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What is the longest a fever can last in children?

My 9 year old son has been running a fever for almost 4 days now. He's been on antibiotic for 3 full days but still has temperature unless I give him a fever reducer. They say that you shouldn't give a fever reducer unless the temperature reaches above 102 (he's been getting 101 and 102). I am getting more and more concerned that the antibiotic is not working and it may be something more serious. It's been 72 hours and to my experiece, antibiotics usually take effect after 42 hours, tops, where there is no fever. Does anyone know how long a fever can go on for and if I should be concerned and take him in for another visit?

Antibiotics can take up to 7 days to work. Don't be afraid to give him a fever reducer (over the counter kind), for goodness sake, the poor kids is suffering!
Yes take his back to the Doc. ASAP! Maybe get a second opinion.  (+ info)

How long does a fever typically last without use of antibiotics?

I have a fever. I'm pretty sure it is from my wisdom tooth being infected. I will be getting it removed in about three weeks (I'd do it sooner but I want to wait until I'm done with school so I can be at home and be relaxed)

If I don't take antibiotics, how long will it take for a fever to go away? I got a fever on Saturday and it's getting better, I think, but what is the average?

If you have an infection, you should take antibiotics. Otherwise the fever can be very dangerous.  (+ info)

What harm does spiking a fever over 100 do to a fetus at 30 weeks?

I am 30 weeks, yesterday had a fever of 101. I have already called my OB. The fever broke with the help of Tylenol. I was just wondering what potential problem could be caused with a fever that high to my baby.

Temperatures over around 102-103 can cause birth defects -but only in the first 12 weeks. After that heat is not teratogenic.

It does however tend to raise blood pressure, dehydration and cause other stress to both your body and the baby. But a healthy pregnancy at this point is unlikely to be effected  (+ info)

Taking antibiotics for fever - How much is considered to be an overdose?

My doctor prescribed antibiotics for fever. Blood or other tests were not performed, so this could have been viral fever. I am concerned about taking antibiotics, as the body(bacteria) may become immune to the antibiotic in the long run. Should I take antibiotics? How much is considered to be overdose and may develop immunity in the body?

Your doctor is trained to know the difference between a virus and a bacterial infection. Testing is costly and often not necessary. ABSOLUTELY finish your meds! One of the MAIN REASONS we have created the "super-bugs" you are worried about is that people don't finish their antibiotics. If you are following directions, there should be no overdose. As far as immunity to the drug, I wouldn't worry about it. Take your meds and feel better soon. And if you don't trust your doctor, maybe you should find a new one.  (+ info)

How do you break a fever on an infant?

My 13 month old got a fever last night and he is burning up. His temperature is 101 degrees, but our doctor just said thats normal for a fever but if it gets any higher call him. My poor baby just seems so hot and uncomfortable, he just lays on my chest all day. Any suggestions on how to comfort him and break this fever. I've been giving him tylenol and try to give him bottles of water but he just wants to be breastfed.

As your Doctor has informed you, 101ºF is NOT an alarmingly high temperature for an infant. If you think that he's "burning up" at 101ºF, either you have never had a child at 103º+ or you need to recheck that you are taking his temperature properly.

Breastfeeding is good for him with it's antibodies, as long as you don't mind the frequency of it (increase YOUR fluid intake, too)!

Give him a bath in tepid water (lukewarm) to help lower his body temperature. Use cool compresses at other times.

Little to no clothing -- an all-cotton onesie at most.

You could see if you can get him to drink PediaLyte or maybe he'll lick or suck on a PediaLyte freezer pop if you hold it and monitor him carefully so he doesn't bite off a big chunk -- or mash it up so it's like a smoothie and spoon feed it to him.

What appears to be causing the temperature? Is he stuffy? Could he be teething? Does he react as if he has any tenderness on any part of his body when you hold him or change his diaper?  (+ info)

What is the longest fever that anyones child had?

My son has had a fever for 8 days now anywhere from 99.0-100.4. I would really like to know if anyone's child has had fever for a long period of time. Thank you.
My 3 year old daughter has a fever aswell. She has had fever for 4 days. They play, but neither of them really eat a whole lot. My 3 year old is complaining of a headache.

i have had a few neighbor kids having the exact same symptoms. migraines and fever. she is on day 3 but, has not been active. Went to the doctor and he said it was a virus going around.  (+ info)

How high must a fever be to cause hallucination?

For the sake of a story I'm writing. The main character has a high fever, and is drifting between reality and hallucination, or between reality and dreams, or however you want to put it. The idea is, she needs to be awake at a certain moment between bouts of imagining things, whether dreams or hallucinations, and thus not quite believe what happened during that time.

So, about how high a fever would create this kind of state?

Most people start having weird dreams around 102-103. Its usually the duration of a fever more than the temperature that causes hallucinations. People tend to fall unconscious when their temperature hits 105 or more. Delirium and hallucinations can occur at temps as low as 102 if the person stays at this temperature for long periods of time without any break in the fever. With some people, they might experience hallucinations at 102 after a few hours, and with other people, they might not hallucinate until several days have passed. This should work well into a story line - the character's thoughts could get more and more bizarre over the course of several days while having a fever - that's pretty realistic.  (+ info)

How long does a fever last with Roseola?

My son's doctor said that my son most likely has Roseola because he has had a high fever for almost three days, but not other symptoms. How long does the fever usually last?

My daughter had roseola when she had just turned one and had a fever for about 5 days, they couldn't find anything wrong with her - even did chest x-rays but she had no other symptoms apart from a persistant fever. Then finally on the 5th day she had a rash all over her body and that was when the fever finally broke.  (+ info)

How is Rheumatic fever and a Heart murmur linked to toothache and abscess formation?

How is Rheumatic fever and a Heart murmur linked to toothache and abscess formation?

and what are the complications if the patent's infection is not treated??


You will get subacute bacterial endocarditis.  (+ info)

What are some signs of a fever without a thermometer?

Im 7 months pregnant so im really afraid that my cold is more like a fever.
And im not anywhere near a thermometer.
Is there any wives tales or ways to see if i have a fever?
Other than the old is your forehead hot trick.
Thank You.

Paracetemol is safe for pregnant women...take 1x500mg tablet. My doctor says let someone kiss your forehead and if it feels hot on their lips, you do have a fever. Take a cool (not cold) bathtub to reduce your temp. Have someone make you some warm chicken soup, from a package is fine.  (+ info)

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