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Tips to help relieve chronic pelvic pain? Unknown cause so far.?

IUD inserted October 06, IUD removed May 2007. Pregnant in June, miscarried at 5 weeks. Chronic pelvic pain since February. I have an appt with a new doc 10/11/07. In the meantime, I have to manage and deal with that pain. Pelvic region, lower back, lasts from a few days before ovulation to a few days after period starts. Starts with slight back pain and progresses frontward like contractions. Sometimes its so bad I cant walk. I have to take like 4 Tylenol (500mg) to get any of the edge off. Ibuprofen or Vicodin dont do anything to the pain at all.

This will be the 3rd doctor I will go to for answers. Hopefully this one isnt a quack. So far, ive been told I have Endometritis, Endometriosis, Chlamydia, Scarring, PID, and even that its all in my head. These are all without tests...the docs were guessing. (Please read previous questions)

Ive heard this new doc is thorough and will try her best to actually look for whats wrong. But what can I do in the meantime to relieve the pain!
Please help... sometimes I cant even walk its so bad. I swell too...
Endometritis is real, its an infection of the uterine lining.
PS: We are trying to conceive too and this worries me so much. I worry that it will be something that will affect my fertility
SP... This is not menstrual pain. Thanks hon, but a light massage and a roll on a giant ball is not going to help. Im likely to end up crying in the fetal position. Ive studied herbalism for many yrs and this is not something I really want to take a little Dong Quai and White willow and "breathe through". Thanks though. I know what you are trying to say. I think the alternative stuff might work as a complementary therapy though

Could be something else, although it sounds like endo to me. You ask a pretty tough question as I have found no over the counter treatment that has even put a dent in my pain. Only thing that works for me is vicodin, which you say doesn't work for you. I do use a heating pad as turning it up as high as it will go sometimes takes the edge off, of course doesn't get rid of it completely. I've heard natural progesterone cream works wonders in turns of pain for some women-havn't tried it myself though. I currently take bc pills continuously so I never have a period and then heating pad and vicodin whenever needed. Don't stress about your fertility though. I know some women will have a harder time conceiving with endo but that is not every women. Most are able to have children-even a large amount that are told by their dr.'s that it was impossible for them. When you go to the new dr. try to find out how knowledgable they are on endo. Endo can only be diagnosed through surgery and you only want a dr that is very knowledgable in endo to perform it. Make sure the method they use to remove the endo is excision-not burning it off and realize there is no cure for endo. Be weary of Lupron-if that drug is offered to you research it first!! I wish you luck and do hope you can find some pain relief soon.  (+ info)

Menstrual pains/bleeding?

I had taken the Plan B twice in my lifetime...and ever since, when I get my period, it feels like my ovaries are on fire and my menstrual bleeding is heavy and it lasts about 8 days! My lower back hurts a lot and all I want to do is sleep. I feel totally restricted from my everyday activities because of the pain everywhere. Could Plan B be related to this? I heard something about...endometritis?

it probably does not have anything to do with your plan b taking lol
its probably just dysmenorrhea (strong menstrual pain) cos i have it and all i need to do is tell the doctors and they will definitely give you a very good prescription for drugs to ease the pain
my period lasts for seven days though lol
own really
and cut down on the sweets and oily foods a while before you know you are about to start you period so that the blood flows easily and the back pain reduces
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Who can tell me whether it is right or wrong in grammar??thank you .?

Endometritis which restrict the sustainable development of livestock breeding is a common disease of cows. Pathogenic bacterium of the uterus secretion of diseased dairy cattle were isolated and identified. The drug sensitivity of bacteria were detemined for western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. The results showed that five kinds of bacterium take a large ratio. the rate of S. streptococcus、E coli、B.cereus、Streptococcus uberis and Staphylococcus aureus were 14.48%、13.57%、11.76%、11.31% and 7.69%;ciprofloxacin、Enrofloxacin and levofloxacin were extremely sentitive to these five pathogenic microorganisms especial ciprofloxacin. The result of two fold dilution indicated that the antibacterial activity of Fructus chebulae, Radix Salviae Miltiorrhia、Rhizoma Polygoni Cuspidati、Radix Scutellariae、Herba Ephedrae、Flos Lonicerae、Fructus Forsythiae、Herba Taraxacion 5 pathogenic microorganisms much better, and their MIC reached 31 g/L or 63 g/L;The result of stiletto indicated that the antibacterial activity of Fructus Chebulae、Radix Salviae Miltiorrhiae、Radix Scutellariae、Herba Taraxaci、Herba Ephedrae、Flos Lonicerae、Herba Taraxaci were moderate sensitive or extremely sensitive to 5 pathogenic microorganisms.The best Chinese medicinal herb compound was determined on the basises of results.

The english grammer is pretty poor. I'll try my best as some of it is confusing.

