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what are the symptoms of epilepsy and how many types of epilepsy are there?

please help i have one of my friend,during his sleep he freezes and foamy saliva comes out of the mouth..could this be a type of epilepsy?

What're the common types of epilepsy?
There are hundreds of epilepsy syndromes, many of them very rare. These syndromes are often named for their symptoms or for the part of the brain where they originate. Each type of epilepsy has different behavioral effects and is treated with different methods. Many of these epilepsy syndromes originate in childhood or even in infancy.
Others begin in adulthood and even in old age. Except for different types of seizures, some of the most common types of epilepsy are:
Absence Epilepsy: People with absence epilepsy have repeated absence seizures. Absence epilepsy tends to run in families. The seizures frequently begin in childhood or adolescence. If the seizures begin in childhood, they usually stop at puberty. Although the seizures don't have a lasting effect on intelligence or other brain functions, children with absence epilepsy frequently have so many seizures that it interferes with school and other normal activities.

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is the most frequent cause of partial seizures and aura. The temporal lobe is located close to the ear. It is the part of the brain where smell is processed and where the choice is made to express a thought or remain silent. TLE often begins in childhood. Repeated TLE seizures can damage the hippocampus, a part of the brain that is important for memory and learning. Although the damage progresses very slowly, it is important to treat TLE as early as possible.

Frontal Lobe Epilepsy: The frontal lobes of the brain lie behind the forehead. They are the largest of the five lobes and are thought to be the centers that control personality and higher thought processes, including language and speech. Frontal lobe epilepsy causes a cluster of short seizures that start and stop suddenly. The symptoms depend upon the part of the frontal lobe affected.

Occipital Lobe Epilepsy: The occipital lobe lies at the back of the skull. Occipital lobe epilepsy is like frontal and temporal lobe epilepsies, except that the seizures usually begin with visual hallucinations, rapid blinking, and other symptoms related to the eyes.

Parietal Lobe Epilepsy: The parietal lobe lies between the frontal and temporal lobes. Parietal lobe epilepsy is similar to other types in part because parietal lobe seizures tend to spread to other areas of the brain.
What're the symptoms of epilepsy?
Almost any type of behavior that happens repetitively may represent a seizure. There are several different types of seizures that can be manifest in the pediatric age group. Some of the common types include auras, generalized tonic clonic seizures (grand mal seizures), partial seizures, absence seizures. The seizures may occur rarely or every day. Many people with epilepsy have no symptoms between seizures and lead normal lives. Some people have no symptoms for
years and may be weaned off medication.
During childhood however there are several other conditions that may be mistaken for seizures. Some of the common entities that are misdiagnosed as seizures include breath holding spells,
syncope, psychological conditions, staring spells due to inattention.

There are many forms of epilepsy, each with its own characteristic symptoms. Whatever the form, the disease is caused by a problem in communication between the brain's nerve cells. Normally, such cells communicate with one another by sending tiny electrical signals back and forth. For someone with epilepsy, the signals from one group of nerve cells occasionally become too strong, so strong that they overwhelm neighboring parts of the brain. It is this sudden, excessive electrical discharge that causes the basic symptom of epilepsy, which is called an epileptic seizure, fit, or convulsion. It is not yet known what causes the brain's communication system to misfire in this fashion, or

An aura is usually the first symptom experienced during a seizure. Aura can occur just prior to the occurrence of the seizure or as much as several hours before it strikes. It may consist of nothing but a sense of tension or some other ill-defined feeling, but some epileptics have quite specific auras such as an impression of smelling unpleasant odors or hearing peculiar sounds, distorted vision, or an odd bodily sensation, particularly in the stomach. Many epileptics learn to recognize their special aura, and this may give them time to avoid accidents when they become unconscious.

Petit mal epilepsy is a disease of childhood that does not usually persist past late adolescence. A child may have this form of epilepsy if, from time to time, he or she suddenly stops whatever activity is going on and stares blankly around for a few seconds (sometimes up to half a minute). During the blank interval, known as a petit mal seizure, the child is unaware of what is happening. There may be a slight jerking movement of the head or an arm, but petit mal seizures do not generally involve falling to the g  (+ info)

What can cause generalized bone pain, including on the bridge of the nose?

My sister is 43 y/o and an athlete. She has been complaining of generalized bone pain for a couple of month, and this week she started w/ pain on the bridge of her nose. Her nose is not swollen but when you touch it it hurts.

Your sister needs to see her doctor If, as you say, she has 'generalised bone pain'.
The term 'Bone pain' (or Ostealgia, or Osteodynia) generally is used to refer to pain felt within a bone.

