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What's the difference between Therapeutic and Diagnostic Rad Tech?

I am looking into going to school to be a Radiation Technician. I was looking on the V.A. website and they have a listing for "Therapeutic Radiologic Technician" and "Diagnostic Radiologic Technician"... What's the difference? Is the school different, or can you do either as long as you are a certified Rad Tech?

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what is the primary difference between ultrasound for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes what are known hazar?

what is the primary difference between ultrasound for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes what are known hazard for each?

The differences are many; diagnostic US uses a frequency of 2-20 mHz and employs both sending and recieveing sound signals which are processed into an image based on the attenuation (or absorption) of the tissue.No hazard is known at this frequncy- the term used by US professionals is ALARA- as low as reasonable achieavable.
Theraputic US is at a higher frequency and causes cavitation or heating of tissue- no image is obtained.The hazards are miss-use of US at this frequency; the object of therapuetic US is to alter or break down, eg: a heel spur.  (+ info)

What is a therapeutic prophylactic or diagnostic I ?

This showed up on a medical bill along with a urinalysis (I did not give a sample) and an x-ray exam and I did not have an x-ray on this visit. PLEASE advise.

Thank you.

therapeutic treats something, prophylactic prevents something, diagnostic diagnosis or proves something.  (+ info)

what are the differences between therapeutic angiography & diagnostic angiography?

i need more detail answers rather than one is for diagnostic and the other is for therapy ;) maybe you can tell me the differences in terms of the procedures, technical etc. thanx~

For the most part, diagnostic is just the infusion of a dye and the a x-ray so the clinician can determine if there are any physical problems in or with the vessels.

Therapeutic is sometimes referred to as a "non-invasive surgical procedure. This could be anything from an angioplasty to stint placement to pacemaker placement to placing a graft through an aneurysm.  (+ info)

notes on clinical,therapeutic,diagnostic aspect of acetylcholine esterase?

notes and articles regarding clinical,diagnostic,therapeutic aspects of acetylcholine esterase

Acetylcholinesterase is an enzyme that breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine at the synaptic cleft (the space between two nerve cells) so the next nerve impulse can be transmitted across the synaptic gap. reaction is catalysed as follows acetylcholine+water -choline+acetate..Also catalyses transacetylations. Also known as RBC cholinesterase, erythrocyte cholinesterase, acetylcholine acetylhydrolase, found primarily in the blood and neural synapses ..
the possible actions of acetylcholinesterase can be studied at both the cellular and the behavioral level. acetylcholinesterase has a "modulatory" action on nigrostriatal neurons. The functional consequences of this modulation would be to enhance the sensitivity of the cells to synaptic inputs.  (+ info)

What are the guidelines regarding oxycontin and therapeutic massage?

I'm a recent graduate of massage school and would like someone to give me information regarding oxycontin and massage. Is there a certain time massage would be safer for clients using this medication. Are there any reference materials you would recommend regarding medications and massage?
Also this particular client has 4 herniated disks. I am a little nervous about working on her. Any info is greatly appreciated!

You really might want to insist that she provide you with a note from her doctor that states it is medically appropriate for you to work on her. This gives the physician a chance to advise the patient of any concerns or contraindications there would be regarding massage (and let's them know that she's going to you) and helps cover you from a liability standpoint. As for the Oxycontin, I cannot think of any special precautions to take as to timing the massage. Obviously, your client should be coherent and not appear "drugged" before the massage but that should be it. If there's ever a doubt, ask for medical clearance from their doctor- as much as I get annoyed by the constant onslaught of forms, I'd rather know what treatments my patients are getting so I can decide if it's safe for them. In general, I strongly favor therapeutic massage as an adjunct to chronic pain management. Congratulations on your degree.  (+ info)

what is a therapeutic prophylactic or diagnostic injection (proph/dx)?

Prophylactic therapies are meant not to cure an illness, but rather prevent it. Examples if you have surgery, you will receive prophylactic anti-biotics, not because you have an infection, but rather to prevent one. The immunization shots we got when we were kids are all prophylactic, as we do not have polio, or German measles.

A diagnostic treatment would be used to do just that diagnose. The doctor does not yet know what might be wrong, and might want to see how your body reacts.  (+ info)


is twill and thermal a material? i'm going shopping for fabric today and i saw some products that i thought were adorable online, their descriptions were "Super Soft Thin Thermal cotton" and "Cotton stretch twill mini ruffle bottom skirt " so what different materials should i buy according to that? thanks:]

Yes they R. and they R both on the thicker side , more suitable to a colder climate.  (+ info)

How do clients/patients determine which therapeutic style is best for them?

Given the multitude of treatment options available, how do clients/patients determine which therapeutic style is best for them? Which therapeutic style do you feel is most effective?

Whatever they are comfortable with, and are getting results from. The choice is first made by finding something you think may work for you. Generally treatment is trial and error.  (+ info)

Is biopsy the ultimately best diagnostic test for brain tumor? How much is it in the Philippines?

We know that the signs and symptoms that we see in the internet are not inclusive and are pretty vague because they might be caused by other diseases...

Biopsy diagnostic test sounds pretty expensive, so I'm seeking help from those who have experience with brain tumors, biopsies, etc... I would really appreciate your time and effort!

Whoa, hold on a minute there!!!
I have had a brain tumor, deadly lethal kind too!
MRI scans are the definitive tool for diagnosing a brain tumor. Sometimes a CAT scan can be helpful, but generally the brain doctor will want several MRI scans with the help of an injection. The injection makes the images more clear and distinct.

A biopsy is is resection sample, in other words they have already drilled a hole in your head to get to the biopsy test. No, no, brain tumors are found and analyzed by neurosurgeons based on contrast given size and location, density. Then a pathologist will take a look. A pathologist is a good type of doctor, they tell doctors and patients what is likely to be effected. For example cancer of the testicles where by removal of the testicles will leave a patient sterile. That is pathology. Surgeons are experts at removal, the are body repairmen.

Incidentally, you are talking about signs and symptoms and you end up with a brain tumor. This very very wrong, for example I had signs and symptoms, but they were not related to my brain tumor. The tumor finding was incidental after I demanded my doctor conduct a full head scan. See, the tumor I had was called a colloid cyst of the third ventricle. Look it up, you will see how scary such a thing really is. So extremely rare, even among brain surgeons.

Anyway the location of my tumor was a tell tale sign that it was not cancer. The doctors pretty much knew in my case based on location. Third ventricle colloid cysts, are benign, in every case ever found. However they once large enough they secretly kill their victims in several minutes.

I hope this helped, I sympathize with you on finding treatments for your ailments. I went for about two years without answers for my health problems. Thank God, my general practitioner allowed me to ask for a head scan, just to be safe.

By the way my tumor was in the middle of my head, before recent technology was invented the surgery was generally as bad as the eventual tumor killing me. The biopsy was just a side thing, something they did after they removed the tumor to varify that material was harmless, i.e. not cancer.  (+ info)

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