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People dealing with epilepsy, where were you able to find employment when you couldn't drive?

I have been suffering with epilepsy for approximately 6 years. I am close to graduating college and have not given a lot of thought in to where I could get a job until now. I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on where to find employment. I live in Arizona and a 3 month waiting period is needed after your last seizure to be able to drive. I am usually good to have a seizure once or twice annually and my last one was a month ago. Sorry this is such a long description. Could someone give me some suggestions?

I'm also in Arizona, but I can't really find a job either. My epilepsy is so profound that I have daily seizures though, so don't take my word as gospel. I would contact the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona. They usually have advocates that can answer just about any question you have. As far as having a degree, your chances of finding employment should be just like anyone else's chances.  (+ info)

Do you have good advice about epilepsy depression?

My childhood friend has epilepsy. She and I have just gotten reaquainted after 15 years. She has told me a little about it. I have read that some drugs for epilepsy can cause depression and some epileptics commit suicide. She takes offense easily. She is skin and bone. She says her meds take her appetite away. She says I cheer her up. I want her to be healthy. I don't want her to be sad. I don't want to be overbearing by calling her all the time.
Long story short, I think my friend is depressed. I need advice.

I've been epileptic for 11 years and before that I was depressed,so I know what you're friend might be going through.What your friend is saying is right,you do cheer her up,if anything,your presence is enough to make her happy.We all need friends like that in our lives,friends who for no reason at all call us or talk to us just to say Hello.Just be the best friend you can be to her,sometimes that's just enough for anyone!  (+ info)

Is there a good place I can go for epilepsy treatment in Michigan?

I currently go to the neurology center at U of M, but I want someone that specializes in epilepsy.

You are not that far from the Cleveland Clinic... they have an incredible program for epilepsy evaluation and treatment... if you are looking for a second opinion.  (+ info)

What type of medication can i get if i have generalized anxiety disorder?

I had found out that i had generalized anxiety disorder and im going to go see a psychiatrist to talk about medication
i just want to know what type of medication can be used so i can researche the side effects
Thank You :)

If you want to reduce stress ........watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjPcb3eMS6s for the Lil Jack stress reduction  (+ info)

What can set off photosensitive Epilepsy?

i was diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy. i know the obvious triggers, like strobe lights and some video games, but what else could be a trigger?

  (+ info)

How to tell my parents I want to be checked for Generalized Anxiety Disorder ?

I have a worring promblem and I would like to no why I worry so much. I worry to the point of crying. I think I might have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. How do i ask my parents to get me checked for it?

I'll assume that your parents are nice people, and you're worrying. The other case would be that your parents are not easy to talk to, but since you say you worry a lot, I'll assume it's your worrying.

If your parents are not easy to talk to, maybe get a relative to break the news to who knows your parents. They can help judge how you can approach your parents. Some parents are very busy and may prefer a more direct approach. Others might prefer you sit down and talk with them.

If your parents are easy to approach, I'd consider going to one of them. Both at the same time would be more difficult for you, so don't try to tell both at the same time. Tell your mom or dad (whoever is easier for you to talk to) that you've noticed you have been stressed out over worrying to the point it's greatly affecting your life. It can be really hard to admit that you're crying over this, but that could help to know if you feel comfortable saying so. It is very serious if you're crying over your worrying.

You can read on Wikipedia about the symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and possibly the diagnostic criteria, and see how familiar they sound to you. Don't diagnose yourself, but this is a decent place to start. When you approach either parent, you can then tell them that you did a bit of research and feel you need to be checked out by a doctor. Your family doctor can recommend a psychiatrist, or you can find your own through your insurance provider, if you have one. If you don't have insurance, you might qualify for free care at your city's mental health clinic, but a private doctor would be better.

I myself suffer from bipolar disorder, paranoia, and agoraphobia - fear of leaving the house. It takes work to get to the point of being open about your inner most feelings, but you will get better. The first hurdle will seem the highest, but it will get you on the track you need to be on to get the help you need.  (+ info)

How should Tell my parents that i have been Diagnosed with Generalized anxiety disorder?

I have been recently diagnosed w/ generalized anxiety disorder and havent told my parents yet(16), how should I tell them?

Be sure that you are well educated on your disorder so that when you say "Ma. Dad. I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder" you will be able to answer any questions that they might have. Also, include them in your treatment plans.  (+ info)

What beauty therapies are there for Epilepsy sufferers?

What beauty therapies (massage,facials,aromatherapy,etc) am i allowed to have as i'm an Epilepsy sufferer.I need a good pampering as i lead a very stressful life and could do with some TLC can anybody give me some useful tips and some much needed help. I can only do it on a daily basis as im not able to stay anywhere over night.

Thank you

You can have a massage - but it's best to get a doctors clearance first, as well as it would be a good idea to have your DR refer you to a specific clinic or therapist. Good therapists know about the condition and will treat accordingly. I personally don't have any clients with epilepsy - but my instructors in school had several. Even a few therapists themselves were epileptic.

As for other sorts of pampering - again it would be wise to get a doctors clearance. But for most things, I think you should be OK.  (+ info)

Is there a website or online community for people who suffer from Generalized anxiety disorder?

I'm looking for a website- preferably an online community- where people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder can go to share their experiences and maybe advice. Is there any website like that?


mannnyyyyy posts in here about peoples real experiences etc with panic attacks/GAD and hypochondria. It's really re-assured me. i reccomend checking out the forums etc!

Hope this helped you like it did with me : )  (+ info)

Does anyone know the effects of altitude and lower air pressure on a person with Epilepsy?

My Husband has epilepsy and we are flying to estes park in Colorado. Does anyone have epilepsy and is a traveler? Can you tell me anything about your situation as it might relate to my concern for my man's health? The dr's are afraid to say anything one way or the other about this issue, i guess because there is so little known about this. I dont want to risk his health or the chance that he could have an increase of seizures, but also want him to have as normal a life as possible.

There is actually quite a lot known about flying and having epilepsy. People with epilepsy fly all the time. I was a flight nurse for years with the military, and we transported folks with known seizure disorders. Never had one have a seizure in flight, either. Commerical airliners maintain steady cabin pressure and air, the only big difference is that it tends to be drier than ground air. Of course, that also depends on where you are flying out of. If you live in Arizona where it is dry, then it won't be a big difference. All the airlines staff get training in basic first aid, and would know not to panic even if he did have a seizure. As long as he doesn't have frequent or uncontrolled seizures, there should be no risk at all for him to fly. I assume you are going with him, and could inform the flight attendants of the situation. His risk for a seizure shouldn't be any more in the air than on the ground, really. All you need to do is make sure he's got his medic alert tag on, and inform the staff when you board the plane. After that, you should both relax and enjoy the flight and vacation. While altitude and dehydration can stimulate a seizure in some people, it isn't usually a problem on the plane. Like I said, cabin pressure is maintained to match ground pressure so altitude on the plane isn't an issue. In Colorado, he might have a problem adapting to the higher altitude and lower air pressure if you are coming from sea level. It may just take him a few days longer to adapt to it than you, so I wouldn't plan a lot of activities those first few days. He'd want to make it a point to drink a bit more than usual to make sure he is well hydrated as well. But at that point he'd be on the ground where help would be more easily available if needed. Most folks with epilepsy do just fine, and there are epileptics living in the mountains too. I would say go, enjoy the trip. He will likely have no problems at all. Worry about what happens when and if it happens. Seizures can happen anywhere, any time, so you may as well go on with life and do what you like to do.  (+ info)

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