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What eye make up looks good with golden brown eyes?

I have goldish-brown eyes and i wonder what kind of eyeliner,eyeshadow, or other eye make-up would look good with it. I have brown skin like tanned but a couple shades darker so if you have any tips then that would be great. :)

bronze eyeliner
peach, tan or brown shadow
brown/black mascara  (+ info)

What colour of eye shadow goes best with dark blueish greenish eyes and brown Hair?

I have brown hair with side bangs and a weird dark blue greenish teal colour of eyes. My eye colour changes sometimes, its weird. I just don't know wat kind of eye shadow to use. A picture of the colour would be great, or a link to the picture. Thanks!

Try blending these 6 different shades. They are from the Almay Shadow Intense I-Color collection, and are available at Wal*Mart.

The trio for green includes peach(brow), burgundy(crease), and copper(lid). The trio for blue includes light blue(brow), dark blue(crease), and gold(lid).

You could use different combinations of the two brow, two crease, and two lid colors to find what brings out your eyes the best.


http://www.walmart.com/catalog/detail.gsp?image=http://i.walmartimages.com/i/p/00/30/99/79/58/0030997958602_500X500.jpg&product_id=10452533&iIndex=1&isVariant=false&corpCard=false&type=-9223372036854775808  (+ info)

What color of eye shadow would look good with green eyes?

I have green eyes, and I have green eye shadow, but the makeup artist on What Not To Wear said not to wear shadow the same color as your eyes. So what color should I get?

I have green eyes as well. For a glamorous look that isn't too harsh try fun metallics. Take a copper colored eyeshadow and blend it on your eyelids and up into the crease, next take a slightly darker bronze shadow and blend it into your crease and outer corners in a sideways V shape. Use a soft gold to highlight your browbone and inner tear duct. Line your eyes with brown eyeliner, only going two thirds of the way in. Any more and your eyes will look smaller, then apply some brown black mascara.

Finish this look with peach blush and lipgloss, like revlons super lusterous lipgloss in life's a peach, peach looks great with green eyes.

For a more smokey dramatic look, like your eyes with a deep dark plum and smudge with a sparkly amethyst eyeshadow.  (+ info)

What eye liner is there that does not fade or smudge from being touched until I wash it off at night?

Not inquiring about the permanent tattoo make up, just need something that won't transfer to my finger tips if I touch my eyes. I would love to know where I could get eye liner and eye shadow that stays put and does not fade.

Definately try gel eyeliner. It's easier to apply than liquid, but several brands have great color choices that stay all day long. My best picks are Bobbi Brown for more traditional colors and MAC for fun colors. There are stories of BB eyeliner staying through childbirth :) Make sure you also get a good eye makeup remover though. I rec either the Almay wipes or Lancome's Bi-facil. Neutrogena also makes a bi-phase that's good. Otherwise, you'll end up tugging too hard at the eye area or not getting the makeup off, neither of which are good. Good luck!

Eyeshadows are a bit trickier, but try a primer underneath. Urban Decay Primer Potion has a big following.  (+ info)

What eye makeup would work for brown skin?

I have light brown skin, black hair and brown eyes. What makeup should I do for my eyes and lips? I like black eye makeup but I am not sure if that looks good on my skin tone. Thank you!

Deep eggplants, smokey purples, pinks, bronzes, and golds would look really good.




http://mere-minerals.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=27&products_id=63  (+ info)

What eye shadow colors are best and worst for blue eyes?

I have steel blue eyes and I'm wondering what eye shadows would look best with them, and which ones I should try to avoid? I'm talking about colors but feel free to add any brands as well :)!
I heard brown is great, and said people say to wear blue but wouldn't that look weird with blue eyes and blue eyeshadow?

i have blue eyes and i find they look great with black, grey, silver,green, gold, brown and white but be careful if you apply too much white they look weird

as everyone says AVOID BLUE it looks horrible , speaking for myself i don't like bright pink or purple either , if it subtle its ok but don't make it too bright  (+ info)

Why does my eye start burning every time I put in a contact?

Yesterday I put a contact in my left eye, but it started burning so I pulled it out right away. My eye was red and sore for the whole night. I was finally able to put in a brand new pair of contacts, and my eyes were fine. This morning I tried to put in those same new contacts, my right eye this time, and it did the same thing. I've been using this contact solution for a few weeks already, with no problems, and it hasn't expired or anything.

delayed hypersensitivity to something [ solution , lens , ... ] go to ur eye Doctor and consult him  (+ info)

What eye make up looks good on big eyelids?

I have big eyes, and big eyelids. My eyes are brown but I wear blue colored contacts. Does anyone have any ideas for tips on how to do my eye makeup? I keep trying different things but I cant seem to find anything that looks good! Im pretty tan too, with light brown hair if that matters.

all colours really look good on big eyelids because because they are so great for applying makeup! on blue usually creams, whites, blues or even greens or pinks will look good.....i have brown eyes and basically EVERYTHING that i have ever tried (which is basically every colour because i go CRAZY with my makeup) looks good on me......lavender, lilac, bright green, yellow, brown, black, neutrals, whites, creams, blue, pink, purple....literally everything...it may be that it soesnt look good on you because of the way you are applying it or because of your skin tone.....go to a cosmetics counter and they will give you advice on the best shades and colours to use  (+ info)

What eye liners work best in warm weather?

I find my eye liner smears mid day at work because of the heat and my oily skin. Also they irritate my eyes but I have to wear eye liner or I look washed out and sickly. Mascara alone won't cut it. Please help.

any that are waterproof  (+ info)

What eye shadow would be good for my eye color?

So I have violet eyes and I really don't know what color to use for eye shadow. Yes, they are natural. They have a brown tint to them. I've tried a darker shade of purple and also a charcoal color.

Purple and blue are almost related. Violet eyes can either be more brownish or more blueish. Most people think blue eyes are prettier.

They are also easier to bring out in make-up, because they are brighter than black. I think you should wear a blue eye shadow. Bring those features out for the world to see! Eye shadow can help. Wear a blue color. Blue is very general, I'll be more spicific.

As you move up toward your eye brows the eye shadow should get lighter. There should be three different shades, not counting bledend colors. Get your eye shadow ready! Get out a deeper royal blue, and a light powder blue. Get 2 Q-tips out. First start at the bottom (closer to the eye). Make sure the blue stretches across the whole bottom part of the eye lid. Wear a darker, deeper royal blue.

Then the next side of the Q-tip, for the middle mix the royal blue with the light blue. You should get a mixed color. Then you apply it above the dark blue shadow. Next you take another Q-tip and apply the light powder blue.

Next if you see this looks like you applied a little too much, take a tissue and blot, but do not blend colors, also do not make the shadow go off out of the eye lid.

Now what you just did was brought out your beautiful eyes. To add extra affect, you can add a little mascara. You can wear this every day. But if you feel like changing it up a bit, thats fine too. Hope I helped :)  (+ info)

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