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I have Epididymitis, is it safe to have sex?

I was diagnosed with epididymitis (the non STD form) last Sunday.

I don't have any pain or discharge.

Is it safe to have sex?

When I had Epididymitus (the non STD form), I was told to take my antibiotics and lay down to reduce gravity effects. Since the epididym is inflamed, sex is probably not a good idea and wouldn't be all the comfortable. I was running a temp and felt like hell until the antibiotics kicked in anyway.  (+ info)

What non-prescription antibiotics for epididymitis?


what non-prescription antibiotics can I get to deal with epididymitis?


  (+ info)

Can an MD diagnose epididymitis or does it need to be a urologist?

I think an MD could probably diagnose it OK, but he may send you to a urologist to double check.  (+ info)

epididymitis- should i go to the hospital or wait until tomorrow?

the std person at the local health clinic is out until tomorrow and i dont know if i can schedule an immediate appointment when she comes back tomorrow... should i go to the local hospital or my doctor to get antibiotics or will i be okay until tomorrow?

just chill out and wait for an appointment. This type of infection is not critical mass, and it will take a long time to clear up either way. Relax and schedule in.  (+ info)

epididymitis I know what it is but how did he get it?

I had to take my hubby to urgent care last night because his *stuff* was in pain. they said he had epididymitis. I have done some reading, i understand where it is located and what it is but how did he get it? alot of my reading says that one of the main causes is STD. I have never cheated on him ever. we have been married for 11 yrs. has he been cheating? do i now need to worry about my self?

The swollen testicle can get roughly the size of your fist. I am speaking from first hand knowledge and it still hurts to think about it. My pain was so bad that taking a simple step caused pain. I had to get a handicapped parking pass at Ohio State for a couple of months. I had to walk with crutches due to the pain when I would rise up on the one leg.

http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drryan21.htm  (+ info)

If I had epididymitis, would my semen have bacteria in it?

meaning, could it be transfered to someone else?

Are you concerned about your girlfriend's testicles?

Epidermis is an inflammation, and an infection caused by bacteria may not be the cause. From experience I know it can take awhile to clear up, say seven to ten days.

Nasty problem. I'd avoid sex, or use a condom, just to be safe. Women have this "thing" about guys infecting them with disease. They have no sense of humour about it.  (+ info)

I have developed antibiotic resistance, and i am suffering from prostatitis and epididymitis, now what?? help?

what should I do now? is there any method to reverse antibiotic resistant.

This question you should ask your doctor. If you have a bacterial infection. And it is resistant to one antibiotic. Then your doctor can prescribe you some other antibiotic.

It's not possible to reverse antibiotic resistance, once it develops. The only thing you can do is use another antibiotic and use it as prescribed.

One of the reasons why antibiotic resistance develops is because people don't follow medical instructions. They expose their bacteria to non-lethal levels of the antibiotic and allow this bacteria to develop resistance.

When you are taking an antibiotic, then you have to take it exactly as prescribed and for as long as prescribed. Or else it won't work well.  (+ info)

When should I go back to the doctor if my epididymitis doesn't get better?

Went last Wednesday and was prescribed antibiotics (Minocycline 100 mg) have been taken them as prescribed and the pain has subsided somewhat but it's still quite noticeable as well as lower abdominal pains periodically. How long should I give the antibiotics before going back?

Use the antibiotics until they are gone. Doctor should have given you at least a week supply. If the pain is in both testicles, or seems to move back and forth, it might not be epididymitis at all. Pain originating in the prostate gland often feels like it's coming from the testicles. Most prostate pain in younger guys is caused by ejaculating too much. Unless your doctor told you something else, you should ejaculate no more than 3 times a week until you are OK. It also helps to cut out caffeine and to soak the area nightly in a hot bath.  (+ info)



that is the cord that hangs the testicle.. normal  (+ info)

I think I have epididymitis, what should I do?

I know you'll suggest to go see a doctor, but I already scheduled an appointment and I was told that the earliest date is 29 March....symptoms I've read on the internet indicated epididymitis.

What can I do as a short-term remedy? I have a discomfort at testicles and slight pain...not "unbearable" but certainly annoying.

Uuuuuh! Wait just a second, Bubba! It sounds as if you have self diagnosed yourself - and that can often be wrong & dangerous. You don't even know for sure you have epididymitis - you're just guessing at it. Your underwear might even be too small & causing the family jewels to cramp their style. Wait until you can be examined by a medical doctor for an evaluation.  (+ info)

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