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If you have epilepsia is it harmful if you smoke Weed?

My friend is 15, soon turning 16. She has have 5 to 6 Epileptic fits, and now she is taking medication for it. How ever, is it true she cannot drink and take drugs?
WHat may happen?
Can it damage her illness?

Hi Sandri,

Weed smokers will tell you that smoking weed is OK for patients who suffer from epilepsy. This is NOT the truth. The truth is that weed and alcohol lower that seizure threshold. This means that they are more likely to get a seizure if they smoke weed.

As a professional nurse I choose to give the information to the patient and then let him choose. Good luck.  (+ info)

Any relief from hemicrania continua?

I've been diaginosed with hemicrania continua (but the even rarer form that flips from side to side). My neurologist has tried Lyrica but it didn't work. We've tried Indomithicin (spelling?) but I can't keep it down and it doesn't work anyway.

I've tried Topamax and Anatriptiline in the past - no relief. And I cannot tolorate triptans (causes circulatory problems); I don't even know if these are useful on hemicrania continua as I took them for regular migraines.

He's planning on trying Lyrica again. I'm desperate! Please help.

Have you tried accupuncture or bio-feedback?  (+ info)

Can you die from leukonychia partialis?(white spots on nails)?

im 12 and i have really white spots on my nails. they are very little,but now im scared. i dont wanna die!!! can i?

I thought you got those from not having calcium.
Drink some milk.  (+ info)

any experiences with headache called hemicrania continua ?

I finally seen a neuro yesterday and was diagnosed with hemicrania continua

My symptoms are on a constant basis:

pain in right eye, (sometimes tears)
right eyelid is droopier,
pain deep in right ear,
pain in right temple,
pain right side of forehead,
pain in right cheek.

happened few yrs ago then stopped styarted then stopped, usually here for a few mnths...

think i may have a touch of trigeminal neuralgia too thats what it feels like.. i am worse when im outside or have been outside..

i am going to be trying Indomethacin which i am a little weary off :-S and then amatryptaline..

anyone have this condition? whats your symptoms/experience..


From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke

What is Hemicrania Continua?
Hemicrania continua is a rare form of chronic headache marked by continuous pain on one side of the face that varies in severity. Superimposed on the continuous but fluctuating pain are occasional attacks of more severe pain. Symptoms fall into two main categories: autonomic, including runny nose, tearing, eye redness, eye discomfort, sweating, and swollen and drooping eyelids; and migraine-like, including nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. The disorder has two forms: continuous, with daily headaches, and remitting, where headaches may occur for as long as 6 months and are followed by a pain-free period of weeks to months until they recur. Most patients experience attacks of increased pain three to five times per 24-hour cycle. This disorder is more common in women than in men. Physical exertion and alcohol use may increase the severity of headache pain in some patients. The cause of this disorder is unknown.

Is there any treatment?
Indomethacin, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), usually provides rapid relief from symptoms.

Other NSAIDs, including ibuprofen, celecoxib, and naproxen, can provide some relief from symptoms. Amitriptyline and other tricyclic antidepressants are effective in some patients.

What is the prognosis?
Patients may obtain complete to near-complete relief of symptoms with proper medical attention and daily medication. Some patients may not be able to tolerate long-term use of indomethacin and may have to rely on less effective NSAIDs.  (+ info)

Does taking pro-hormones,androstenetrione have any effect on a medicine that I`m taking for epilepsia ?

The medicine is called depakine,I take 500mlg. in the morning and 300 at bed time.

I would call a pharmacists...that is what they are there for....  (+ info)

do I have symptoms of epilepsia?

so, two days ago when I was walking from bathroom to kitchen with edge of my eyes I noticed something big and white like cloud behind my mother in her bedroom.at first I didn't pay attention but after moment I went to see what it is and there was nothing.
that night I talked with my girlfriend till mid-night and then went to sleep,but I couldn't sleep well, I was waking up every half an hour. so when it was 2-3 am I was in my bed with open eyes this small cloud slowly came from window and entered into me and I felt like I can know exactly what will happen next several days. I was completely sure that I can see what ever I want, I feeled like there is a map in my head and I need just to open and see...Anyway when this cloud entered me it made my body very tight I couldn't move even my finger. I tried several times to move, to go up, but I couldn't. mentally I was completely cool and I just was thinking what is next, what is going on? this continued 2-3 minutes, after which I managed to fall on floor from my bed. the most sucky thing about this is that I actually saw nothing about my future:)

so I wonder, are all these things basic symptoms of epilepsia, shizofrenia or anything like that?

additional details about me, if it helps.
during school years I studied really hard, there were times when I studied non-stop for 17+ hours everyday for two-three weeks, although last two year I didn't have much mental work. I sleep very well, but there are times when I see kinda prophetic dreams. I think I have good intuition, often I know who is calling before taking phone, or when I think about somebody we meet soon after that....I write all this to give you clearer picture of my mental state. Am I still normal person? Or do I need to consult with doctor?
anybody, come on please!!!
bump bump

It does not sound like a seizure from epilepsy, and it doesn't sound like symptoms of Schizophrenia either.You should see a doctor you could have a viral infection ,or problems with your vision.  (+ info)

In regard to drug treatment,,,What is a continuum of treatment?

What is a continuum of treatment?

After you complete the program a rehab center the "continuum" is what you do to continue to stay clean - follow ups with a councellor - entering a program like AA or NA and of course - staying sober.

Also rehad therapists can recomend that you go into out patient treatment (or some such program) even though a person may have already completed inpatient treatment.  (+ info)

If I accidentally dropped pasta on the antipasto would there be a pasto antipasto reaction?

I wouldn't want to alter the space time continuum or annihilate this quadrant of the galaxy.

now say that 5x fast..tounge twister!!  (+ info)

Hemicrania Continua Anyone?

Brain scan came back clean, so the neurologist diagnosed me with this disorder. Anybody else live with this, and if so, what lifestyle changes have you found beneficial in managing the pain of HC?

I have not heard of this condition before, is it anything like trigeminal neuralgia ?
Good to know you can manage it and live well......on my research it states risk factors and causes are:
Medication overuse
Sleep Disorders
Stimulants such as caffeine
Treatment is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) called indomethacin is commonly taken to provide rapid relief from symptoms.

Hemicrania continua is a relatively well-treated form of chronic headaches and most sufferers can find complete to near-complete relief by avoiding triggers and using medication daily.

You might find a support group of this condition that can assist in your managment to be in control of these symptoms.

  (+ info)

Why does everything always feel so surreal?

This happens everyday. The colours are more defined sometimes, other times they are incredibly bleak. Places I've been in before seem oddly unfamiliar. I feel emotionally detached. I feel as if I am living on a continuum of all events within a given period of time and that I am never "at" the moment. I cant distinguish between dreams and reality anymore. Arrg, it feels so horribles. It feels as if I am trapped. How do I overcome this?

I feel that way a LOT, I feel like we cover up the complicated side of life with simple pleasures to make it easier on our emotions & easier to comprehend and move on with,
sometimes it makes me think in an almost suicidal way because I don't think like normal people and I'm only 15 and I don't wanna spend THAT much time on earth thinking this way, but I can phase those thoughts out & think normally if I'm in a big social setting.
The more often I get high, the worse it gets, the longer I go without getting high, the easier it is to phase out.  (+ info)

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