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What type of diet is Neutropenic Enterocolitis?

Neutropenic Entercolitis is not a diet:

-Neutropenic enterocolitis is an acute life-threatening condition characterized by transmural inflammation of the small and large bowel in patients who are severely myelosuppressed and immunosuppressed. The clinical presentation can be quite dramatic, and the outcome may be devastating. Mortality rates are high, and treatment is controversial, with options varying from conservative medical management to surgical intervention. Early recognition of the condition is paramount to a potentially good outcome.  (+ info)

How long does it take a neutropenic teen to get over the common cold?

Okay so my a** of a cuzin sneezed in my face 2 days ago and now i'm broke down with a cold but my colds are more terrible because I have chronic neutropenia but anyway does anyone know how long it'll take for this cold to end or is their a way to get rid of it?

should be no different from others if you don't have other complications. Cold is caused by virus, but bacterial superinfection can be a problem; watch out not to develop into pneumonia.  (+ info)

What can my doctor do if I've been neutropenic for more than 4 months?

2.3 to 2.9 in about a month. I am not on Chemo anymore. I had radiation a year ago and have been taking Tamoxifen for a year. I starting getting sick last fall after a surgery not related to my cancer.

Neutropenia can be present (though it is relatively uncommon) in normal healthy individuals, notably in blacks and Yemenite Jews. Causes of neutropenia from disease can be categorized as resulting from decreased production of white blood cells, destruction of white blood cells after they are produced, or pooling of white blood cells (accumulation of the white blood cells out of the circulation).

Diseases causing decreased production of white blood cells include drug toxicity, vitamin deficiencies, and medical diseases such as blood diseases, infections (virus diseases, tuberculosis, typhoid), abnormalities of the bone marrow disorders, or be cyclic (varying in severity week to week, month to month, perhaps related to biorhythms). Destruction of white blood cells can occur as a result of antibodies attacking the cells (such as in Felty's syndrome) or from drugs stimulating the immune system to attack the cells. Pooling of white blood cells occurs with some overwhelming infections, heart-lung bypass during heart surgery, and hemodialysis.  (+ info)

What does it mean when a nurse says, the patient is neutropenic?

the patient has a low neutrophil count (a type of white blood cell)  (+ info)

what the benifit of wearing face mask and gown for neutropenic patient when one to one assignment?

i work in P-ICU in oncology center

  (+ info)

Have any of you ever gone to a party whilst being neutropenic?

even if it's a fancy dress party

My son never allowed being neuropenic to keep him from doing anything. He underwent high dose chemo for seven days, got out of the hospital on a Sunday and flew across the country on Monday to visit friends. He took meds with him and carried a surgical mask if he felt he needed it. So . . it really depends on how low your blood is and how you feel physically. The will can be poweful . . even when feeling rotten. My son also attended his high school graduation and parties . . he stayed out as long as he wished. It drove me crazy, but I am glad he got the chance to do what he wanted to do.  (+ info)

my daughter has oral ulcers and is neutropenic all recuring what are these symptoms of?

the ulcers have also been in her gastro tract and she has also suffered pneumatosis is any of does this suggest behcets

you need to see a gastroenterologist.(your daughter).Don't rely on serious answers here.Is your daughter a small child or teenager?wondering about eating disorders,but don't listen to me.Go to the Dr!  (+ info)

Do full term babies get necrotizing enterocolitis?

he incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) varies from isolated cases to nursery epidemics. The population group most often affected is ill, preterm neonates.5

The incidence rates of necrotizing enterocolitis are similar in all developed countries in which high-quality health care is available for premature infants.

The incidence in premature neonates is highest in those with very low birth weights.6 NEC is less commonly seen in premature neonates with higher birth weights and in _Full-term neonates.

Currently, the mortality rate of patients with necrotizing enterocolitis is less than 20% when infants are treated early in the course of the illness. Without treatment, the mortality rate is extremely high.

Morbidity associated with NEC includes bowel stricture, peritoneal adhesions, and bowel perforation. If perforation occurs, the necrotic bowel is surgically resected. Resection of large lengths of bowel may result in short-bowel syndrome.

Necrotizing enterocolitis exhibits no sexual predilection.  (+ info)

What is enterocolitis?

what is epizootic rabbit enterocolitis

Enterocolitis is an inflammation of the small and large intestines. Enteritis is inflammation of the small intestine, Colitis is inflammation of the large intestine, and enterocolitis is inflammation of both (note the words are basically just combined). As far as the "epizootic rabbit" part, that simply means that a large number of rabbits within a region have been affected by a disease, in this case, enterocolitis.

As far as treatments go, you need to determine the cause of the inflammation, which is almost always an infection. If it is viral in nature, the best treatment is supportive therapy - basically doing what you can to ensure the rabbit or rabbits stay well hydrated until the infection is under control. If the infection is bacterial, antibiotics could prove useful.  (+ info)

Neutropenic precautions in cancer patients?

Do you want to know what they are?

In our health system, when a pt. is on neutropenic precautions:

1) Gown/gloves/mask when you enter room to be with them

2) They gown, glove, mask when ever they leave the room for ANY reason: test, walk in hall etc.

3) No flowers in the room

4) We usually put them in the negative pressure rooms ( These are the ones with double doors..........you enter through one into a vestibule and don the protective wear. Enter the room through the second door. Tho not required, we still tend to do this more as a reminder

5) As you should with ALL patients, hand hygiene before entering and upon leaving room and even if gloved. Hand hygiene preferable with antibacterial hand gel.

6) If anyone has even the barest hint of a sniffle or any symptom, we do not let them treat the patient.

7) Any equipment is brought in clean and left in there....stethoscopes, BP cuffs, BiPAP/CiPAP machines, vents, walkers, etc.

Rules apply to visitors as well....hand hygiene, gowns/gloves/masks/ not permitted if ill.

We also limit children.  (+ info)

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