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My brother is going through a vitrectomy, if something goes wrong, can I help?

My brother is going through a vitrectomy, and there's a possibility that it might go wrong, for example; further bleeding into the vitreous gel, retinal detachment, corneal edema, or endophthalmitis. Is it medically possible to give him one of mine? Or something along those lines to help resolve the situation.

No, the only part of the eye that can be transplanted is the cornea , but that isn't where his problem is.

Corneas are plentiful anyway, and they are never taken from a living person.  (+ info)

whether it is possible to get vision in case of endophthalmitis wit no PL?


Generally speaking endophthalmitis is an inflammation of the uveal tract in the postrior segment of the eyeball, usually endogenous in origin and non-suppurative. Pan ophthalmitis, on the other hand, is a suppurative inflammation of all the inner structures of the eye and is usually exogenous. It may however start as endophthalmitis and may become pan ophthalmitis later on.
In non-suppurative inflammation, it is not always bad. There may be some degree of resolution following effective therapy both systemic and ocular. Some residual effects however persist like vitreous floaters and chorio-retinal scars.
Prognosis of pan-ophthalmitis in most cases is very poor in spite of newer antibiotics and specific therapy being available for pyocyaneous and fungi. Condition is so aggressive that eye is as good as lost because result of therapeutic efforts are extremely limited.  (+ info)

Bacteremia from root canal on abcessed tooth. No antibiotics given prior to treatment. Why not?

Bacteremia led to endophthalmitis of the right eye, hospitalization, IV treatment for 6 weeks, 5 injections to the eye, evaluations by heart doctor, infectious disease doctor, 3 eye specialists, and other health care personnel. I also have Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome. The dentist assured me there was no need for antibiotic treatment prior to root canal procedure. He did not ask any questions regarding medical history. Was he correct in doing this?

You heart condition would indicate premedication. Check out the link below and see if you are in any category for dental premeds. You medical and dental history should have been reviewed before treatment began.  (+ info)

Red eye after cataract surgery?

My dad recently had cataract surgery: he has now developed a very red eye and blurry vision in taht eye. I know that endophthalmitis is an infection that has these symptoms however he does not have pain or swollen eyelids so i don't think that's what it is. what could it be? i am really worried, his doctors seem uncertain
of course he is regularly going to the doctor but its a rare condition so i was wondering if anyone randomly has any info besides my dad doesn't keep me informed

Stay in touch with his doctors not us yahoos.  (+ info)

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