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What is exhibitionism ?What are the ways of it ?

I want to know more about exhibitionism ?

Exhibitionism involves exposing one's genitals or sexual organs to a stranger. It is a sexual disorder. While often joked about, in reality, exhibitionism is a very serious behavior that can be frightening to the victim.

Exhibitionism involves nonconsenting persons. Sometimes the exhibitionist masturbates while exposing himself or herself, but makes no further attempt at sexual activity with the stranger. An exhibitionist is not seeking physical contact and will not commit rape, although some rapists may show signs of exhibitionism as well. An exhibitionist is sexually aroused by the shock or surprise of the victim.

The key features of true exhibitionism are:

there is sexual arousal directly related to the shock
the victim is unwilling and
no further sexual contact is desired
The vast majority are male. Female exhibitionists may seek employment where the condition can be exploited, such as topless dancing, although most people in such jobs are not exhibitionists. Although this condition appears to be a life-long problem if not treated, the condition often becomes less severe by age 40.

Many mild forms of exhibitionism are considered normal in our culture. Children often have a natural curiosity about their genitals and the genitals of others. Young children may like to try to shock adults or other children by showing their genitals or underwear. This is typically a passing phase and only calls for professional treatment if it persists.

Most exhibitionists do not receive treatment until they are caught by the police and the court orders treatment. If you or someone you care about is an exhibitionist, early treatment is strongly advised. Discuss the matter of confidentiality with your mental health professional.  (+ info)

How and where to go to cure exhibitionism? A VERY serious question.?

I think my adult son has a problem and I want to help him before an illegal action is done. Other than psychaiatrists. Are there support groups, like AAA?

What indications (keeping it clean) do you have that he is exhibiting himself to others? "I think" does not equate to anything unless you have some proof of the behavior. Start with the family Doc and go from there.  (+ info)

Is Exhibitionism a mental disorder?

we see many males and a handful of females use their webcams for this purpose?(any encounters?). Its also practised otherwise, in other forms..whats your say?

It is a fetish. Some people consider fetish to be a mental disorder, some people do not (i personally do not as long as not combined with some other problem (like lack of self control/distorted perceptions of reality....but then those are the mental illness, not the fetish...just makes the fetish look bad))  (+ info)

Is it right that sowing boobs & under arms Is a part of exhibitionism ?

Some females shows their boobs, back, navel under arms (Shaved or unshaved) in the public, Are they mentally sick ?

Guys do the same thing, if not more so...does that mean they are mentally sick too?  (+ info)

Whats the relationship between Histrionic Personality Disorder, exhibitionism in females...?

....nymphomania, extramarital relationship and having multiple male suitors, are these females good lovers..do they have lasting relationships or do they have problems with relationships? Are these subjects trust worthy? Do their marriages fail often? would anyone like to share their personal experiences with such females..there may not be a gender bias but i confine my question to female subjects only..

The nature of Histrionic Personality Disorder is that the individual craves constant attention. They want to appear attractive and worthy of the attention. As they are consumed with how they are perceived and how they appear, they are not thinking about how others may feel. They will do anything to appear 'sexy', attractive and desirable. This includes taking part in sex acts that others may not find desirable, multiple partners as they crave the attention, and deceit in relationships as they are constantly seeking gratification from others approval. This does not make for a good marriage partner. Personality Disorders are commonly co-morbid with another disorder, it may be depression or some type of impulsive behavior. The result is a person that may not be willing to get help as they do not perceive their selves as needing help.

All of us have known the woman who dresses overly provocatively, flirts openly and has indiscretions that do not help their personal lives.  (+ info)

How do they treat Exhibitionism ..?

I have recently got busted with indecent exposure, i went to court and recieved a 6 month bond and a $500 Fine, i feel i'm addicted to doing this and i need help....Anyone...?


Find a therapist who specializes in treating exhibitionists  (+ info)

Is female 'exhibitionism' a crime?

Am pretty comfortable to expose my maximum physique. [Except bikini areas and boob balls]. It makes my fitness consciousness great. Wearing small tube tops and micro skirts with G string is my passion. But someone crucify me with words for my nature.

Is female 'exhibitionism' a crime?

"Wearing small tube tops and micro skirts with G string is my passion."


Its not a crime, its skanky.  (+ info)

is exhibitionism is something which needs cure?

I would imagine it depends on how well you control it. Get a job as a stripper and it'll be acceptable. Just don't do it in inappropriate places. I really don't know if there is a cure, so to speak.  (+ info)

what is the treatment of exhibitionism ?

Rent a pavilion and open an exhibition on exhibitionism..

Maybe you will be so "over exposed" to being "over exposed" that the "exposure" with cause you to exhibit symptoms of being underexposed.

I suppose.  (+ info)

Is this exhibitionism??

If a person wants to be seen while taking bath, changing clothes, pumping penis, etc. but pretending that he doesn't know he's being watched??
no no not in public but through the bath room window etc.

Yes...especially if he does it outside on the footpath.  (+ info)

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