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Had csection 25/4/06 still born baby @ 28 wks 1 mth later had other op 2 remove haematoma when can I try again

At 23 wks gestation the dr diagnosed by baby boy with fetal hydrops. 5 wks later the baby died in utero & was delivered by c-cestion. I was given 7 units of blood after my first op. 1 month later I was admitted to hospital again & the drs made a small incision in the same c-section to remove haematoma. I have thealesemia treat.

Sorry you have lost your baby, I lost my baby at 39 weeks, he was born by c-section and had had shortly before he was born due to placental abruption. I know that all I wanted to do was get pregnant again desperately and was told to wait a year to heal and to grieve. I didn't listen and began trying straight away. I didn't get pregnant for a 13 months anyway. Talk to your doctor and see what he thinks and if you are healing ok. I understand how you feel, good luck and I hope it all works out for you for the best.  (+ info)

Is it easier to get pregnant after a loss?

Im 19 weeks pregnant and I just found out my baby has hydrops and will not make it. I love her more than anything and I wish I could have her...it was the most devastating news we've ever gotten. Im going to carry her till she passes in her own time than I will give birth to her. Please keep her in your thoughts.

However some great news is we found out that if we tried having a baby again it would NOT have hydrops...that hydrops is a fluke.
So my question is... what are our chances of concieving if we were to try after I have my baby girl. And how long till we can start trying to concieve?

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RH incompatibilty...have you had this complication?

Ok, i am pregnant with my third RH postive baby and I am RH negative. I am also sensitized. with my second pregnancy my daughter was born at 33 weeks due to fetal hydrops around her heart after 2 interuterine blood tranfusions. While I was pregnant with her I had antibodies D and Kell. With this pregnancy I have anitbodies D, Kell, and C. The doctors told me to expect blood tranfusions early in the pregnancy and said I would be lucky to carry to 27 weeks, and 30 weeks at very best! I am now a little over 26 weeks and he is still not anemic or retaining any fluids(which we are VERY thankful for) But I am wondering what is pregnancy like for other women with this situation and what was your outcome like!?? Please help, I am starting to stress and "over-worry"

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Meniere Disease?


If you are on dyazide, it is to try and reduce the amount of fluid in your inner ear cochlea and semi-circular canals, hopefully slowing the damage.

The noise is basically your hearing cells (hair cells) dying. That won't go away.

Best of luck . . . there are some good websites on Meniere's out there . . .

EDIT: What I have a problem with is bold repeating patterns causing vertigo. (Think stripes or checks, or even rows of properly "faced" items at Walmart.) This is because the nerve that takes information to the brain shares it's canal with the same nerve that does visual information and these repeating patterns overstimulate the nerve and it spills over a little bit. Also, driving in a snowstorm can cause dizziness.

What I do about the low pitched throb motor sound that never goes away . . . I have a computer program that is called tinnitus masker and it will generate white noise to mask out the sound. I put it on my mp3 player and have it going all the time. (The best mask I have found is train sounds, the noise of the wheels on the track.)

I don't wear it at night, and since this kept me up all night, I have either a ceiling fan, regular fan or air purifier on. This masks the noise well also.

That noise is enough sometimes to make one want to rip their cochlea out with a spoon. If the dizziness doesn't get you, the noise can send you over the edge.





(This is a natural health treatment that I found last week, that I am going to try out.)

Best of luck!  (+ info)

In a bit of bother? Condom split/tore?

Firstly, there is a lot of TMI here so turn away now if that bothers you. Right me and my fiance of 2 years had sexual intercorse last night, when he ejaculated he stayed inside me for less than 5 minutes. He told me to dispose of the condom but when he did pull out there was a little cum left in the end of the condom and it was quickly 'dripping' out. I was too shocked to tell him there and then so as of yet he dnt know and to be honest i dont know how to tell him, im scared he'll think i had something to do with it as 3 months ago i HAD to terminate my baby girl, she was 14 and a half weeks old and had turners syndrome and hydrops, she was never going to survive, and it was the hardest decision i ever had to make so DO NOT judge me on that. She was completly planned, and of corse we didnt want to start trying again yet but i do still keep track of my fertile times for wen we do and i was most fertile yesterday (wen all this happened) and today. I assumed the condom was fine as i got it from the nurse beginning of january 2010, looked at it today and saw it expired oct 09 which im fuming about! How likely is it i could get pregnant from this (i.e. because of spermacide in condoms, and it was 'dripping' out (kinda like wen a tap is half running)? Do i tell my fiance, even if its unlikely il get preg, and also what preg test out there would tell me the soonest? Thanks for all your help in advance, sorry for ranting, and no stupid or uninformed answers please because they wont help.

Tell him, it's better to do so now so he can be there for you, and you won't be alone. Explain that you were scared to tell him right away, but you wanted to tell him now because you don't like hiding anything from him. It would end up being a worse situation if he found out later that you knew how it happened if you did get pregnant. Best of luck to you!!  (+ info)

HELP!! Is there any chance I could be pregnant?