Endometritis is a common disease of cows that restricts the sustainable development of lifestock breeding. Pathogenic bacteria from the uterus of infected cattle were isolated and identified; durg sensitivity tests were run for antibiotics and traditional chinese medicine.

This is were it gets hard to understand you.

something about the bacteria you isolated.....The bacteria were sensitive to enrofloxac, levofloxacin and ciprofloxacin. A 2 fold dilution series was set up for the chinese medicines, and it was found that the bacteria were more sensitive to medicines x, x, and x, than the antibiotics. The chinese medicines had a MIC of 31gL to 63g/L. Using these results, the best chinese medicine was determined to be x.  (+ info)

Fermale problem. Has anyone experienced this?

I had a miscarriage 10 weeks ago, I was 16 weeks pregnant and it happened at home, Although I am slowly coming to terms with what happened I still appear to be having problem with my health down below.

I bled for 7 weeks after losing my baby and I went for various scans to ensure that everything had cleared, all had cleared out butI was told I have a CL Cyst and Endometritis but it was not explained to me what this means does any one know?


I have been really itchy down below over the past few days and I am itching at the entrance, I have become sore and I know I am swolen, I feel like something is pushing to get out (Like it felt when the baby came out) and it feels more severe when I sneeze or cough, it feels like an air bubble, I have tried pushing on purpose but nothing happend.
I finished a course of antibiotics a week ago

I do have a Dr appointment for Monday but I just wondered if anyone could advise on this or if anyone has had a similar experience?

I am sorry for your loss I lost my son to at 16 and a half weeks. due to incompetent cervic. which was not diagnosed for 12 years after my miscarriage. they chocked it up to my having endrometriosis, and that it wasn't ment to be. instead of there lack of knowledge.
You were given antibiotics more than likely so you may have a yeast infection. you should be eating a lot of yougurt and drinking cranberry juice any flavor you like. They will check this at your appt. but you can help it in the mean time.
I am 43 so there are a lot of new advances in endrodemetriosis. But the only way they can diagnosis this is if they did surgery that has not changed. they need to do a lapascopy. They go in threw you belly button. It can be simple surgery 20 minutes. in and out same day. can be worse if work needs to be done. I have had 3. most were short. 1 was 4 and a half hours long. google search endro.com you can be put on med for this. for the cyst you have to have the same surgery. they do have to be taken off.
I have now had a hystorcetomy. And glad I don't have to deal with it anymore. I do have 2 children 1 17 year old and 1 4 year old. Do some research and your doctor will explain more monday. you can have children.  (+ info)

C-section complications?

First I found out 4 days postpartum I had endometritis (which is almost gone yay) then 2 days ago my incision became infected and now it's draining puss.....they put me on new antibiotics cuz I went to ER...and they seem to be working but OMG it's one thing after another.
Has anyone else had this problem? Where all your pregnancy complications showed up AFTER you had the baby by c-section?

I developed a Strep A infection in my c-section incision 9 days post-partum. I also had a nipple infection from breastfeeding. I could tell things weren't right, so I went to the walk-in clinic. They put me on oral antibiotics and gave me instructions to go to the ER if I spiked a fever or if the infection (which was visible as redness around the incision) started to spread.
Well that night, both of those happened... so I went to the ER. The kept me inthe hospital for observations over night, and started me on IV antibiotics... my newborn went home with her Dad and started formula. I ended up staying in the hospital for one week on IV antibiotics. At the end of that week, I was discharged and ran back down to the ER to meet my boyfirend and my newborn daughter... she caught the infection from me (via breastfeeding). We just about lost her that night... very scary. She ended up spending a week in the pediatric ICU.
We are both doing great now (two years later). My advice to you is to go back to the ER if you think the antibiotics aren't working... don't wait too long.  (+ info)

Bladder Infection...3 weeks after delivery??

I went back into the hospital two days after being released from postpardum bc I was running a fever, and in so much pain I thought I was having another baby!!! It ended up being a very rare infection called Endometritis. I was put in the hospital for three days, and put on antibiotics. While I was there, they also took a urine culture to check for a bladder infection, and I haone of those too. So...they put me on Keflex when I was released for seven days. I just got off those last week, and was not having any pain, and then on Saturday it started all over again. Went to the doctor today, he felt my uterus, said it felt fine, but that my bladder was def. hurting and tender to touch. He put me on more antibiotics, and sent me home. I am in a lot of pain. I have taken Oxycodon, not even taking the edge off of the pain. I am worried it is something more again like before and they are just messing up again (a lot of things went wrong with the delivery, wont get into that!!!)

I went through something very similar. I also got very painful endometritis after my delivery and was hospitalized and put on antibiotics. The antibiotics cleared it up but then I got a yeast infection (on my breasts) from all the antibiotics! So that destroyed my chances at nursing my daughter. They wouldn't even let her be with me in the hospital while they were treating the uterine infection. It makes me so mad to think of it!

