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What type of diet is Neutropenic Enterocolitis?

Neutropenic Entercolitis is not a diet:

-Neutropenic enterocolitis is an acute life-threatening condition characterized by transmural inflammation of the small and large bowel in patients who are severely myelosuppressed and immunosuppressed. The clinical presentation can be quite dramatic, and the outcome may be devastating. Mortality rates are high, and treatment is controversial, with options varying from conservative medical management to surgical intervention. Early recognition of the condition is paramount to a potentially good outcome.  (+ info)

Do full term babies get necrotizing enterocolitis?

he incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) varies from isolated cases to nursery epidemics. The population group most often affected is ill, preterm neonates.5

The incidence rates of necrotizing enterocolitis are similar in all developed countries in which high-quality health care is available for premature infants.

The incidence in premature neonates is highest in those with very low birth weights.6 NEC is less commonly seen in premature neonates with higher birth weights and in _Full-term neonates.

Currently, the mortality rate of patients with necrotizing enterocolitis is less than 20% when infants are treated early in the course of the illness. Without treatment, the mortality rate is extremely high.

Morbidity associated with NEC includes bowel stricture, peritoneal adhesions, and bowel perforation. If perforation occurs, the necrotic bowel is surgically resected. Resection of large lengths of bowel may result in short-bowel syndrome.

Necrotizing enterocolitis exhibits no sexual predilection.  (+ info)

What is enterocolitis?

what is epizootic rabbit enterocolitis

Enterocolitis is an inflammation of the small and large intestines. Enteritis is inflammation of the small intestine, Colitis is inflammation of the large intestine, and enterocolitis is inflammation of both (note the words are basically just combined). As far as the "epizootic rabbit" part, that simply means that a large number of rabbits within a region have been affected by a disease, in this case, enterocolitis.

As far as treatments go, you need to determine the cause of the inflammation, which is almost always an infection. If it is viral in nature, the best treatment is supportive therapy - basically doing what you can to ensure the rabbit or rabbits stay well hydrated until the infection is under control. If the infection is bacterial, antibiotics could prove useful.  (+ info)

is enterocolitis the same thing as enteritis?

Entercolitis is the swelling of both the small and large intestines. Enteritis is the swelling of the small intestine only. These dieseases are seen amoung infants.  (+ info)

my son has eosinophilic enterocolitis?

there's no support network, even dr's don't recognize the illness, i had to pay private to get him help, i know this is a long shot but is there anyone out there who can help???

My friend has just been diagnosed with Ulceric Colitis and it took doctors a year to diagnose it (he ended up in hospital).

I'll ask if he was given any information about support groups, but in the meantime, here's some online support groups:

http://www.curedfoundation.org/  (+ info)

NEC Necrotizing Enterocolitis (premiee)?

My baby was born at 24 weeks and 6 days he was doing going until they discovered he has a perforation in his intestines. The put a drain to remove all the liquid that spread but do not know yet the extent of the damage. They are going by the way he reacts to drain to determine the extent of the damage. Anyways I was just wondering if there are any parents there that that have had this experience with there premature baby and what was the outcome

  (+ info)

Would Ibuprofen help all of these problems since they all involve inflammation?

I'm 15. I have pleurisy which is inflammation around your lungs along with fluid. I smoke but I'm taking Ibuprofen to help with the pleurisy. The antibiotics I was on before caused me to develp enterocolitis. I think its swelling of your large intestine and colon and Im in EXCRUCIATING pain.. would Ibuprofen help with that too?

Med student here. I'll help ya out. I have Lupus so I get pleurisy sometimes too. You are right about entercolitis. It's the swelling of the intestines and/or colon and it's most often caused by antibiotic use. The ibuprofen won't help. Oddly enough, you need antibiotics for it. You may also need to have your intestines medically flushed out (colonic saline rinse) and may require you to go on IV feeding for a time. You need to go to your doctor asap because entercolitis can cause sepsis (blood infection). Hope this helps!  (+ info)

What can cause in infants kidney to bleed?

The doctors discovered that my sons right kidney was bleeding, what could cause that? He was only 5 days old.
He was full term. I only had him for a few hours in the hospital before the nurse took him away for low blood sugar. Then he developed breathing problems, then he got really sick. He developed necrotizing enterocolitis (intestinal infection) and died on the 5th day. The autopsy showed that his right kidney was bleeding also. That's why I haven't asked the doctor, I'm scheduled to talk to him in 3 weeks but I'm searching for answers before then.
There was no blood in his urine those few days that he lived.

I am so very sorry to hear about your son. My best wishes to your family.

I am not an MD, so please don't put too much stock in this: but I googled your son's symptoms and I found something called "hyperviscosity" which occurs when a newborn has too many red blood cells. However, this is really easy to test for - I'm sure they tested your son's hematocrit - so they ought to have picked it up if that were the problem. It's possible that they identified the hypervisocity but didn't know what was causing it (can be caused by inherited diseases, birth defects, etc.). That being said, it does encompass several of your son's symptoms: low blood sugar, respiratory distress, kidney failure (?)...and necrotizing enterocolitis can be a complication. Like I said, this is only if his hematocrit was quite elevated, but you can look at the list of symptoms here:
and see if it seems to fit or not.

I'm really sorry you lost him; best wishes. I hope you get some answers from the Doctor.  (+ info)

Milk for Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome?

I suspect my baby has FPIES...I would be seeing an allergist next weeek...any one else's babies have that? I am breast feeding my baby ..so he doesnt have issues with milk so far...he is 10 months now...what formula are you giving your baby with FPIES..by one year I would like to give him regular milk, but not cow's milk...I am certain that would cause a reaction...so mommies with FPIES baby, any special formula that suits well with your babies? I would like to know before hand so I could ask the allergist about it...Thanks

My son doesn't have FPIES, but I did some research and it looks like babies with this condition are put on a hypoallergenic or elemental formula. Good luck the the allergist!  (+ info)

anyone have a baby diagnosed with NEC or necrotizing enterocolitis? ?

my baby born at 26 weeks weeks and 4 days had NEC surgery last night... he is very sick and only 4 weeks old... he has made it through the night but the doctors dont really assure me that he will recover, he is on maximum support and they are doing everything they can for him....

has anyone else gone through this? what happened with your baby?
my baby actually did not make it... they tried another surgery but he passed a few hours after it, even though it seemed to have help at first...

thank you for all your prayers...i am just happy my baby is no longer in pain

I haven't experienced this myself, but please know that I am praying for you and your baby right now.

God is almighty, and remember this--Your baby is in HIS hands, no one else's. Since he is a preemie, it is to be expected that it's sometimes worse before it gets better. Tomorrow is another day, and things CAN get much better for him. He obviously is a feisty little boy, and preemies are stronger than we give them credit for, okay sweetie?   (+ info)

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