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head/eye injuries - urgent?

hi there,

my brother got attacked a few nights ago and the guys that did it, punched him in the eye with somethin as it caused his pupil to burst/blown and his retina to tear. he is going to have surgery to correct the tear in the retina but the docs have said they cant do anything about the burst pupil.

he had laser surgery on wednesday this week to repair the retina.
he has been suferring from head aches since, but the hospital said that the two arnt related.

im just wondering, if he should have any scans etc,, because the hospital didnt do any scans for him.

Mr. Vineet you are very very very wrong. The beauty of the eye is its transparancy and closeness to the skin. When the doctor used a little torch microscope thing on your brothers eye, he was able to see it all with his naked eye, far better than a scan. (P.s. CT scans on eye lens cause cataracts.) Anyways, burst pupil is kinda vague. The pupil is a hole. Burst aqueous humour or vitreous humour sounds more plausible. They are jelly surrounded by a thin skin. it's too delicate for anything but the human body to fix. The headaches are probably concussion.  (+ info)

How long for a black eye to form + other eye injuries?

I hit myself in the face earlier today on accident with a wii remote control; it really was a doofus move. Anyway, this happened about ten hours ago. I hit myself just under the eye on that bone right there, a little bit towards the -outer- side of my eye. Initially, there was a good amount of swelling just at the area of impact. Now, the swelling is still present, but it is reduced. A bruise is starting to form at the spot of impact, and I think it's starting to stretch up to the -inside- corner of my eye.

What I want to know is how long black eyes take to form, and if it sounds like I'm getting one, or if this will be nothing more then bruising already present.

Thanks everyone. (:

A WII-mote huh lol ... nice... well i just got over a black eye and yup it takes about 12 hours to show fully and will darken over the next few days before it turns yellowish and vanishes I hope you have a good concealer somewhere in your house ;)  (+ info)

why do we need to cover eye injuries with gauze pad?

first aid rules

To let the air in, but keep nasty stuff (ie. bacteria!) out. and to stop people touching it, and stop bits getting in there (like dirt and stuff!)  (+ info)

How long for busted blood vessel in eye to heal?

It occurred due to an injury and is red in one corner of my left eye. Is there anything that can help reduce the redness and how long will it appear this way?

my dads an opthamologist and when that happened to me, he said there isn't anything u can do for it except wait for it to go away. Just make sure not to rub it and it should go away in 1-2 weeks max.  (+ info)

what are the possible injuries to a bump on the head?

me n my brother were playing around today when he got hit in the head by a plastic cup resolting to a REALLY big bump. its located on on the top right side of the right eye. i read on the internet that its called a 'goose egg'. plz respond saying what we should do.

Most likely he'll be OK

Just be sure if he

Throws up (vomit)
Is very tired
Has one pupil different than the other in size or they don't react to light

These are symptoms of a concussion (brain bruise) and you would need to see a doctor

If he has none of these then just some ice and a good night sleep, he'll have it for a couple of days  (+ info)

what type of head injury would cause vision in one eye to be different?

for about 2 days, vision in left eye was fuzzy and everything had a yellow haze. this happened a few yrs ago, but i've always wondered if it was a concussion?

I don't know what to tell you but you should go see a doctor they might be able to help.  (+ info)

A person with an injury to the extrinsic muscles of the eye would find it difficult to focuse on what?

Possible Answers:
A. Focus light onto the retina.
B. Interpret visual input.
C. Move the eyeball.
D. Control the amount of light entering the eye.

C. move the eyeball  (+ info)

My left eye is really blurry with contacts in?

I suffered a pretty bad hit yesterday and it knocked my contact out of my left eye.

I simply put a new contact lens in and it was fine but after a few hours my eye became blurry and it wouldn't completely go away. It would only temporarily go away if my eyes were wet enough.

I have a bit of swelling around my eye so i was wondering if this is mainly due to my injury? What sort of buildup might this be? And also is there any sort of specific eye drops that could help me with this?

Definitely because of the injury. Your eyes probably got slightly scratched. Best thing is to head over to the optician to have it checked and get proper treatment. And of course lay off the contacts for a while.  (+ info)

Should a black eye accompany an orbital fracture?

I have an orbital fracture but no black eye. The nurse told me I should have a black eye for atleast a week. Is this common not to have a black eye with this type of injury?

it all depends on how it was hit...if it was hit straight on, you'd have a black eye, cause of all the skin being bruised. If it was hit from the side, then maybe not, you don't have a lot of skin to bruise there.  (+ info)

How long will it take for my black eye to heal up?

Recently, I was chasing after my dog and I got hit by a car... had a concussion, tons of scrapes, etc. But I'd have to say my worst injury is my black eye. It's literally black, and my other eye is starting to get a little purple.
It's been like 3 days now and it's just been getting worse. How long will it take?

it will get worse before it gets better, and you'll know its getting better when you start seeing shades of green after the black and purple start fading. I've had a black eye last 2 weeks before, and it was completly gone. i guess it depends on how bad it really is. if you broke your nose it may take a little longer to clear up. but dont worry, it will go away. try some concealer if you can bear to touch the area (gently)!  (+ info)

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