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What would happen if someone with epilepsy was bitten by a deadly venomous snake or spider?

Would the symptoms or affects be different? If they did not noticed the bite, could the affects resemble symptoms of their epilepsy?

I think the only difference would be the stress on the body from the bite could cause the person to have a seizure.  (+ info)

Can epilepsy cause someone to withdraw from intimate contact?

My friend has has epilepsy since childhood. A few years ago he suffered a Grand mal seizure. He is now in his late 40's. Is it possible that this has caused him to withdraw from any intimate contact or any display of affection?

Not sure. I would say the epilepsy, itself, is not causing that, but after all these years could have been detrimental to his self-esteem, embarrassing, not to mention extremely worrisome and scary.

It seems I once read that epileptics are more prone to depression, and that's what this could be.  (+ info)

What would be a good symbol for epilepsy?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no national symbol for epilepsy. What do you think would be a symbol?

(If there is a national symbol, please let me know) Thanks!

the epilepsy ribbon (like the cancer one but for epilepsy)

by the way I think some of these answers are VERY RUDE I have epilepsy! Think about people who have this condition before you answer a question like this  (+ info)

What are the chances of my child having epilepsy?

My husband and i are planning on having a child but we want to know first if it will be safe because on his side he has a cousin with epilepsy and on my side i have an aunt with epilepsy,what are the chances my child might get epilepsy?

Science shows that 2 parents with no family history of epilepsy have the same chances of having a child with epilepsy as 2 parents who THEMSELVES suffer from epilepsy do. Your chances are about 1/100. Just like the rest of the world.  (+ info)

What are the chances of me getting epilepsy?

My brother was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 16 years old. I am now around that age and am curious what the chances of me getting epilepsy are. Thank you too all answers.

  (+ info)

How dangerous is it to take ecstasy if you have epilepsy?

I have mild epilepsy. Would it be dangerous to take ecstasy once? Is it best to take the latest dose of AED before having ecstasy?

It is dangerous to take ecstasy if you are a human. About 70 users die each year in the UK.  (+ info)

What kind of things can aggravate epilepsy?

I know flashing lights definitely can and I think my old neurologist may have said something about hot baths but I really want to stay away from anything that will cause me to have seizures of any kind. Any foods, behaviors, anything that could make my epilepsy go on the fritz.

Different people have different triggers. My son's is caused by sleep deprivation. You need a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night. Seizures can also be due to lack of regular meals. You want to make sure you eat regular meals and snacks and drink lots of liquids. My Neurologist said it best... treat yourself like you deserve to be treated. Eat well, sleep well, avoid alcohol and drugs (including pot which is a trigger for lots of people, flashing lights. Your doctor told you to stay away from baths because of the danger if you have a seizure in the bathtub. Bathing in and of itself does not cause seizures. Good luck... take your medication!  (+ info)

Do certain types of alcohol effect epilepsy more than others?

I grew out of epilepsy, but recently after having 4 vodka cruisers and 2 shots of baileys, which caused me to have 3 seizures in the morning.

On other occasions i've managed to have over 20 different types of drinks in one night, and had no seizures.

Anyone know what the hell is going on?

I've heard of too much alcohol being able to sort of bring back seizures.Cut back on the drinking.Try not to drink too much in a small amount of time.Spread your drinking out a little.Too much alcohol almost made me get stones again,so it's definently not worth it.  (+ info)

What is the best mediation for generalized anxiety disorder?

I have been taking zoloft and klonopin for anxiety for a while and I think it is no longer helping enough. I am thinking of switching to a different ssri and ativan (instead of klonopin). Any suggestions on what the best med is for generalized anxiety disorder. Thanks!

Try smoking pot. MUCH less dangerous than the drugs you are taking now.  (+ info)

What possible ways are their to get a seizure or to get epilepsy?

I get nagged all the time for getting a seizure form using the computer or a lot or anything, and my family thinks you can get a seizure from anything. I would like to know some possible ways how to get epilepsy and or a seizure. Thanks!

Thankfully seizures are not like the common cold.
Oh crap your'e gonna catch a seizure! LOL!
Seizures can be induced from high fevers ( it's the brain frying out), head injuries ( or tumors), and from those who suffer from epilepsy (or other seizure disorders).
If you don't have epilepsy then the likelihood of you seizing up because of flashing lights or computer screens is pretty much nil.
Even those WITH epilepsy may not seize up when exposed to flashing lights and the like ( my daughter is epileptic and does fine with flashing lights.....her seizures fall under the classification of "oops boss we dunno WHAT causes her to seize up).

Seizures are just extra electrical brain activity that sort of short out the rest of the system. There are many types of seizures ( from small little zoning out and staring fits to all out gran mals that people see on TV shows and the like).
Again unless you have a seizure disorder then there really is little to worry about it. If your parents are that worried about it then they can take you into a neurologist for testing ( which is painless and entails things like being hooked up to a machine that reads your brain waves for starters).

Good Luck!  (+ info)

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