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How long do viral eye infections take to go away?

I've been seeing an opthamologist for almost a month. He told me I have a viral infection in the eye. He also said there is no medicine to cure this type of an infection. My vision is blurry in the eye. Is it possible for an eye infection to take this long to go away?

It definatily can...it can take a few days to a few months-maybe even a year. My boss has an viral eye infection that is lasting over five months now. It is a rare virus, but it took over her vision and now she cannot see out of one eye and flies from Hawaii to San Francisco to get treated every other week! Yikes  (+ info)

Eye Infections?

I wear contacts and I have for a few years but 2 years ago I started to get pinkeye and like a viral infection and i got them a lot, probably 4 or 5 times. It usually only happens in the fall and once or twice in the spring. I was just wondering if this is normal. My doctor said it wasn't from like catching it from someone it just kind of came on. Were my contacts causing it? And is there anything I can do so it wont happen this year b/c when it does I can only where one contact which drives me crazy or none and then i can't see or legally drive. Thanks for your help.

By all means seek professional help.

you can research some eye diseases and disorders at this site.


Why  (+ info)

I was in Brazil. Do you know of any eye parasite infections common in Brazil?

Cultures for bacteria and viral infections came back negative. I am prone to corneal abrasions and rain water fell into my eyes at Carnivale. Only my left eye is affected.

There are no eye parasite infections common in Brazil. It must be an American thing.  (+ info)

eye infections?

over the past 3 months or so, everyone has had some type of eye infection. I had shingles in my eye for over 2 months. My 14 yr old had pink eye for just a couple of days ( i got rid of it using antiviral drops). My husband got an eye infection a few days ago that left his eye swollen underneath. I washed his eye out and did the same for him as with my daughter and it is going away. Are these eye infections a symptom of some illness? I had a fever about a week ago for a couple of days. I haven't gotten a fever in years. My 5 yr old has had a low grade fever as well on and off for a couple of days.

This may help you!!


www.doctorsfungus.org/mycoses/human/other/eyeinfections.htm  (+ info)

Is it possible to purchase anti-viral eye drops over-the-counter or is it primarily prescription only?

I need eye drops for a viral infection and do not want to go to the doctor about it, unless absolutely necessary. Anyone know anything?

no because a doctor is the one who has to tell you how many drops you need per day and how long you should use it. good luck i hope the infection goes away.  (+ info)

Eye infections?

Hey I need help I thank I have an eye infection
when I wake up my eyes are crusted shut
hey are red and look week

You should really see a doctor,
However in the morning try cleaning with cooled boiled salted water or cooled boiled water with a few drops of bicarbonate soda..... That will clean your eye's and cool them but wont treat the cause if it is an infection....  (+ info)

what's the difference between pink eye and herpes viral infection of the eye?

Can you get either one from herpes simplex on the lips?

i don't know but you should not be participating in such risky behavior. Is that one moment reallt worth ruining your entire life sorta.  (+ info)

what viral infections that have absolutley no symptoms in toddlers?

my son has had a fever for the past few days and just happened to have a seizure because of the high fevers...they took blood from him..n now i am wondering what type of viral infections there are that have absolutely no symptoms..if u find anything please let me know!!!

this just happened to my son the other night, although he did not even have a fever all that day. the only symptom he had was a snotty nose. i am interested to see what answers come along here.  (+ info)

What treatment do you get for herepes viral infection of the eye?

Topical trifluridine put directly onto the eye.  (+ info)

How long does the viral version of Pink Eye last?

I woke up with Pink Eye Monday and went to the doctor, who said it was viral. Today (tuesday) it has gotten a little worse. I only have gunk in my eyes when I first wake up. How many more days will I have it? And when will the redness start to lessen?

It is very odd that a doctor would see you and tell you that your infection is viral with out testing it.
Pink eye is not viral though it is bacterial. The only way to treat it is to take antibiotics or antibiotic eye drops.

Maybe he saw your eye and thought you have an upper respiratory virus that is irritating your eyes and is therefore nothing anyone can do.

In that case it will last as long as a cold would last 3-7 days.
I would be surprised that he didnt swab it and send it to the lab though to be sure it isn't pink eye  (+ info)

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