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What are some oral manifestations of Kaposi's Sarcoma and where can I get photos of this disease?

I am doing a research paper on this subject and have not been able to find some oral manifestations or photos thus far. Any ideas?

involvement of the oral cavity is seen after that of the extremities and face. the oral lesions are same as cutaneous nodules i.e. they appear as reddish or brownish red nodules which may vary in size from a few mm to a cm or more in diameter. cervical lymph node and salivary gland involvement commonly precedes cutaneous and visceral involvement in African children.

u may refer to textbook of Oral Pathology(Shafer), PubMed, http://www.hivdent.org/slides/ (for pictures)..  (+ info)

What eye drops make your eyes look whiter?

Are there any eye drops that make your eyes look whiter without causing anything bad to your eye? I heard that some can damage your eye, and I really don't want that to happen. My eyes are full of little red veins and I wanted to hide them, will the eye drops help? Also, can I get them without a prescription and where can I get them? Thanks in advance!

Visine-red eye. It's over-the-counter almost everywhere.  (+ info)

What eye makeup would make my small eyes look bigger?

Okay so my eyes are pretty small, and sometimes they make me look chinese. Right now I use dark purple eyeliner on the bottom of my eye, and little on the outer part of my eye, and no eyeshadow. I have long eyelashes and they kind of help, but I need to know different eye shadow colors, and techniques to make my eyes look bigger.
Oh yes, and my eyes are dark brown.
I have eyeshadow from sephora for brown eyes.
Would a shade of purple work?

Using eyeliner only on the bottom makes your eyes look smaller. Here's a really great vid on how to get bigger looking eyes:


Also, maybe add some white eyeliner on the waterline.

Hope this helps!  (+ info)

My right eye is perfect, but my left eye is not as good. What are some ways of fixing this?

My right eye is 20/20 but my left eye isn't as good. It's not horrible, but sometimes when I close my right eye and try to read something far away with my left eye, it's a little bit blurry. How can I fix this? Are there any eye excersizes I can do? Or should I go to the eye doctor for some glasses?

Help is much appreciated.

No point, if your eye that you use the most is 20/20, there is no point for glasses. Only if they were off by a lot you should go to the eye doctor

Your eyes vision has to do with the length of the eye. If its longer, you are near sighted
If they are shorter, the opposite.
So you can't change that with exercises.  (+ info)

What eye makeup would really bring out the green in hazel-brown eyes?

As mentioned, I have hazel-brown eyes. Specifically, I have a medium brown color around the pupil (takes up most of the eye) and a deep forest green colored ring around the outside. Does anyone know how I could do my eye makeup so that the green stands out or how I can make the color of my eyes look lighter? Thank you to all who respond.

I would go for a plum or purple eyeliner or shadow. It will compilment the green and make it pop. Also go for a dark mascara for more of a dramatic look.  (+ info)

What color eye shadow should I put on to cover up my hurt eye?

Today I hurt my eye after school with a basketball. I dont think its a black eye. Its all red. And I mean red. Its really bright red. And also its a little purplish around the edge of my eye near my nose. I usally dont wear makup but I dont want my eye to look funny. So would putting eye shadow on help a little? And if so what color? I only have whites, blacks, and blues.

if you put eye shadow on it it will look worse. use some concealer instead.  (+ info)

What eye make up would draw out the green in brown eyes?

My eyes are brown with gold and green specs in them. Sometimes my eyes will appear more green than brown. What eye shadow color would highlight the green in my eyes?

Purples...a light purple works best...something with a little shimmer :)  (+ info)

What eye liner will work best for blue eyes?

My eyes are blue, and I'm not sure what type of eye liner color or style I should be using. Or what type of eye shadow will look good with my blue eyes. Thanks for helping!
Please tell me the cost of the product too. I'm planning to try out all your ideas today! Thanks again!

If you want the blue to really stand out use brown. Alay has a line right now that is specificaly taylored to different eye colors. Its like $10 at target or walmrt.  (+ info)

What colour eye shadow goes well with purple eye liner?

I'm planning to wear a blue dress with some purple accessories and purple eye liner, but I don't know what colour eye shadow I should put on. Or you can suggest a different colour eye liner. I have light brown eyes.

Purple eye liner with a nice shade of white! I swear, TRY IT! I actually wear it often and I think it looks so pretty(: i get compliments when I wear it....i have green eyes though. it is still very pretty!  (+ info)

What is the best eye-shadow and eye liner color for light brown eyes?

I have light brown, sort of goldish color eyes, and I want them to stand out more and look lighter and brighter. Is there a good color for eye shadow and eye liner that I should use? I don't use black, because it makes my eyes look smaller. I tend to like purple eye shadow too. Any suggestions?

Purples, greens, and blues are the best colors for brown eyes, but anyone can really wear any color as long as its in the right shade. Go to sephora or a makeup counter..(MAC is my fav) and have a makeup artist help you. I am a makeup artist with brown-gold eyes and wear greys, blues, oranges, greens etc...any color works, but application is key! Let them help you pick out colors and have them suggest the best type of brushes for the look you want. They will be more than happy to write it down for you if you cant buy it right then. You can also find a less expensive version of makeup brushes at target. good luck:)  (+ info)

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