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Is endiocardial cushion defect considered heart disease?

I had surgery to correct what the doctors called endocardial cushion defect, would this be considered a form of heart disease, or just a defect?

Endocardio Cushion defect is an abnormal opening ususally between the two ventricals or atria of the heart that allows blood to flow the wrong way through the heart . . It is a form of "congenital heart disease" (which is different than Adult heart disease which usually involves the coronary arteries and is associated with heart attacks) If the endocardial cushion defect is completely repaired with reduction in the pressures of the atrium or ventricules involved ,then there should not be any long term consequences -but it will still have to be closely monitored . Hope this answer is helpful-  (+ info)

Which of the heart layers are vascularized?

1). Myocardium
2). Endothelium of endocardial leyer
3). Mesothelium of epicardium
4). Connective tissue layers of both endocardium and epicardium

Lost on your question? what do you mean by vascularized? I am a Cardiac Tech--all heart tissue has vessels if you are asking what arteries feed the layers--it depends on the part of the heart you are talking about--the anterior is fed by the Right Coronary and LAD, the lateral wall and posterior wall are fed by the Left Circumflex, the the inferior wall is fed by the Right Coronary and the Septum is LAD. Of course there are many other arteries like diagonals--etc..  (+ info)

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