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What in the world is Erythromelalgia?

My doctor say that I have have Erythromelalgia. I kinda briefly know what it is, because thats why I went to my doctor because of my unnormal amount of blood flow in my hands, and they turn red like only if I walk with my hands down (like everyone do) for bout 4 sec. then they turn extremely red and begin to feel heavier. But can u explain this to me, what Erythromelalgia is? or somethin?

its an inflammation of the blood vessels in the lower extremities such as hands or feet  (+ info)

My aunt probably has Mitchell's disease(Erythromelalgia) what sort of a specialist should she see?

She has red feet with burning sensation. Can not wear shoes or socks. Feels better during the winter. And pain is exacerbated by heat.

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i have a disease called erythromelalgia?

or (em) does anyone else have it ,or know someone who does have it. it is a very rare disease. that i would like to know more about so can anyone help me with it . thank you so much

erythromelalgia (ə′rith·rō·mə′lal·jē·ə)
(medicine) A cutaneous vasodilation of the feet or, more rarely, of the hands; characterized by redness, mottling, changes in skin temperature, and neuralgic pains. Also known as acromelalgia; Mitchell's disease.


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Does anyone have erythromelalgia?

If so, what were your initial symptoms? How did the doctor diagnose you? What have you done to help with the swelling and burning, and are there any side effects to the medications you are on?

A good website, is all I have to offer
http://www.erythromelalgia.org/tea/skins/cms/viewpage.php?pname=What%20is%20Erythromelalgia?  (+ info)

What is Erythromelalgia exacily?

I think i might have it...but i need to know more info like...what causes it??? what happens when you have it??
what are symptoms???



you're welcome  (+ info)

Do I have Erythromelalgia?

I think that i may have erythromelalgia. In the past year or so, i've noticed that whenever I become exerted, or even sometimes randomly, my hands become bright red and they start to feel a little warm. Even when I was a baby my mom said my ears would sometimes become red. I'm worried that I may have this rare disease, and want to know if there are any risks that i need to know about, such as necrosis. I'll answer any additional questions.

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Help with erythromelalgia?

About a year ago I was diagnosed with raynauds disease because my hands get really cold and purple especially in the winter. However this doesn't explain why when my hands aren't cold they are burning hot hot, swollen and red. While researching about raynaud's i learned that it sometimes occurs with erythromelalgia which sounds like what happens to me. Is this what I have? I've asked doctors why my hands get so hot and swollen and they don't listen or even really care.

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Why do my hands and feet get red during exercise?

I'm not sure if its something line Erythromelalgia, but I don't have any burning or tingling feeling, its just my hands swelling a little and them turning red. I also seem to have poor circulation making my fingertips/nails purple when I'm cold and my toes purple. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Really red hands and feet?

My hands and feet get extremely red and they feel like they are burning and it kind of tingles. My veins also pop out of my hands and feet. I don't think this is normal and i am only 15. I think it is Erythromelalgia but i'm not sure. Also it is happening right now in my hands they are really red and hot and i can see my veins, and i was crying a few minutes ago because of something and now my hands and arms have blotches of red and red dots. What do you think this could be?

It could also be eczema or psoriasis.. the only way to know for sure is to go to the doctor who might ref you to a dermatologist.
No reason to be in pain get some professionals to help.  (+ info)

Please answer ASAP !!?

I am a teenager who suffers from the disease erythromelalgia(skin disorder). my friend has a journal where she writes about her disease and says how shes feeling each day with this disease. i was thinking of starting a journal but i didn't know if it was necessary or if it was corney.

What do you think?
should i start a journal or no?

later on you will look back at it and be like wow! Was a really feeling that way, and like thats cool, i sounds funny there.
It will become a memory of your life.
Hope that helps.  (+ info)

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