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Is an Epiretinal Membrane in the eye the same as macular pucker?

Deciding whether or not to have eye surgery for an Epiretinal Membrane in my right eye, been doing research online about it and macular pucker keeps coming up, so decided to ask instead of assume...

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I have an Epiretinal Membrane in my right eye. Will it get worse if I don't have eye surgery?

Was told by my retinal surgeon that only 70% of the folks who have the surgery have better vision after the surgery and in 2-3% of the surgeries things go seriously wrong. Have been dealing with it for years already and have an extreme fear of having my eyes messed with (eye drops in my eye are an ordeal and the doctor had to take a break during the examination because I freaked out so bad), so thinking about not having it.

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What is the membrane sheath on baby back ribs and what's the easiest way to remove it?

I am making baby back ribs tomorrow and the recipe calls for the membrane sheath to be removed prior to seasoning. What is it and how do I remove it?

It is the lining on the bone side of the ribs. If you don't remove it, the ribs will not take your seasoning well and they will literally fall off the bone if you do.

here is a video that shows you how:

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What is the difference between inducing and membrane sweep?

These are probably a silly question - but -
What is the difference between inducing labor and a membrane sweep.
What exactly do they do to induce labor?
Is a membrane sweep like having your water broke?

A membrane sweep is meant to bring on labor naturally.. all they do is go up in there and aggrevate the cervix a little and encourage the membranes to break naturally.
Not the same thing as breaking your water... if they break your water that is one way to start an induction b/c it's like forcing your body to go into labor instead of letting it happen on it's own.

An induction is when you go to the hospital and get hooked up to an IV with a pitocin drip that medically induces contractions.. like forces them to come on even if your body wasn't ready.  (+ info)

How do I remove the membrane from a grapefruit?

I'm making a salad with grapefruit slices and it's suggested to take off the membrane. Seems a bit tricky. Suggestions?

cut the top and bottom off the grapefruit leaving no white. then using a small sharp knife and sit it on a cutting board. run the knife down the grapfruit from top to bottom taking off all the white pith and leaving as much flesh as possible. once you have a ball of only flesh, use your knife to cut right slongside each membrane part so the flesh inside can fall out easily. it's called segmenting a fruit.

here are some pictures which will guide you.

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How does stretching the cervix manually and massaging the membrane work?


My midwife told me that on my 40 week visit which is next week that she will check my cervix to see how far along I am and then she will attempt to stretch my cervix and massage the membrane. Ive never heard nor read anything about this before so it intrigues me and I was hoping someone on here knows something. She said it could get labor going which is OK with me but I was curious if it hurts or if you even feel it!

It's essentially the same thing as stripping your membranes - it can bring labor on sooner. It's sort of a manual dilation of the cervix, it will hurt, your mucus plug (the stripping of the membrane part) will be removed, and you could end up with a broken membrane (leaking amniotic fluid), which would mean you had 24 hours to deliver before heading to c-section. You can tell her not to, and I actually would not want it myself since there is an increased risk of infection and you're not overdue for another 2 weeks. However, that is my opinion and I am not a doctor just read a lot and have babies.  (+ info)

How long after a membrane sweep should you be having cramps?

I'm almost 39 weeks and my doctor decided to try and do a membrane sweep today. When she tried to do it she said my cervix was long and closed so she said that she doubts I'll be going into labor anytime soon. My appointment was early this morning and I'm still having cramps and my back is hurting and what feels like my cervix is also hurting a lot. It's been like 12 hours now, how long after should you be having cramps? Is this normal?

Sweeping normally makes you cramp and hurt and the success rate to cause labor is low. If you are concerned you may want to phone your doctor.  (+ info)

How do you get the membrane of pork spareribs before cooking them?

I always wonder why the ribs are tough and someone told me to take the membrane off the back and we don't know how. Thnak you for your help!!!

What you need to do is steam the ribs for at least an hour. Or you can boil them but steaming is better. One method is to get a turkey roaster pan and place the ribs on the rack. Fill the bottom with water but without immersing the ribs. Cover the pan tightly with foil. Bake at 350 for an hour. Turn the oven off and let cool while still in the oven. The ribs can then be stored in the fridge until grilling or grilled immediately with BBQ sauce.

Boiling is the same thing only you need a big pot, cover the ribs with water, put a lid on and simmer for an hour.  (+ info)

how long after having the membrane sweep did labour start for you?

hello, im having the membrane sweep tomorrow at 2pm and i,ll be 41+2 days pregnant. i was wondering how effective it is and how soon it worked for you? iv not had a check yet to see whether im effaced or dilated but i know last week i was 3/5 engaged. iv had alot of hardenings of my stomach, cramps and pressure which has been going on for the last 2 weeks and i lost my mucus plug 2 weeks ago to.

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Membrane stripped is it it considered being induced? If so does it make contations hard like the other ways do?

I was induced with my other 2 kids and since this one will most likely be my last i want to go natural. The thing is i haven't 100% decided if have'in my membrane stripped is being induced in my mind. What do u think. And When u had one done did it make contractions harder or anything like that?

The key with having your membranes stripped (or swept as some docs say) is that if your body isn't ready, then it won't work. There is a slim chance that it can rupture membranes, but that is a super super super slim chance. The process itself can be uncomfortable and cause spotting and cramping so be aware of that. But it isn't a "medical" intervention as pitocin would be. Many midwives use membrane stripping as a more natural method to being induced.  (+ info)

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