In regards to your situation, it seems like three courses of antibiotics in a row is excessive, esp. since the 2nd round obviously did not clear up the bladder problem. They need to be looking into something else.

Your immune system is really going to be compromised with all of these antibiotics.

I would suggest going to a different doctor and getting a second opinion, and in the meantime start taking acidopholus tablets to replace some of the good flora in your body that antibiotics have destroyed. You might also try drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice (if it really is another bladder infection) and trying the natural remedy Uva Ursi.

When I had a bladder infection I found that 4 ibuprofen tablets relieved a lot of pain. My doctor said I could take that dose safely for a couple of days.

Sorry you are feeling so bad.....it seems the troubles never end, even after baby comes!  (+ info)

1. Multipara with pregnancy in term was admitted in maternity hospital with rupture of amniotic membranes. The?

1. Multipara with pregnancy in term was admitted in maternity hospital with rupture of amniotic membranes. There was cesarean section in anamnesis 2 years ago in connection with acute fetal hypoxia, postpartum period complicated by endometritis.
Probable actions of a doctor?

A. To begin management of labor through natural patrimonial ways under cardiomonitoring control.
B. To begin stimulation of labor by i/v introduction of oxitocyn.
C. To carry out research of uterine-placentary blood-flow.
D. To perform cesarean section operation in urgent order.
E. To perform cesarean section operation in the scheduled order after exception of developmental anomalies of a fetus.

Is this an exam question?  (+ info)

Question...just advice I know this is not 100% accurate I just need advice to get hopes up or not?

My husband and I have been "trying" for a yr now that meaning using no protection etc well today I realized I was a bout 3 ays late my breasts are very tender (more so then usual) but this maybe because they are bigger then they normally get plus my nipples have gotten bigger which has never happened and honestly I didn't thin kwas possible.
So what does this sound like? Just unusual period or preg symptoms? I have not gotten preg and thought I had something called endometritis because I get ovarian cysts so we didn't really know if it was possible...anyways any advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you

You can take a test just to get a yes or no that's what I always did it keep you from thinking about it all the time if you know. Keep trying and remember God gives you the desires of your heart. God Bless  (+ info)

Clomid Users, I Need Your Help!?

Anyone who has taken or is currently taking Clomid, can you help me? What kind of tests did you doctor run before putting you on it? All my OBGYN did was run a blood test to show I don't ovulate, and put me on 50mg days 5 - 10. It didn't work last month b/c I got my period (but I was out of town on day 21) so I find out on Friday if it worked or not.
Also, how well did any of you concieve? Did anyone end up not concieving at all and had to go another route? How many times did it take you being on Clomid before actually getting pregnant.
This was my 2nd cycle on it, and I'm hoping it worked. On day 14 I had a slight twinge on my lower left side, so my hubby and I had sex the day before, that day, and the day after. I'm curious to know if anyone had more tests than just a blood test ran.
I spent the money on the 3 months of Clomid, and she said after the 3rd month if I'm not pregnant, then she'll try me for another 3 months, then go and do a sperm count of my hubby and other tests on me before doing surgery for possible endometritis.
If anyone has had surgery for this, were you able to conceive afterwards? I'm really afraid that if they do the surgery I may never be able to have kids!! We have been trying for 15 months now with no luck. Please help!!

my doc ran me up a bill over $1,000 worth of lab work, everything you can imagine- all your std's, hormones test to see if i am a carrier of cystic fibrosis, ultra sounds and an HSG ( which is where they put dye in your uterus to check to see if your tubes are open) and then they also did the same list of lab work for my partner plus semen analysis, we started going to her in Jan and will be starting clomid as soon as i get my period which is now 3 days late- ( hey maybe we wont need the clomid since they say the hsg can increase your chances of conception) any way baby dust to you and me we have been ttc for 4+ yrs  (+ info)

i have been ill and am now struggling to breastfeed, suggestions please?

my little boy is 3 weeks old - for the past 10 days i have been unwell - i have even been admitted to hospital and had numerous trips to a&e and out of hours surgery with the pain - finally i have been diagnosed and begun treatment for endometritis - my problem is that whilst unwell i was unable to exclusively breastfeed as i physically could not even hold my son to nurse with the pain i was in ,i was able to feed at certain points but he has had to be supplemented with formula - finally after 10 days of pain i have finally been given suitable medication and pain relief - suitable to nurse whilst on them - however my son seems unsettled after 5 Min's on the breast and i fear my milk is drying up - up until a few days ago i needed to change my breast pads every few hours and now all day i can go without needing too - any suggestions on how to get my son back on the breast and to get the flow back to how it was??????? im heartbroken that i cant seem to get him settled how he was before , because its taken so long for them to make me better! xx

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