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Women's Thoughts on Exhibitionism?

I have never told anyone this before. I am in my early 30's, married, well educated and have a good job. I just have this one issue that I had a fantasy since my early teens about masturbating in front of women. In college I would even leave the blinds open in my dorm room because the girls had higher floors and could see into my room when I masturbated. There was usually at least one girl watching and sometimes even taking pictures. I really enjoyed this and would love to do it in the same room with women. I have talked to my wife about this fantasy and we have even done several things to fill my exhibitionist urges like going to sex clubs and having sex with each other in front of other people. My wife is very open to fulfilling my fantasies but says I would have to find the other women to join in in watching me. I really want to do this but I don't want to come off as a creep and wonder if there are any women that would even enjoy watching.

I know this is weird but other than this I am very normal. Can someone give me some advise? I am not even sure where this fits but would like responses from women.Thanks!

I think you need mental help.   (+ info)

Do only lonely, deprived and socially inept people frequent chat rooms?

Do guys who linger on for long periods in the chat rooms showing some signs of inadequacy/ emptiness in life. here we are not talking about occasional users but regulars.Is male exhibitionism and female flirtatiousness in chat rooms signs of mental illness??

If they are, there are a hell of a lot of them.

Seriously, I suppose a few are. But you get a percentage of cranks in any walk of life.

Remember - because of their situation - there are millions of people whose only contact with the outside world is through their pc screen - the disabled, those who live in remote places, the old who live alone, agoraphobics, people who can barely afford to go out.
those who thro no fault of their own, have few or no friends etc.

And of course yes, the lonely who are seeking a mate/partner - and what is wrong with that?  (+ info)

Is it bad to be turned on by things like..?

the thought of exhibitionism or sort of forced sex (NOT rape, thats sick). I am 16 (girl) and I feel like i get turned on by so many things like just the thought of seeing someone get off on themselves. I really want to masturbate in front of people (like public exhibitionism) but i know thats wrong..
what should i do? Is this normal?
What is Fetish? And i do not have a boyfriend cause i cant date...

become a porn star  (+ info)

Shirtless greeters at Abercrombie?

Not only was this guy body waxed, and had a six pack, but his jeans were very low that inchs more and he could have been arrested for exhibitionism. Is this a good trend? Are other stores using naked male to sell cloths?
Sally what store has dancing bikinis and speedo,s?

  (+ info)

Are you an exhibitionist?

Is there the least little bit of exhibitionism in you? If so, how have you exercised it?

yup :)  (+ info)

can u be sent to mental assylum without ur permission if not then when? askin 4 generl knowledge?

how can they be me

Acute stress disorder | Adjustment disorder | Agoraphobia | alcohol and substance abuse | alcohol and substance dependence | Amnesia | Anxiety disorder | Anorexia nervosa | Antisocial personality disorder | Asperger syndrome | Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder | Autism | Autophagia | Avoidant personality disorder | Bereavement | Bibliomania | Binge eating disorder | Bipolar disorder | Body dysmorphic disorder | Borderline personality disorder | Brief psychotic disorder | Bulimia nervosa | Childhood disintegrative disorder | Circadian rhythm sleep disorder | Conduct disorder | Conversion disorder | Cyclothymia | Delirium | Delusional disorder | Dementia | Dependent personality disorder | Depersonalization disorder | Depression | Disorder of written expression | Dissociative fugue | Dissociative identity disorder | Down syndrome | Drapetomania | Dyspareunia | Dysthymic disorder | Erotomania | Encopresis | Enuresis | Exhibitionism | Expressive language disorde
how can these be mental problems as for example: anxity ,gettin worried is natural thing every 1 gets worried ys that a problem , can some 1 explain to proplerly y each of these r mental problems
u ppl r damn rude wot do u mean i could b sectioned no i wont

to others i understand but to urself ummm that non of their bussiness
mental asylum, that isss the real word call it wotever still means only this
stormchaser did u say love for books fear of out door ect are mental probs n they can make u go to hospital for this?
in london uk

Yes you can if you're a danger to yourself or others.
What happened - did your medical dictionary have all the pages ripped out after it had got to the letter "E" !=  (+ info)

Girls and cleavage... what's the deal?

Seriously. Is it pure exhibitionism (just putting them on display), do you feel a sense of power showing them off, or do you honestly get off on guys checking you out? I'm not being critical, just looking for an honest answer.

i mean, some clothes just fit that way
but, and this is secret, i do like when i see a guy staring down my shirt
;]  (+ info)

why do girls where sleeveless?

is it exhibitionism or comfort

It's cool and comfortable on hot days, and sleeveless shirts are less restricting during sports and other physical activities such as jogging, tennis, biking, gardening, etc. Sleeveless allows for a far greater range of arm movements than a top with sleeves. There's absolutely nothing wrong with showing a little arm skin, it's not like the puppas hanging out or the tatas are running free. And the constitution gives us all the right to bare arms.

hey if you can misuse "wear" versus "where" then I can misuse "bear" versus "bare"  (+ info)

I have..................?

I have sexual fetishism,exhibitionism and masochism,can that harm me physically or mentally?

Freud said; "The only abnormal sex, is no sex at all." I don't see it as harmful in any way as long as you have a consenting partner who shares your desires. Feel good about yourself, everyone has fantasies they just don't have the courage to face them. Peace...  (+ info)

i want to ask girls.........?

i have been into exhibitionism for some time. i have tried controling myself unsucessufully. i want to ask u or any other girl u know who had such behaviour?

yes babe all the time.lol.its cool really i cant control it either,men women young or old i luv having my body ogled,my tits are huge and av bin since 12 and my body is skinny too still and im 16 now...i also luv showin off a friend of mines enormous dick.lol.its twice normal i swear he only 17 too.lol...we luv being watched  (+ info)

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