line and quickly extinguish the flame by covering it with a glass cup. I think the alternate name for it is "fire cups," but this technique is done a little differently. If you've done it before, how does it work and what resources could you point me to where I can learn how to do it? Is it effective with bad muscle knots?

It's called "cupping" and it produces excellent results. Basically the heat pulls the toxins that are stored in the layers of tissue up to the surface of the skin. I can't tell you that it feels all that great getting it done and your skin looks like hell afterwards but it DOES work.It's excellent for muscle spasms and severe chest congestion from a cold or flu. We get it done all the time if our health condition warrants it.Generally you should get it done by a practioner of Chinese medicine. Not something to screw around with on your own.Theres also a technique thats used in Vietnamese culture where they apply tiger balm to an area of congestion and use a large coin rubbing it briskly over the area until the skin turns red. This also brings toxins up to the surface of the skin where they can get flushed out by the lymphatic system.  (+ info)

how do you middle eastern men manage your hairiness?

There are many parts of a middle eastern men that are very hairy and not that attractive. What do you do to maintain these areas? Tell me in detail please. For example, the eyebrows.

I'm a stylist, Here is some info:

Generally the most common approaches to reduce hairiness in anyone but especially people with coarse or a lot of hair are threading, waxing and sugaring.

Threading is done by wrapping a strategically placed thread around the hairs and pulling them out. The advantage to this over tweezing is you can pull multiple hairs out at once and create a more defined eyebrow. The disadvantage is if you have someone inexperienced or careless you could end up losing more hair than you bargained for.

Wax is pretty self explanatory. There are a lot of different techniques and waxes, but I prefer a hot wax. The heat helps open the pores and makes the hair easier and less painful to pull out.

Sugaring is a great natural way to remove hair. ( You can actually eat the product.. I don't recommend eating it, but it is a great way to remove hair. ) Sugaring is similar to wax in that you apply it and use strips of linen or muslin to pull the hair out from the root. It's not very painful either and is great for sensitive areas.

Hope this is helpful :)  (+ info)

I want to send somebody a Gift Certificate to get body waxed. Where can i find a place in Eastern NC?

I want to give somebody a gift certificate to get their arm pits waxed. How can i find a place in Eastern North Carolina that does that. Anyplace near Goldsboro, Fayetteville or Wilmington.

I have absolutely no idea where you can go in North Carolina because I'm in London (England) but I do know that most beauticians / beauty salons do some sort of gift certificate scheme. If it's for a nice gift, I would pick a more up-market place.  (+ info)

What colors look beautiful on Eastern Indians?

What colors look beautiful on Eastern Indians?
For example light blues look good but yellow blends in which is bad.
What colors look great and what colors look bad?

Blacks, Reds, Deep Purples, Forest Greens, Sky Blue  (+ info)

Can the zebra be vaccinated againist equine influenza?

Equine influenza affect horses, donkeys and mules. What about zebra? is there any zoo vaccinate its zebras againist Equine influenza?

Should be, the animals are almost related enough to breed.  (+ info)

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