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what exactatly is vestibular hydrops and how can it be treated on my 9 year old daughter?

when will she start feeling less dizzy, she is on a low sodium diet and a diaretic

it is usually thraeted with less sodium(salt free) diet and diuretic drugs..it is the endolymphatic hydrops of semicirculer canals in inner ear..causes dizziness and tinnitus.  (+ info)

Anyone with info about fetal hydrops late in pregnancy?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and went in today for an amnio (which we couldn't do). The radiologist said that it looked like there was some fluid under the skin. So I went to my dr.'s office to have a 2nd opinion. She said she couldn't say for certain but it's possible. They're sending me to a specialist to find out for sure. A week ago there were no signs of fluid. All organs look good and growth is fine--a little big though. All of the research I've found on hydrops talks about it earlier in pregnancy and seem so dooming. The dr. said if it is hydrops we've caught it early. Has anyone had it this late in pregnancy? If so, what happened? How was the baby? Please help! I'm so worried about my little girl.

If you went for the second opionion and they said things are normal...sometimes if your baby moves when they are taking pictures it can look a little like there is fluid under ur babies skin..you should be fine...you're almost done..you have nothing to worry about...just relax and don't stress...stress this late is not healthy for your baby..  (+ info)

is fetal hydrops considered a disease or a disorder?

its a disorder and disease ,which the fetus immune system is acting against sensitization to allergens,incompatible blood cells  (+ info)

what is hydrops in pregnancy?

my daughter died of hydrops and i want to find out more about it

It's when parts or all of a fetus retain too much water, associated with Rh negative factor autoimmunity (mother) and Turner's syndrome.  (+ info)

My wife was diagnosed with endolymphatic sac tumor in her left Ear.?

what is the best doctor or hospital for her condition Either in the U.S.A or Europe

  (+ info)

my baby was born 6 weeks early with hydrops fetalis and was in the nicu for 6 weeks i just wanted to see what?

are babies supposted to be doing at the age of 10 weeks i am just so unfamilar because its almost like he is a new newborn to me because have not had him home for too long

he basically is a newborn since he was born six weeks early the six weeks in the nicu are like the rest of the pregnancy outside the womb  (+ info)

Prognosis for hydrops fetalis?

My wife is 31 wks pregant and baby was diagnosed with hydrops fetalis based on isolated severe ascites, polyhydroamnios, and a trace left pleural effusion. All tests are normal, and it is now classified as non-immune, non-anemic, non-cardiac hydrops. any idea's on prognosis? they can't give a straight answer other than poor

  (+ info)

Pregnant and baby has hydrops?

Had to go for another scan today at 13 wks and swelling has increased to 9.4mm. Baby has hydrops which means fluid is now inside the babys body and around 2 of its organs. Has anyone else been thru this and wot was your experience........

Hun i have no experience of this but take a look at the below site...and good luck
http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/uvahealth/peds_hrnewborn/hydrops.cfm  (+ info)

does any one know about the hydrops diet for menieres disease?

No, but I've heard you should reduce or cut out altogether on your dairy produce with Menieres disease.  (+ info)

Hydrops in my son Isaiah during utero. What are his chances?(part 2 of a question I asked weeks ago)?

Hello again I once asked "how many cases of fetas Hydrops survive...". Thanks to those who reply and or gave good info. Isaiah's amnio. tests results came back all normal: he has all of his chromosomes needed no more no less. I too have had various blood tests done with again the results being normal.Yet today at our 3rd sonogram he still has the Hydrops; fluid around his little body under the skin. His growth is right on target, allowing us to know his weight is one lb. four oz.s(that weight is estimated by his messurements, which don't include the fluid around his body).A prenatal medicine Doctor whom I've been seeing may request I go to Boston to see specialists. I am still praying everyday everynight for the cause of the Hydrops to just resolve,go away or at the most be treatable.I need my son Isaiah as much as he needs me. My life has been revolved around him even after finding out what was going on,I still believe we have a fair chance, he reasures me by his movements from within

Without knowing more details, I'd suggest:

1. Consultation with a perinatologist in a urban hospital (Boston or Providence).

2. Consultation with a Genetic Counselor.

3. Ask if they did TORCH titres or CMV PCR on the amniotic fluid. These screen for infections.

4. If you are Asian/Mediterranean/African/Middle Eastern, ask about thalassemia (particularly alpha-thalassemia).

Fetal hydrops of unknown origin in the context of a normal karyotype still holds a high risk of adverse outcome unfortunately. This could mean preterm delivery, low birthweight, fetal death, preeclampsia and hypertension in Mom, edema in Mom, etc. Many cases turn out to be just fine too!

Ask questions until you understand...that's what the doctors are there for.  (+ info)

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