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can you die from complex partial epilepsy?

i have been doing research to see if i have any symptoms for epilepsy and it turns out i do only for complex partial epilepsy. i cant seem to find if it is deadly or not. can anyone give me some info on this?
i didnt self diagnose myself. I have a specialist in this feild in my family and she said it was a possibility. i started looking it up because it got me kind of scared. she also said if anything, my "case" is not major. {if i have it} thanks!

Whoa there! Have you even seen a doctor about this, or did you self-diagnose? Many people, (it is a survival mechanism) self-diagnose the worst ailments possible based off of symptoms. You must see a doctor if you feel you are ill, and s/he will make a diagnosis and a prognosis. Till then, do not lose sleep over it.  (+ info)

Indicator of photosensitive epilepsy and/or partial complex seizures?

I don't get to talk to the neurologist until Tuesday, but am curious now: I had an EEG yesterday morning and during the medium speeds of the strobes flashing at my closed eyes, i felt euphoric, like on a roller coaster with surges in heart rate as well. the rest of the day i felt like i was dreaming and had bad pain (but lingering euphoria) behind my eyes above my temples. Is this an indicator of partial complex seizures and/or photosensitive epilepsy? Thanks!

Not everyone with complex partials has photosensitive seizures. I'm one of them. All the eeg's I had, the flashing lights did NOTHING to me. I can sit at a keyboard for HOURS and nothing happens -- unless you keep me up REALLY late (like 4 or 5 am), and then we might have been talking. (I speak in the past tense because I had surgery 6 months ago that stopped my seizures COLD -- nothing in 6 months!!)

I'd wait till you talk to the doc -- but remember, not every eeg picks up seizure activity. I had so many "normal" eeg's it wasn't funny. In fact, after 24 years ON meds, I had a different doc look at all the normals and pull me OFF meds overnight. Was THAT a mistake. I was off meds having seizures regularly for 9 years. Finally, I found a new doc who suggested the seizure surgery. Best thing since sliced bread!!!! :-)  (+ info)

Are there any comparisons with acute anxiety, that can be mistaken for complex partial seizure epilepsy?

Actually, these people above are wrong... I know from personal experience! I was misdiagnosed with partial seizure epilepsy, and it was only once I'd been medicated for months on mind-numbing carbamazepine without any success, and been given two 24 hour EEG scans, that my doctor referred me to another one - who, thank god, realised the problem was all mental. My ''seizures'' were in fact anxiety attacks.

When I have a panic attack, sometimes I can forget things like my name, where I live... I can't breathe properly, and I feel unable to walk or talk... or I wander around aimlessly. This sort of behaviour could easily be mistaken for seizures.

Luckily, I'm in the capable hands of a psychiatrist now, who has got me on the right medication and treatment program.
It's interesting you asked, and I hope this helped!  (+ info)

Has anyone with complex partial epilepsy had very good results with Gabapentin?

I was on it and I also have VNS and I assumed it was the VNS that had kept me completely free from any seizures for two and a half months but when I started reducing the Gabapentin they started again.

I use gabapentin for pain management but i have herd it is very good to stop seizures dont stop it go see your doc hope this helps u  (+ info)

what does complex partial epilepsy casue? Can it make you get dymesia,alzheimers, or other disease?

complex partial epilepsy causes seizures with altered consciousness, usually characteristic motions such as lip smacking or arm motions where the person is not responsive for as long as the seizure lasts. Epilepsy does not cause Alzheimer's, but if someone has uncontrolled seizure activity that lasts a long time (status epilepticus) or extremely frequent seizures, it can cause brain damage that leads to cognitive problems.  (+ info)

Complex partial epilepsy - new feeling. Is it another/different seizure?

I have complex partial epilepsy. Recently, I've had this feeling like I am hit in the head. It lasts for maybe a second and doesn't hurt, but the feeling kind of washes over me. My eyes feel like they roll around for a second or so and I get dizzy, nauseated.

