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eye infections?

over the past 3 months or so, everyone has had some type of eye infection. I had shingles in my eye for over 2 months. My 14 yr old had pink eye for just a couple of days ( i got rid of it using antiviral drops). My husband got an eye infection a few days ago that left his eye swollen underneath. I washed his eye out and did the same for him as with my daughter and it is going away. Are these eye infections a symptom of some illness? I had a fever about a week ago for a couple of days. I haven't gotten a fever in years. My 5 yr old has had a low grade fever as well on and off for a couple of days.

This may help you!!


www.doctorsfungus.org/mycoses/human/other/eyeinfections.htm  (+ info)

Can I get fungal eye infections from contact with yeast?

I work in a pizza restaurant, and today cleaned up a nasty yeast/water/sugar/salt spill from behind a cabinet in the storage room. It had been there for at least a few months (the cabinet was a permanent one, just taken out today). I may have touched my eye without having fully washed my hands, and I am worried that it could cause an infection due to yeast or mold contact.

Searching online has proven ineffective in finding information on my level of risk, early symptoms to watch for, and what sort of treatment to seek.

Any experts/experienced persons out there, please tell me what I can do to avoid, avert, or treat this kind of infection.


  (+ info)

Eye infections?

Hey I need help I thank I have an eye infection
when I wake up my eyes are crusted shut
hey are red and look week

You should really see a doctor,
However in the morning try cleaning with cooled boiled salted water or cooled boiled water with a few drops of bicarbonate soda..... That will clean your eye's and cool them but wont treat the cause if it is an infection....  (+ info)

Eye Infections?

I wear contacts and I have for a few years but 2 years ago I started to get pinkeye and like a viral infection and i got them a lot, probably 4 or 5 times. It usually only happens in the fall and once or twice in the spring. I was just wondering if this is normal. My doctor said it wasn't from like catching it from someone it just kind of came on. Were my contacts causing it? And is there anything I can do so it wont happen this year b/c when it does I can only where one contact which drives me crazy or none and then i can't see or legally drive. Thanks for your help.

By all means seek professional help.

you can research some eye diseases and disorders at this site.


Why  (+ info)

How do you get rid of fungal infections on the feet?

My boyfriend has terrible feet and doesn't take good care of them. He has fungal infections on most of his toenails and on the skin of his feet as well. I'm looking for ways that we can get rid of the infection. Preferably hollistic but I wouldn't mind buying some sort of anti fungal cream if anyone knows of anything. I've heard that teatree oil can help. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

First he needs to use something to get rid of the existing infection,
but he also needs to change his shoe wearing habits. He needs to go barefoot as much as possible. The problem is caused by having his feet encased in closed shoes for too much time each day. The spores of the fungus are found everywhere, but the reason they usually only take hold on feet is because they only thrive in a warm, sweaty, enclosed environment.  (+ info)

In what clinical situation would you expect to see more fungal infections?

In what type of clincial situation would you expect to see more fungal infections?

In a jail or prison  (+ info)

Germs can penetrate the eyes, but bacterial infections in the eye are relatively rare. Why is this?

Germs can penetrate the eyes, but bacterial infections in the eye are relatively rare. Why is this?

Blinking crushes bacteria that try to enter the eye.
Eyelashes act as shields preventing germs from entering the eye.
Tears, which constantly wash over the eye, contain an anti-bacterial enzyme.
The number of bacteria that can actually infect the eye is quite small.

Blinking does not crush bacteria. Bacteria are too small and can slip into the eye even when it's closed.
Eyelashes might shield larger debris from entering the eye but not bacteria. Again... they're too small, and eye infections are usually spread by the fingers anyway.
Tears are probably the best bet to why eye infections are rare. I'm not sure about the anti-bacterial enzyme although I don't doubt this concept, but salinity and the fact that they're constantly flushing and draining the eye's surface probably has something to do with it also.
I'm sure there are a plethora of bacteria that can infect the eye. Our bodies are just built to defend themselves against them since we evolved with these bacteria.  (+ info)

What can I do to prevent getting eye infections?

It seems as if I get eye infections (either some conjucti or a sti every two weeks. I wear contacts and I clean them throughly. I wear eye makeup, but sometimes I forget to take it off before I go to bed. Other than that, I clean off my makeup in the morning. I haven't shared eye makeup with anyone. So what's going on? Because I wear contacts, wearing them at times makes it really uncomfortable.

It can be your contact lenses. I've been through the same problems and the eye doctor said it was my contacts why don't you change brands that worked for me  (+ info)

Why is one potentially more susceptible to fungal infections when taking high doses of antibiotics?

Why is one potentially more susceptible to fungal infections when taking high doses of antibiotics?

because benign simbiotic bacteria are also killed  (+ info)

How often do people with diabetes get fungal infections?

I know that diabetics are more proned to get fungal infections than non-diabetics. How often do they typically occur though (i.e. how many times per year or month or week, etc?)

Depends on the diabetic. Some get them more often than others.  (+ info)

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