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non immune hydrops?

someone i know had it when they were a baby and they told me they were terminal and prob cant have kids.. lol but im pretty sure they were kidding, at least about the terminal part.

this link can help you understand hydrops better, good luck  (+ info)

Has anybody had a baby born with "Hydrops"?

My son was born with a hole in his thoracic duct which leaked lymphatic fluid throughout his chest area. There was so much fluid that the pressure collapsed his left lung, compressed his heart and liver. When he was born the docs said that there were 3 other babies born with the same thing and they all died! He pulled through OK. He now has epilepsy and autism though. He is 2 years old. I was wondering if anyone knew how this could affect him later in life and if anyone had any ideas what caused it. The docs didn't really know what to tell us.
My wife and son do have different blood types, but the doctors said that is not what caused it.

I never heard of hydrops before. It's possible that he can outgrow epilepsy as he gets older. As for autism, he won't outgrow it, but there are therapies out there that can help.  (+ info)

What does it mean when there is blood around the baby's sac?

My brothers girlfriend is pregnant she just found out that there is blood around the sac how bad is that? she lost her daughter to hydrops almost 5 months ago it damage her body 2. please help need all the info i can get ty

ooooowwww you might want to ask a professional about that  (+ info)

is there any treatment for HYDROPS FETALOS in india?

There is pleural efflusion. The fluid is in lungs of the foetas average age 25 weeks. The chromosola analysis report are awated.

wish you good luck
proper name is Hydrops Fetalis and the most important part of treatment starts with proper diagnosis of the causes and complications of this baby's hydrops, no proper diagnosis may mean misguided treatment, no matter how well intentioned.
good resource
http://www.emedicine.com/ped/topic1042.htm  (+ info)

i am anti e positive what is the out come for my baby and what can be done for my baby to be born healthy?

I got this from my last birth of my son.. he was really sick had hydrops fluid around his lungs and stomach and was supposed to be a still born but is now 5 years old n healthy.. im worried that i cant handle another big issue like this and i am in need of one more child abd am 11 weeks along.. im so concerned and scared..

This is the sort of question you should take to your doctor and/or midwife.  (+ info)

Do you have information on the autoimmune disease that mimic's Meneire's Disease?

My son has been dealing with Meneire's disease since he's been 12--not diagnosed until 15. He's had two endolymphatic sac reduction surgeries--one on each ear. He still displays symptoms at time of the disease with the nausea, dizzy spells, and hearing loss. On a recent visit to his Otolaynologist, he told him that he was sending him to a specialist on autoimmune disease that acts like Meneire's. My son is 25 and at this point we are very confused since we've been convinced for 13 years that he has Meneire's and he has been treated for it. Do you have any information that might help us understand this? Thanks. Sandy

There are around 80 autoimmune diseases. Many of them have similar symtpoms and most appear in overlap with other conditions. Many autoimmune diseases cannot be diagnosed by a single lab test. Most autoimmune diseases require diagnosis by an experienced rheumatologist because the diagnosis is based on the patient's medical history, family history, labs and tests and symptoms. I suggest you start at the web site below-the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association. I would also ask for a referral to a pediatric rheumatologist.  (+ info)

Does turner syndrome affect male fetuses? or it only affects females as per the net information ?

Recently ma pregnancy was terminated at 17wks(male fetus) due to a mass cystic hygroma in the neck with other associated anomalies like dialated ventricle,fetal hydrops,generalised lymphedema,bilateral club feet,echogenic bowel,low amniotic fluid, pericardial effusion, and the sonographer suspects turner syndrome.why is it so yet i have read from the net that turner syndrome affects only female fetuses.should i just be optimistic that it is a one time diorder that wont occur again or will it reoccur if i try again? what are the chances? i need help im so confused and finding it hard to accept especially after this miscarriage.

I'm sorry to hear about your recent misfortune. You may want to seek the advice of a genetic counsellor (contact your local hospital if your doctor can't recommend anyone).

A male fetus with Turner syndrome could not survive to birth. If it formed at all, it would miscarry so early that the mother would likely never even realize she was pregnant. You have to have at least one functioning X chromosome to survive and males only have one to begin with. (Turner syndrome girls have only one X chromosome).

Furthermore, Turner syndrome - although serious - isn't generally as bad as what you're describing. Sufferers tend to be short, infertile, and slightly retarded with varying degrees of poor social skills - but not the major organ disfunctions you describe.

The one good thing about Turner, though, is that it's a chromosome assortment failure rather than a genetic one. Having one child with it doesn't predict future outcomes.  (+ info)

what is Congestive Heart-Failure?

Congestive heart-failure refers to a series of clinical manifestations resulting from cardiac incompensation when an angiocardiopathy develops to a certain stage. According to its symptoms, TCM names them in most cases as "palpitation", "severe palpitation", "dyspnea and cough", "phlegm retention", "hydrops" and so on. Medicated diet therapy can be used for the prevention and cure of light diseases, or for supplementary treatment of serious cases, or for nourishment during con- valescence.

http://www.e-radiography.net/radpath/c/ccf.htm  (+ info)

Fifth's disease during pregnancy?

I have a neighbor that just learned she has contracted fifths disease while she was around 16 weeks pregnant with twins. Unfortunantly the babies have hydrops fetalis (excess fluid in the body) and she has already lost one. Anyone had a successful delivery after having this condition? She could really use some hope!

Fifth's disease will only adversly affect 5% of pregnancies, and it doesn't cause any birth defects. She should be getting screened regularly (once a week) to see if the fetus is developing anemia. Even if the fetus becomes anemic, there are methods of treating it.  (+ info)

what are the chances ?

what are the chances of this baby having hydrops ?
nearly 2 years ago i had a baby die of hydrops (@27.5 weeks) and now i'm pregnant again (7 weeks) im really worried about this baby having it. what are the chances? please help

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