I've had simple partial seizures before (presented as a sort of facial tick), but they would last for minutes. These sensations I am experiencing now feel like my head is being tapped and I am jolted, but it only lasts for 1-5 seconds.

Any idea what this could be? Anyone experience something similar?

Thanks, in advance, for the response.

It might be something new to you but it isn't a new type of seizure. I have had them for yrs. One of the many that I grew up having. I don't know if you realize it but according to the medical dictionary there are 24 different types of seizures.

I have 3-4of those 24. I have had 4 surgeries in the past 11 yrs to correct my seizures. I was taking 3 medications. They finally started cutting back on my medications. Before the cut back I was taking 4500mg per day.  (+ info)

EPILEPSY...does any1 hav mini convulsions wiv complex partial seizures... especially when there r sleeping...?

...or when they are trying to fall asleep... and remember them too.. at first i thought they were just simple partial seizures but when i had about 6 on and off for about 40 minutes when i was in a "half asleep" state ... i actually thought that it lasted for 40 minutes.... which is unusal but its not.... for me as i suffer from partial... status... i hear high pitched noises plus voices and i'm half dreaming half haloucinating... i just put it down as a simple partial siezure as thats what i'm offically diagnosed with.... i told my doctor about this... i'm a newlly diagnosed person with epilepsy.. please help... as i'm at my whits end... at the moment i'm only on 125mg of lamictal (lamotragine)... thankyou

  (+ info)

Complex Partial Seizures (Epilepsy) vs ADHD Inattentive (ADHD)?

What's the difference?

They're totally different things. Seizures are bursts of uncontrolled electrical activity in the cortex of the brain. ADHD is a problem with attention.

If that's being given as a possible differential diagnosis, them perhaps they are trying to rule out brief seizures for certain kinds of behavior. They can test for seizures with an EEG, but ADHD is a diagnosis of exclusion--there are no lab tests that can confirm it.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of a way to control complex partial seizures naturally?

I've had complex partial seizures for the past 3.5 years (since I was 21). I don't have them too frequently but I would like to know if someone has done something that has cured them completely or at least controlled them quite well. I would like to resume a normal lifestyle like a normal 24 year old but I'm scared because of these seizures! If anyone knows of a way that has controlled or cured them, I would like to know your suggestions! Thanks in advance!

As a nurse, I have to say not really - unless you mean taking medications and easing your stress level to provoke them by eating well, not drinking, and getting enough sleep. Medication is meant to prevent your seizures from occurring, and going off these anti-epileptic medications can put you at risk of seizing again. I imagine it's a real bummer to have to take medication for a problem which is totally out of your control, but it's safer for you and possibly society. If you were to drive and have a seizure you could kill yourself and/or others, and that would not be a good plan.

Now, if it's about side effects, and that's why you don't feel like you lead a *normal lifestyle*, please work with your doc to find another drug which doesn't bother you as much. I know these medications can cause problems for people with feeling dizzy, sleepy, lose hair, have gum problems, nausea, and feeling spacey. There are many, many newer meds out and one may be a better choice than another for you.

Good luck to you, and I hope you stay seizure-free!

And for the other person who commented about *partial* seizures, that just means they start in one part of the brain, rather than the whole brain at one time. And NOT all people have seizures which make them shake all over with their arms and legs going. Partial seizures can spread to make that happen, but not all the time. Also, someone may or may not have seizures which make them unconscious - some people have *Simple* partial seizures where their mind isn't affected and the person knows it's happening. When the consciousness is affected with Partial Epilepsy, it's called a Complex Partial Seizure.  (+ info)

What is "Complex Partial Seizures with Secondary Generalization"?

What is "Complex Partial Seizures with Secondary Generalization" ?
I have been diagnosed with epilepsy and the doctor told me that is what I have. He explained the complex partial but I threw him off track asking questions about something else before he explained the rest to me.....Your answers are very much appreciated.

  (+ info)

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