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What are the required high school classes to become an equine chiropractor?

I would like to get an idea on what classes I would need to be an equine chiropractor. I m starting high school next year and I don't want to get half way through high school without the right classes for an equine chiropractor. Is there required classes, if so what are they? I would love to hear from chiropractors all over, from people to dogs to horses.

most governments take a dim view of non-trained people faffing with animals. You could try becoming a vet  (+ info)

what is the best equine massage therapy school?

I live in Ohio and am interested in training to be a equine massage theripist. What is the best school.

Midway College in Kentucky (near Lexington) has an Equine Therapy program (I'm actually in their program right now). I think you would have a BS in Equine Science with certificate in Equine Therapy. So it'd be about 4-5 years in school.
If you want something shorter, I'd look at Equitouch or Equissage  (+ info)

What web site gives schools for equine massage?

I want to continue my education in equine(horse) massage. And I would like to attend a school in Florida close to Cape Coral. I have already completed schooling for massage on people.

Hello! It is a wonderful field. Here are some websites that you may want to explore. E - mailing them or calling them could help you to find other courses:

Equine Massage therapy association:

This school has a campus in Florida and courses in Equine massage: http://www.heritage-education.com/cp_massage.htm

Fort Meyers, Fl http://www.equitherapies.com/massage.html

Gainesville, FL http://lorienstable.com/services/

Home Study course: http://www.massageawareness.com/Gww-MassageAwareness/DisplayPage.aspx?pageid=207

Oregon: http://bridgecreekranch.com/classes.php

South Carolina courses: http://www.equinemmt.com/

This site has information on human and equine massage and referrals for good schools:




http://www.equinemassage.ca/ Vancouver area

http://www.treetops.on.ca/ New Brunswick


http://www.equinemmt.com/ South Carolina

http://www.greatstrides.org/ Maryland -

Good Video to learn equine massage

Courses and Online courses

http://www.equinemassagecollege.com/ Colorado

Equine Massage therapist in Surrey, BC

http://www.equissage.com/ Courses near Washington, DC
in Virginia

Massage therapy Book for Horses:

For Horse and Dog massage:

http://bridgecreekranch.com/ Oregon with help with Equine diet as well

Story on equine massage and massage therapist, Vicky White

If you check these sites and e-mail them for the information that you are looking for - for you or your horse - you should be able to get the help that you are looking for.

Good luck with this! My horses love massage!  (+ info)

Can the zebra be vaccinated againist equine influenza?

Equine influenza affect horses, donkeys and mules. What about zebra? is there any zoo vaccinate its zebras againist Equine influenza?

Should be, the animals are almost related enough to breed.  (+ info)

What is myalgic encephalomyelitis? Does it cause fatigue?

It may be an immune deficiency. It may be listed as chronic.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Yes, It causes fatigue, yes, it is chronic and it may be immune deficiency-related. See the links below.  (+ info)

What is the name of the Virus that causes the horse flu (Equine influenza)?

Equine influenza (Horse flu) refers to varieties of Influenzavirus A that are endemic in horses. Horse flu viruses were only isolated in 1956. There are two main types of virus called equine-1 (H7N7) which commonly affects horse heart muscle and equine-2 (H3N8) which is usually more severe.  (+ info)

Are pink equine browbands good quality for the price and do they look as nice as they do on there store site?

  (+ info)

information on places to train in the uk to become an equine dental technician?

i would like to train to become a horse dentist in the uk

Good luck with your new career.

Go to the training section of the following website

http://www.equinedentistry.org.uk/  (+ info)

If equine flu doesn't bother people then why all the precautions?

My daughter is going on a field trip tomorrow with the school to a horse farm. She was instructed to wear long pants, and long sleeves because of the horse flu. So I looked it up and Wikepedia said it wasnt' dangerous to humans. So.... why the precautions?

It's not horse flu that they're worrying about...it's equine encephalitis, which is a very real danger. It can be fatal.  (+ info)

How do you get rid of neocrotic abscesses in an equine? sulfamide and zincoxide don't work.?

Abcesses are best treated by drainage. If "pointing"...showing a
yellow pus head...hot compresses may do the trick. Otherwise they should be opened surgically.  (+ info)

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