OK so heres my situation. In January I was 20 weeks and lost my baby due to hydrops. They put me on birth control and I took it for about 3 months. My boyfreind is a truck driver so I had to come off of it because we werent able to get back home to get it refilled. I was 13 days late and took 3 pregnancy tests. They all said negative. I got cramps on the day and the day following that i was supposed to get my period,Then I finally started bleeding on day 14. It definatley wasnt a normal period. I did have cramps and it lasted for about 3 to 4 days. It was VERY light. I went through maybe 2 or 3 tampons that werent even full. Since then I have had every symptom that I had the last time I was pregnant except for exceptionally painful breasts. They have been swollen lately though. Also my lower abdomen right above my pelvic bone is hard like it felt last time when I was early in my pregnancy. Is there a chance that I could be pregnant or is it just my hormones playing games with me? Please no rude comments. I cant see a doctor for another month, so I am just seeking advise for the time being. Im very worried and if there is a chance I want to start taking care of myself so I can have a happy healthy baby if thats the case.

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Can I have a normal birth??

Hi all

I have had 3 babies, the first 5 years ago and progressed well till 9cm then it all stoppped and I ended up with an emergency section, My second was born by emergency section at 30 weeks as he had fetal hydrops and aneamic (I lost him when he was 4 months old) and my last was an emergency due to my blood group reusus negetive and me having antibodies!!
Is there any chance at all on this planet that a doctor would atleast let me labour??? I am six weeks pregnant with my 4th and would hate another section!!! I crave just to experience what normal people do!!!
what do you think??
natalie 25

It's hard to find a doc that will allow a vbac after 2 sections. Especially since yours were a result of complications. Look at it this way you did get to labor with number 1.

I've had 4 sections myself. I was pre-eclamptic the first time. After that, with the size of my boys, there was no way that any person would let me do a vbac. It turned out to be a good thing though. It ended up that I had an issue with scar tissue. There was so much of it that baby #3 took 4 hours to be born by section. My spinal block wore off before the doc could even see my uterus. What would have happened if it had been an emergency and my baby needed to be out quick? They had no way of knowing about the scar tissue until they opened me up.

I've been where youare mentally. My sister in law is one of those women who can pop out a baby in 3 hours flat beginning to end. It sucks not being given a chance. You cry aboput how unfair it is. You can't get it out of your head. And this over whelming jealousy takes over when you hear other womens stories of child birth. But you can't change reality as much as we want to.

A doctor once told me, after I cried about just wanting to give birth....
that I am giving birth even if I don't realize it at the time. I had brought my baby to the point of life. And I was one of the women, chosen for my strength by God, to hand control of the safe delivery of my child to a doctor. I was being cut open and would lay there unable to move because of my strength and determination to be a good mom.  (+ info)

For those of you who don't believe that the quad test is accurate...?

I just wanted to give an update....I had my quad test come back with high levels suggesting Downs. They said I had a 1:40 chance according to the screening. When I got to the perinatologists office for my level two ultrasound, the tech told me that the baby looked "very abnormal"...that was the worst day of my life. She only had two heart chambers, and she had cystic Hygromas on the back of her neck (basically fluid filled tumors which were bigger than her head), she had fluid in all of her major organs, edema of the skin etc. which had progressed to "hydrops". I believe my baby girl had "Turner Syndrome". She had a 0% chance of survival. I am just saying that at first, I thought the quad test was a joke because of how unreliable everyone was saying it was. But, now I am thankful that it's there to help us find out if anything could possibly be wrong. Unfortunately, we didn't lose Piper until 18 weeks pregnant. Now I know to use every kind of testing available for our next pregnancy. This was a random chromosomal abnormaility that was out of our control. We are still in shock that this happened to us. My husband and I are healthy, under 30, and have no genetic issues on either side of our families. These tests aren't always wrong.

Oh, how sad. I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

I don't believe the triple and quad screens are not accurate, but I won't get them done because their rates of accuracy are pretty low in my opinion (60ish% for triple and about 80% for quad). It's a personal decision every couple needs to make, if they want those tests done.

Again, I'm terribly sorry for you both and your little angel.  (+ info)

Can amniotic fluid just dry up in the womb during pregnancy?

I was 36wks 5 days when I gave birth to a baby with a rare condition called Non-Immune Hydrops. I was induced due to a low heart rate on the baby and no movement.When I asked my doc was i leaking fluid he stated it DRIED UP!
Is that medically possible??
My son has a rare condition in some cases where it was detected in utero. I'd just had a 36wk checkup with pelvic exam they said i was dialated at 1 and wasn't leaking fluid? Where'd it go

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Does Degenerative Disease of the Cornea qualify for SSI benefits?


I am being discharged from the military after 12 years because I am in the worse stages of a disease called Keratoconus. I am 20/400 in both eyes without correction. Corrected I can only wear a specialized soft/hard lens combination but only for a few hours due to inflamation of scar tissue. I also have a ptyrigum in both eyes and I also have hydrops which burst once in awhile clouding my eyes. Like I said I can only wear the contact for just a few hours a day. My wife pretty much escorts me where I go when I can't wear these lenses. I have had 4 out of 5 doctors including my recent physician recommend immediate transplant surgery. I was told there is nothing else that can be done and I am increasingly photphobic. I do not know what to do about work anymore because of my vision. What can I do will I qualify for SSI disability. I was told by my NCO that the VA will help me but how much and when. I am suppose to meet with someone at my unit along w/ my cdr. for options.

If you've had transplant surgery recommended, why aren't you having it done? Do they say that will help correct your vision so you can at least have decent vision with glasses? I don't know how you can be on SSD unless you've exhausted all treatments for your condition. You would need a couple doctors to "testify" that there is no help for your condition and you are declared too blind to do your normal job. I'm not an expert, though, so you would have to do some web surfing and phone calls to find your answer.  (+ info)

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