The cause of the bone pain may not be immediately apparent, and further testing is usually warranted (CBC, x-rays, etc.).

Usually, the cause of bone pain is an underlying medical disorder or past bone trauma.

She could have a serious underlying condition.  (+ info)

If you have epilepsy and are not taking any medication can you drink alcohol?

I do not take any medication to control my epilepsy as I have not had a fit in 7 years. Can I drink responsibly or will it provoke a fit?


Epilepsy is a DISEASE of the BRAIN

so taking in things that DIRECTLY effect and cause DISORDER in the brain...this is not a good combination!

please stay away from it!!

:(  (+ info)

What are the effects of marijuana on people with epilepsy?

My friend has epilepsy and the other day we were talking about beer and cigarettes and marijuana, She said that if she smoked marijuana, she'd literally die.
I don't believe this.
What are the real effects of marijuana on epileptics?

she will NOT die. no one in the history of planet Earth has directly died from cannabis!!!!!!

THC relaxes the central nervous system, (which is what epilepsy attacks)... so here's an analogy.... epilpsy is fire, and cannabis is the water to help ease it!!!!!!

however, i do not condone SMOKING marijuana, may i HIGHLY suggest eating it (in brownies, cookies, etc), or vaporizing it, as this is MUCH healthier on the lungs. after all, its the smoke, not the marijuana, that does the damage.  (+ info)

Can a person with medicated epilepsy go to a laser show?

Could a person who has very well-regulated, well-medicated epilepsy attend a concert with a laser light?
My best friend has epilepsy. Her epilepsy is very well controlled and she has been on medication for years. We wanted to attend a concert that has a laser light show. I have heard that if the epilepsy is medicated, then she could go. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is true.

If her seizures aren't aggravated by flashing lights, she should be fine. It seems that she is taking her medication and her condition is under control. Don't get too close and be ready to exit if you need to.   (+ info)

can a person with epilepsy be permitted to drive a vehicle?

There is a family member of mine with epilepsy who is constantly on the road traveling. Is this safe?
The state is Illinois

it all depends on motor vehicles laws applicable to your state, province etc. In most cases it requires a Doctor's approval.
Speak with your local motor license office.  (+ info)

If my Husbands sister has Epilepsy, what is the chance of one of our children developing the illness?

Both him and I do not have it. My side of the family is completely healthy, throughout generations of my family, there are no signs of any known illnesses. No one else that we know of has Epilepsy from my Husbands side of the family, except for his younger sister.

Scientifically speaking, if no one else in the family has the disorder, the chances of having an epileptic child are the same as if the parents are both non-epileptic. Don't worry too much.  (+ info)

Are tonic clonic seizures only a symptom of epilepsy or can they be associated with migraine?

I have been told that I have been having tonic clonic seizures and that these are due to epilepsy. Sometimes these seizures are so bad I have to be given Diazepam to bring me round. I am also being treated for chronic migraine and the doctor who treats me for this says that these fits are due to the migraine and not epilepsy. Is this possible? I am getting confused as none of the doctors seem to agree with each other.

I myself have tonic clonic seizures since the age of 12 with no warning. you have not stated if you know one of these fits are going to happen. I used to have horrific headaches that could of been migraines. you say that doctors do not agree on a diagnosis, what clinics have you been to? Ask your Doctor to refere you to an epilepsy specialist because they cannot prescribe medication until they know what they dealing with.There are some really great specialist epilepsy units out there, here they will give you MRI scans, ECG etc these could show if you do have epilepsy. Unfortunately Nothing showed up in my scans that could be causing the epilepsy. Please remember if it is Epilepsy, medication if taken regularly can control seizures and can lead a normal life, It takes a while for the medication to actually work because the correct amounts have to be administered. after being seizure free for 5 years you will even be considered for a driving licence. Phone epilepsy help lines for advice. good luck and I hope you get the answers from doctors that you are looking for, It must be very stressful and frustrating for you. x x x  (+ info)

What are good exercises for Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

I'm 15 years old and have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. What exercises can I do to feel relaxed and good? Now that school is over in a few days, I plan on exercising every day. What is a good website that show exercises for this king of problem? Also what are good breathing exercises?

one thing that really has helped me is yoga. enroll in a class if you can afford it--there are probably many summer sessions just starting up right now. i've learned simple breathing techniques that help me fall asleep without hours of lying awake and that i do in the car on my way to basically any social situation. nothing clears my head and helps me feel in control like it!!

good luck!  (+ info)

What is the effect of epilepsy on cognition?

Do you think epilepsy or antiepileptic drugs may affect cognition of patients? What are the risk factors? How to test for cognition decline?

  (+ info)

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