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what could cause an adult to start having simple partial seizures?

its strange, i started having SPS in 2007 and now my boyfriend has just had one as well, 3 years later.
i don't assume he "caught" epilepsy, but is there a root cause of the epilepsy that could be affecting us both?

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can you die from complex partial epilepsy?

i have been doing research to see if i have any symptoms for epilepsy and it turns out i do only for complex partial epilepsy. i cant seem to find if it is deadly or not. can anyone give me some info on this?
i didnt self diagnose myself. I have a specialist in this feild in my family and she said it was a possibility. i started looking it up because it got me kind of scared. she also said if anything, my "case" is not major. {if i have it} thanks!

Whoa there! Have you even seen a doctor about this, or did you self-diagnose? Many people, (it is a survival mechanism) self-diagnose the worst ailments possible based off of symptoms. You must see a doctor if you feel you are ill, and s/he will make a diagnosis and a prognosis. Till then, do not lose sleep over it.  (+ info)

How long after a partial knee replacement can you walk without so much pain and swelling?

I am 49 and had a partial knee replacement (patelo femoral). After 2 months it gets hot and hurts when walking. I have great range of motion, but still swells and hurts. Anyone has an idea how long it takes before you feel back like yourself? Thanks.

significantly better by month 2-3, but intermittent pain and swelling is normal for 6-12 months  (+ info)

How long to walk after a partial achilles tear?

I was just put in a boot today for a partial achilles tear and a few other calf muscle issues. The incident happened about 5 days ago. Does anyone have any estimates as to when I'll at least be able to stop using crutches and put pressure on the foot to walk in the boot?

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How to care for my toe after partial removal?

I just got a partial ingrown toenail removal (doctor cut off the left third of my toenail.)I have read that it is very possible to get ANOTHER ingrown toenail during the healing process, because the nail has to re-grow from scratch. What measures should I go to to prevent this from happening? I would really like to not get another, the removal process is quite painful.

I had this happen to me and one of the things that the doctor should have recommended was to wear proper size shoes, your shoes might be too tight which in turn caused the ingrown toenail. so check out your shoes in addition to keeping it clean and plenty of access to the open air.  (+ info)

What determines whether or not you need a full or partial head of hair extensions?

A partial head is $450 and a full head of extensions is $900. Obviously, I'd like to get away with just purchasing a partial head.

But what determines which one you get? Thickness of my natural hair, length I already have? Thanks in advance.


The look that you want is going to determine what type of hair extension, full or partial, you are looking for.

If you want a long, full sexy hair like Mariah, and you have short hair, you will need a full extension.

If you have long hair already, but want it more full like Hanna Montana, then you will need a partial hair extension, to add body or volume.

The look that you want to obtain, is going to be the top factor in what type of hair extension you need.

Good Luck  (+ info)

How much for partial fusion hair extensions? How much hair is needed?

I'm african american, and this is the deal: Okay, the right side of my hair is significantly shorter than my left. I'm growing it out of a mohawk cut. I want to get partial fusion to even it out. How much hair should I need? I figured that I would only need no more than forty strands since I'm not doing the whole head. Or should I just get braids, wait, save the money and get my whole head done?

wait & save the money and get whole head so it will look more real & even  (+ info)

What are the pros and cons of having a partial hysterectomy meaning leaving your ovaries?

I have severe headaches caused from that time and a partial will not help get rid of those the only benefit I am seeing is that I will not have the severe cramping. My Dr. said at my age he doesn't want to take out my ovaries.

my mom had a partial, she was told that she had a chance to have either all boys or all girls, well, she had a girl, boy, girl after the first boy and than the partial.

I had a full hysterectomy and I gained weight, always dieting now, but can't seem to get rid of the belly fat.  (+ info)

How can I tell if my son had a partial seizure?

My 2-1/2 year old started clutching his teeth and hands all of a sudden.. It happened 3 times in a row within 10 minutes. I've been looking around but not sure if it is a partial seizure or just a isolated incident.

Has anybody experienced this before?

take your son to the doctors straight away
its better to be safe than sorry.  (+ info)

HOw much do partial plates cost for upper and lower teeth?

Ny husband was looking into full denture implants, but we heard that partial plates were cheaper? Does anyone have ar know anything about these and about the average cost?

Partial plates of course require teeth to attach to... I think our office charges $1200 each for a metal-framework partial denture (generally the best kind IMHO).  (+ info)

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