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Can I drive with frontal lobe epilepsy?

I have just been diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy, it has taken a long time, a lot of different head scans/tests etc. It was detected by a sleep deprivation EEG, and my dosage of lamotrigine (medication) is going up. I was just wondering, since I do not know when these little seizure things happen, would I be able to obtain a driving license and actually drive? (in the UK)

Any info & help would be appreciated, thanks.

I am going to say NO. petit mal seizures can deviate your path of concentration and you may lose focus of the task at hand. You might kinda space out which can lead to an accident. and as with all Epilepsy there is always the risk of having a grand mal seizure which would be very bad if you were behind the wheel. that being said, the lesion on your brain that causes the seizures may disappear with the medication in which case you will be able to drive. If you are still having petit mal at this time though it would be risky to be behind the wheel. Your best bet would be to wait a while too see how well the medication helps and how long you go without having a seizure. Good Luck!  (+ info)

Frontal lobe epilepsy deja vu?

I have frontal lobe epilepsy due to an AVM that is inoperable and will continue to bleed into my brain.

Some days I have such bad Deja Vu that I can't even go through life without thinking this has already happened, and that I already knew this person was gonna say ____.

Anyone else have this?

I had left front temporal lobe problems also. I would think of things happening and it was definetly something. I had auras before my seizures and they were really a treat, I worked in a warehouse and picked up a case of bleach as I had an aura. On the radio it said bleach could really do bad things to a person and the next thing I knew I came out of the seizure and was no longer holding the bleach. I had thrown it,a full case, over 100 feet . I know what you are going through and it is something to deal with is'nt it ?  (+ info)

Does anyone know of a Frontal Lobe Epilepsy consultant in the UK?

Anywhere in the UK

  (+ info)

frontal lobe epilepsy?

does the frontal lobe have any language skills or is that just in the temporal lobes. My daughter has epilepsy and can not speak with out anti-convolsants with them she is fully verbal

The Frontal Lobes are the "Social Filters" and play a big part in human interactions and Executive commands. Could be she can verbalize internally but the pathway out is being blocked.  (+ info)

Can I use provillus even if I start losing hair at the frontal lobe?

Can I use provillus even if I start losing hair at the frontal lobe?

It says it is only for people who are losing hair on the Vertex.
I was wondering if it can help, generally restore hair in the frontal lobe.
I know there are crusial vitamins for hair growth, that is why i want to use it.
Should I even try it?

You said there are vitamins for hair growth? REALLY?

To promote hair growth:
Eat healthier foods. Avoid pills, supplements, bottled drinks to make your hair grow, etc. . . . just another propaganda that will make you gain weight or get sick elsewhere. FDA don't even approve of them, until someone gets very very sick, because they don't have manpower to investigate them all.

Most of all it takes a lot of patience!

But you'll never know unless you try. Please try it, and come back and tell us your result, I'm dying to know.  (+ info)

What could cause the frontal lobe to enlarge, and what would be the effects?

Certain drugs and alcohol can cause the frontal lobe to shrink. What would do the opposite? What would such a person be like?

New research is showing that people diagnosed with some forms of autism have abnormally large frontal lobes. Not only are the frontal lobes enlarged, but the cellular structure is different, with the cells themselves being abnormally large.

http://www.autismsandiego.org/brain_tissue.php  (+ info)

Is an arachnoid cyst in the frontal lobe really that serious?

Is it not that big of a deal? If it is just a small one approximately 2inches long and half an inch wide in the left frontal lobe, isn't is minor really? Should anyone really worry about that little thing?

Arachnoid cysts are classified according to there whereabouts and, each on has to be classified separately. And, yes, they can be "that serious"
These cysts are fluid filled and just under the second layer of membrane on the brain.

Your doctor would have to answer the seriousness of the cyst.  (+ info)

Can somebody describe temporal lobe epilepsy experiences?

My brother thinks he's having out of body experiences. He described one and it was very visual. Wondering if it could be temporal lobe epilepsy.

My son is a bi polar 1 patient with a secondary condition of temporal lobe epilepsy, one time he was panicking and thought he was dead, another time he thought objects in the room had become alive. The consultant neurologist said that these two incidents were temporal lobe epilepsy and not bi polar 1

Hope this helps, there is no chance that my son was taking drugs, that aways needs to be established. I am not saying your brother is, but that has to apparently be established, then a cat scan, but it does not always show up. Hope this has helped. It sounds similar to me, if my son described as your brother i would think so
Although my son's diagnosis is temporal lobe epilepsy, he does not have actual seizures, as complex partial epilepsy is not always seizures, not in his case anyway.

He has always remained fully awake through these and incidents like that i describe and has never lost conciseness, the neurologist said there are types of seizures that are so like this. Your mother needs to get a referral to a neurologist ASAP it sounds very likely to me.On what you say.  (+ info)

Does the the brain make new paths around organic frontal lobe damage ?

I had a frontal lobe brain injury and I believe I have recovered very well. But Yes But I am not what you would call normal, I may seem normal But I am not. I am some what disturbed, But I would like to know if the brain can make new paths for signals around arganic damage. I feel like a plant.

It must if you improve over the years. A scar is a scar but.  (+ info)

If you have a temporal lobe epilepsy, will the temp lobe always be dysfunctional, or just during seizures?

What if, during a brain scan, you are not feeling your symptoms of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Will it still pick up that there is an abnormality? As in, if you have a dyfunction, will it show signs of dysfunction at any time, or just when the seizure is occuring?

Not necessarily on a MRI scan will it show but definately when you have an EEG which your neurologist should make you have. Go to the website I have given you I find it most helpful for answers.  (+ info)

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